Effective Ways to Fix iTunes Cannot Backup iPhone

The common problem of iTunes cannot backup iPhone can be solved using some straightforward steps. If you are facing this problem, the solutions here are just for you, and they are proven solutions. So what are they? Let us begin with some tips to fix up iTunes backup issues quickly.

Part 1: Use Third-party Software Application

If you have a software application like iMyFone TunesMate, you can quickly fix iTunes cannot backup iPhone issue. TunesMate helps not only with the backup issue, but any other iTunes problems you might be facing. iMyFone TunesMate is an application specifically developed for iTunes problems and needs such as downloading media files from iTunes to another iDevice. It also fixes the backup problem.

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Fix iTunes Cannot Backup iPhone using TunsMate

Step 1: Combine your iTunes library and your iPhone data

  1. Download and install TunesMate on your system. Use a cable to connect your iDevice to your PC.
  2. Locate "Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice" and click.
  3. Directly preview and select media files you want to transfer and click “Transfer”.

transfer itunes files to iPhone

Step 2: Backup the combined data to PC

  1. Choose the files that you want to backup and click “Export > Export” to PC.
  2. Select the destination of the file and click Open and you’ll back up your files successfully.

backup iphone to PC

Step 3: Add the backed up data to other iOS device

  1. Choose a tab from the top menu, for example, the “Music”.
  2. Click “Add” from the toolbar and you’ll be able to add files directly from your PC.

add files from PC to iPhone

Below are some of the unique features of TunesMate

  • Get Access without iTunes Password: TunesMate enables you to get access to all iTunes files without using a password to log in.
  • Free Two-Way Transfer: TunesMate allows you to transfer back and forth between iTunes and other iDevices like iPhone, iPod, PC, etc.
  • Preview and Selectively Sync Media Files: You can also preview and select photos, music, or video that you want to sync to other device using this application.
  • Keep Old Data: As TunesMate transfer your media files from iTunes, it retains all your old data in the device being moved to. No data will be erased.
  • Support Free and paid Music: Both free and paid music from iTunes are supported and can be transferred using TunesMate.

Part 2: 5 Quick Tips for iTunes Cannot Backup iPhone

itunes cannot backup iphone

1. Restart your iPhone

If you restart your iPhone, it will help fix the issue. And because your iPhone is connected to the computer, it is important to reboot the system as well.

2. Install the current version of iTunes

It is important to get the current version of iTunes because the iOS drivers needed by your PC to correctly recognize your iPhone come with iTunes. Therefore, downloading and installing the latest version of iTunes will ensure that you have the latest drivers to use.

3. Replace USB slot

iTunes not backing up to iPhone may be a problem with your USB slot. Simply change the slot and see how that helps.

4. Free some space

Sometimes, it might be a problem of lack of space on your computer. Bear in mind that some iOS backup needs at least 2GB of free space before able to backup. Therefore, free up some space on your computer and iPhone and try again.

5. Check your security settings

You may also experience iTunes cannot backup iPhone issue if your settings in iPhone are blocking it. So, check your settings to know if it is not blocking the backup attempt.

Other Solutions for iTunes Cannot Backup iPhone

1Locate iTunes backup

In addition to solutions we have discussed above, you can use more methods, and one of these is locating your iTunes backup. Follow the steps below.
Step 1: Go to iTunes and click from the menu bar, then choose Preferences.
Step 2: Locate ‘Devices' and click
Step 3: Control-click the backup of your choice then clicks Show in Finder.
Step 4: Your iTunes backup will show.
locating your iTunes backup

2Backup iPhone to iCloud

The other method to fix iTunes cannot backup iPhone issue is to backup iPhone to iCloud. The simple steps below are all you need to follow.
Step 1: Connect your iPhone to Wifi network
Step 2: Open Setting and choose iCloud
Step 3: Click ‘iPhone Backup'
Step 4: Next, click Backup Now.
Step 5: Keep Wifi network on until the whole processes complete.
Step 6: After the backup has completed, go back to Setting and click on iCloud
Step 7: Select iCloud storage, then click Manage Storage and select iPhone.
Backup iPhone to iCloud