If you use iTunes on a Windows PC, you may be frustrated with how slow and laggy it is. Here are a few tips for you to start getting better performance from your iTunes and device and start making it less annoying.

There are quite some factors that make iTunes running slow, how much applications are running at the same time, and the strength of your PC are big factors. However, it is possible to make amends and make it work better than it is already.

You can make your iTunes installation work faster by deactivating some things while going through the setup wizard. You know by now that if you have many songs in your music folder, iTunes will attempt to add everything.

Top 6 Tips to Speed up iTunes

When iTunes slow to open, there is something’s you need to do. In the following paragraphs, you’d get to see how to do this in simple steps.

1 Using iMyFone TunesFix

iMyFone TunesFix is aimed at fix almost all kinds of iTunes issues. iTunes run slow as an usual issue, it can be easily solved by using TunesFix. It has many special functions, not only clean your iTunes, but also fix iTunes error issue and simply uninstall it. Below are some key features of the software:

  • Clean you iTunes to make it run faster and free up space.
  • Two modes to selectively clear your iTunes library and much other data.
  • Fix almost all iTunes error issues, never worry about the errors again.
  • Success rate up to 98%.
  • Much more efficient than the common solution.
  • Uninstall iTunes in 1-click to bypass the components issue.

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The steps to speed up iTunes:

Step 1: Open iMyFone TunesFix, go to home interface, select "Deep Clean" mode.

deep clean

Step 2: Click "Scan" to let the software scan your iTunes library. When the scan is done, your iTunes library will be showed by list.

delete files

Step 3: Check all the files/the file you want to delete, then click "Clean".
Step 4: When the clean is done, your can know how much storage space has been freed up. And your iTunes would be faster then before.

2 Disables Services You Don’t Use

To Apple, they believe that iTunes users have an Apple TV, iPod, iPhone and other products designed by Apple. Therefore, there are services that are enabled by default on iTunes. If ultimately you do not have any of these devices, we'll start by disabling them to speed up iTunes.

Step 1: Open your iTunes then navigate to edit/ Preferences
Step 2: Then you click on the Devices tab and deselect the option for “Look for remote speakers connected with iTunes” and “look for the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad remotes” options.

If you do not have the Apple TV or you do not want iTunes to check for it at startup, look for Apple TV and uncheck it.

disable services

3 Disable the Genius

If you did not turn on genius, then you don’t have to. If you’ve activated it, turn it off. As long as you leave it activated, you will find that it does a lot in the background and consumes resources.

4 Remove Smart Playlists

To make the loading and running of iTunes performance very fast, you need to turn off smart playlists. Some people fancy this feature and cannot do without it. But if iTunes run very slow and you want it to load almost instantaneously then you have to delete it. You will still be able to create your playlists, and this does not slow down the performance of your PC.

When you attempt to delete a playlist, you will get a prompt message. This is to double-check, just click on “Do not ask again” and go on deleting default playlist.

>Remove Smart Playlists

5 Cover Flow

Although the cover flow feature provides some great stuff, it makes your iTunes slow to open you’re your system work slowly too, especially if it is an older system. Another problem with this is that you have to hop from album to album, and this might be quite stressful.

In the place of CoverFlow, use the browser's standard view, this is a very fast method to find the collections of the specific artists you are searching for.

6 Get Rid of Duplicate Files

If your music files are very huge, then there are probably duplicates of the same music/song. To find these duplicates and remove them, click File/Show Duplicates.

iTunes Running Slow? Then Use Its Alternative

You might do all the above, and your iTunes runs slow. Then there is nothing else to improve your iTunes performance. There are iTunes alternatives that have all the features of iTunes and have many more functions, without the issues and restrictions that come with iTunes.

For instance, the iMyFone TunesMate app is a better alternative to iTunes. It has almost all the iTunes features and much more. It has got a better Genius function which helps you to run apps in the background more efficiently without making your system run slow.

Try It FreeTry It Free
The key feature of iMyFone TunesMate:

  • It can be used to transfer music between multiple devices, iTunes and computers. It can be used to, back up your files without stress and restrictions.
  • It can transfer music and video in simple steps and much faster than iTunes.
  • It can recover music from idevice without iTunes backup password when iTunes library corrupted/damaged.
  • It can transfer Music, Playlists, Movies, Camera Roll, Photo Library, Podcasts, iTunes U, TV Shows, Audiobooks and more.

To transfer music for instance with TunesMate, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Plug in your hard drive or any external device to your windows system or any device you want to copy from or copy to.
Step 2: Open your TunesMate app and locate your desired device

locate device

Step 3: From your TunesMate app, on the top bar, locate the desired type of file such as music, video, photos, etc. and select your option.

find music

Step 4: Select the files you want to transfer, or if you want to transfer everything, check the small green box to “select all” on the top area to select all.
Step 5: Click on “Export” button and your files will be moved to your external drive.

export success

In the few steps above, you have transferred files, music, camera roll/pictures, etc. from one device to another using TunesMate which unlike the iTunes, doesn’t run slow at all.