Top 5 Apps to Hide Pictures on iPhone

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I know how it feels when someone picks up your iPhone to check your gallery, when you have loads of pictures you wouldn't want them to see. Now the techs behind your iDevice have been able to come up with numerous ways to ease you of the stress of hiding your iPhone photos from a third party.

Before we go on to discuss about some of Apps to hide iPhone pictures, let me quickly show you the steps involved in hiding your iPhone pictures manually;

Step 1: Open your photos and navigate to Albums or camera roll,
Step 2: Select the image you want to hide, and it'll come up as usual,
Step 3: Tap on hide iphone photo, select 'Hide'
Step 4: After that, tap on 'hide photo' to confirm that you're ready to hide the image.
hide iphone photo

Now that you've been able to hide your picture(s), it wouldn't show up in the Collections or Years view, but instead a new folder called 'Hidden' will be opened, and that's where your pictures will be.

If you feel the manual way that have just been explained wouldn't help, then read on to learn about the apps to hide iPhone pictures. Fortunately, I've been able to come up with about 4-5 cool apps out of many that can be used to hide pictures on your iPhone.

1 Private Photo Vault

Introducing to you one of the free best applications ready to hide and protect your personal videos and photos is the private photo Vault. The app has been designed to work by pattern/password locking. You'll get to organize your album better by transferring confidential images from the general phone app to your new encrypted album. It’s very simple- all you have to do is select the images you want hidden and protect them via password or pattern on your private album.
apps that hide pictures

2 SpyCalc

A lot of users have been making different jokes out of the SpyCalc app; many say it's being inspired by a popular actor's flick. The way this hide iPhone photo app operates is a bit different; unlike other applications, you get to hide your images behind a normal calculator. The app works like every other innocent-looking calculator, just that a secret safe has been added, and this can only be opened by inputting a number combination to unhide or hide your pictures.
best app to hide pictures

3 KeepSafe

KeepSafe is yet another free iPhone photo hiding app that uses a pin lock system to secure your personal photos. With the nice camera feature, you can take photos and hide directly in the app. The advantage of this app is that your personal picture does not spend a second out in the open before being hid.
hide photos app

4 Pic Lock 2.0

Your pictures in here are secured with a nifty pattern locking system. With a perfect user interface, you can easily secure your pictures with a strong pass code known to you only.
app to hide photos iphone


Close to the SpyCalc, KYMS hides your private pictures behind a calculator gadget. Hiding both videos and photos, you can directly play your private videos through airplay, the app is heavily encrypted without both free and paid version.
apps to hide pictures iphone

Most of these apps protect your pictures using password while others either lock or hide them behind a calculator. Some may even create a hidden folder for you to transfer pictures you don't want seen on the camera roll or collections.

You can also manage your photos using the iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac, the program can do a lot for you:

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  • Export iPhone photos to PC
  • Bulk delete iPhone photos
  • Compress iPhone photos
  • Permanently erase iPhone photos

Here are the simple steps to take if you want to manage effectively your iPhone photos:

Step 1:Using a cable, connect any of your iDevice to a computer where the app locate.

Step 2: Navigate to "Quick scan" and hit the button to carry out a full space analysis on your device.

apps to hide pictures iphone

Step 3: Click on the 'Clean' button right beside 'photos' and tap either 'Export & Delete' or 'Backup & Compress'. After that, you can move on to choose photos you want to manage.

apps to hide pictures iphone

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