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Get Top iTunes Music Downloaders to Enjoy Free iTunes music

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November 1, 2017 (Updated: April 2, 2018锛

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The iTunes music store has a massive collection of albums of your favorite artists. If you want to kick back, and want the bewitching sounds of your favorite songs to engross you, iTunes music downloader is just the thing for you.

There are tons of apps that allow you to get access to your favorite music. Gone are the days when it was a tedious struggle to find effective ways of downloading free music.

How to Download Music from iTunes

Downloading music from iTunes will require iTunes software. You can download iTunes from Apple鈥檚 official website. Follow these steps to download music from iTunes.

Step 1. Launch iTunes, and locate quick links.
Step 2. Clicking quick links will open a drop down menu. Select power search from that menu.
Step 3. Type in the credentials of your song of interest.
Step 4. Listen to the song or purchase It to digitally download it.

Download Music from iTunes

The Best Way Enjoy Numerous iTunes Songs for Free

The complicated process of downloading and transferring music from iTunes to your device is simplified by iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer. With the help of TunesMate, you can transfer music to iPhone from unlimited iOS devices or from other music libraries or even your PC.

tunesmate iphone transfer

1,000,000+ Downloads

Key Features:

  • You can export your music from your PC to iPhone, from a friend鈥檚 music library to your iTunes, or even import your favorite songs to your PC from the iTunes library/iPhone.
  • The need for an Apple ID is also eliminated with the help of iTunes mate. You can simply transfer your favorite songs and albums without a password.
  • Best of all, you can transfer both paid and free files without even breaking sweat with the help of TunesMate.
  • Selective synchronization and preview of selected choices is one of many option TunesMate offers.
  • Received lots of positive media reviews and is full compatible with iOS 11.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Steps to Enjoy Large Collection of Songs for Free

Option 1. Export Music from PC to iPhone

Step 1. Launch TunesMate after downloading and installing it.
Step 2. Locate the Music option on the main interface, and select add.

transfer music from PC to iPhone
Step 3. Now you can locate the local music folder on your PC and select files from it, then transfer these selected files to iPhone.

import PC music to iPhone

Note: Firstly, downloading music to PC or exporting music from other devices to PC, then transfer all music from PC to iPhone. So, you can enjoy as much music as possible!

Option 2. Export Music from iTunes to iPhone

Step 1. To transfer music from iTunes to your iDevice, select "Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice" from the home interface.

itunes music downlaoder

Step 2. The program will extract the iTunes library data automatically. You just need to preview and select the files to transfer.
Step 3. At last, click on the "Transfer" button.
download itune music to iphone

Note: you can also transfer your friends鈥 iTunes libraries to your iPhone, so as to enjoy a rich collection of music.

3 Ways to Get Free iTunes Music

1 Subscribe to Podcasts and Get Free Music

You can navigate to the podcasts section, and find music-oriented podcasts free of cost. Keep in mind, that some of these podcasts might contain commentary and tunes. Follow these simple steps to get free iTunes music from podcasts.

Step 1. Go to the main menu of iTunes and locate the arrow sign beside podcasts.
Step 2. Click Music.
Step 3. All the available free music will pop up on your main screen.
Step 4. Select the songs of your choice, hit the gray free button, and let them finish downloading.
Step 5. You can also select the subscribe option beside music. This will automatically download future podcast episodes, once they are released.
Subscribe to Podcasts and Get Free Music

2 iMusic

Not only is iMusic a great iTunes Music downloader for downloading your favorite songs and albums, it is also perfect for managing, transferring and recording your music. The music websites that it allows you to download are vast and sundry. You can even transfer music from your android devices to your iOs devices with ease. Follow these steps to get the best out of iMusic.

Step 1. After installing iMusic, open it on your device and locate the get music option. Three choices will appear on your screen, Discover, download and record.
Step 2. Once you select deliver, a massive repository of built in music will appear on your screen. You can search your songs of interest by searching them. Advanced search options allow you to search by album name, playlists and much more. Once you鈥檝e located the song you want to download, hit the download button.
Step 3. After hitting the download button, a download window will pop up. Launch your web browser and open the song of interest. Copy its URL and paste it in the download box. Finally, select the format in which you want to download the song in and hit download.

3 Use the iTunes Online Feature to Get Free Music

iTunes also has a lot of free songs in its music library. Here鈥檚 how you can download them.

Step 1. Launch iTunes and click on iTunes store which can be found on the left panel of the main itunes screen.
Step 2. On the right panel, locate quick links.
Step 3. Under the quick link tabs, select the option that says 鈥淔ree on itunes鈥.
Step 4. All free songs will appear on your screen
Step 5. All you have to do now is login to your iTunes account and download as many free songs as you want.
free on iTunes

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