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Transfer Purchases from iPhone to iTunes Not Working [Solved]

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Aaron Donald

October 17, 2017 (Updated: October 30, 2017锛

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Did you purchase songs on your iPhone/iPad/iPod and you want to export them to your PC? iTunes has built-in function 鈥淭ransfer Purchases from iDevice鈥 that can help you export purchases from iPhone to iTunes. But when you find iTunes not transferring purchases? Don鈥檛 worry, you can easily get rid of iTunes annoying limits and errors. Find some tips below.

Why was iTunes Not Transferring Purchases?

If you have issues moving purchases from iPhone to iTunes, then it is due to the following reasons:

  • Some bugs still left in iTunes.
  • Incompatible issue between your iDevice and iTunes. For example, your iOS is in the latest version while the iTunes version is still old.
  • You are an iTunes with an iOS 9 which Apple has disabled from transferring purchases from iDevice to iTunes.
  • Another reason is due to the App Thinning feature introduced by Apple in iOS 9.

Limits of Using iTunes to Transfer

iTunes is the recognized application used to transfer media from iPhone to iTunes, and vice-versa, however, it has some limitations which are stated below:

  1. When transferring purchases, all the purchased music, videos, audiobooks, etc will be transferred together.
  2. There is no way to select purchases to transfer.
  3. Its inability to control how files are exported to hard drives and how they are partitioned to hard drives.
  4. Syncing iTunes library to iPhone will cause the existing media disappear.
  5. An iPhone can be synced to one iTunes library at the same time, or your iPhone will be erased.

Completely Bypass "Transfer Purchases from iPhone to iTunes Not Working" Issue

There are several ways to fix the problem of transferring purchases from iPhone to iTunes, but a very easy and efficient of doing this is bypassing this issue by getting rid of iTunes. You should stop using iTunes and turn to the best iTunes alternative called iMyFone TunesMate iOS Transfer.

Umate Pro iphone data eraser

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TunesMate is powerful software which allows you to enrich your iTunes library from UNLIMITED iDevice, even from your friend鈥檚 iOS devices. Its 1-click feature will enable you to join different iTunes library together, and you also don鈥檛 have to worry about duplicates as Tunesmate will automatically avoid them. This software also allows you to share your iPhone media and iTunes library with your family and friends even if your Apple IDs are different.

Features of TunesMate:

  • Transfer both purchased and non-purchased songs. This means that in case you download a random MP3 from a site on your iDevice, you can export it to your PC or any other iOS devices.
  • Move songs and other media files to an external storage device or export music from an external hard drive to your iDevice.
  • Add files to your iTunes library or export them from your library without even having to open iTunes.
  • Sync iTunes library to iPhone without overwriting the existing library on iPhone.

Steps to Transfer Purchased Music from iPhone to iTunes/Computer (Selectively)

Step 1: Download and install Tunesmate on your PC/Mac and plug in your iPhone using a cable before launching Tunesmate.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Step 2: Tap on the Music button located on the top, and then on the screen you will see a list of the songs on your iPhone. Choose the music you want to export.
Step 3: Press Export at the top.

  • Select Export to iTunes. It will start to export selected music to your iTunes library.

select music

  • Select Export to PC/Mac. Browse for a location folder on your computer and tap SELECT folder. The music will be transferred to your PC folder.

transfer music

As illustrated above, iMyFone Tunesmate is very easy to use, and it offers a better control when compared to iTunes. Therefore, if you want to transfer songs whether purchased or non-purchased quickly, then this is the right tool to use.

iMyFone Tunesmate Review 鈥 Move Music and Files Effortlessly

With iMyFone Tunesmate it鈥檚 easy to transfer music/videos/files between iOS and iTunes/PC without any damage to the iTunes library. The utility is really great because it really doesn鈥檛 take any technical know-how in order to seamlessly transfer and sync all sorts of files between iOS and your PC. -- Geekreply

Related Tips

3 General Tips to Fix 鈥渋Tunes Not Transferring Purchases鈥

1 Make Sure You Have Download the Purchases on iPhone

Step 1: Open iTunes Store app.
Step 2: Tap Purchased from the bottom line.
Step 3: Choose from Music, Movies or TV Shows.
Step 4: Tap Not on This [device].
Step 5: All the files you can see there are not downloaded to your device. Tap the cloud icon to download the purchases.

reedownload purchases

2 Update to the Latest iOS and iTunes

  • Update iOS: On your iPhone/iPad/iPod, go to Settings > General > Software Update and click on Download and Install.
  • Update iTunes: Open iTunes > Click on Help > Check for Updates > Tap on Download iTunes.
update iOS

3 Restart iTunes and iDevice

Sometimes iTunes may suffer temporary errors. Restarting iTunes and your device may make the function work properly again. Try and see.

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