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Transfer Kik Messages to New iPhone – Ultimate Guide

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Gabriel Hammond

January 25, 2020 (Updated: March 9, 2020锛

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The Kik messenger, or simply Kik, is a free and popular messaging app for both Android and iOS devices. The unique selling point of Kik is its privacy and anonymity. Unlike other messaging apps, like WhatsApp, it allows the user to set up their account without linking a phone number to the app. Due to such features, even if the users change their device, they want to continue using Kik.

transfer kik messages to new iphone

The challenge regarding the switch is how to transfer Kik messages to a new iPhone. Kik's automatic backup only saves the last 1000 messages so additional steps are required for a more extensive backup. Today, we would address this concern by covering how to transfer Kik messages to a new iPhone from both Android and iPhone.

Part 1. Transfer Kik Messages from Android to a New iPhone

If you were using an Android device, you are not able to transfer Kik messages using iTunes/iCloud, although Apple provides an official solution to help users move from Android to iOS using Move to iOS, it cannot transfer encrypted data such as Kik messages as well as WhatsApp data. Hopefully, the following methods can give you a hand.

Method 1. Transfer Kik Messages from Android to iPhone via Backuptrans

Backuptrans is a useful option for transferring Kik messages from an Android to an iPhone. Before using the software, there are a couple of pre-requisites that need to be in place. Your computer should have iTunes version 12.1 or above and the Kik app needs to be active on the target iPhone.

transfer kik messages using backuptrans android kik to iphone transfer

Below are the steps to follow to complete the transfer:

Step 1 Launch Backuptrans on your computer. Connect both the source Android and the target iPhone to your computer either through Bluetooth connectivity or a cable. If the "Backup my data" option appears on the Android phone, tap on it without entering the password and click "OK" on Backuptrans.

Step 2 All the Kik messages from both the Android and iPhone would be loaded and displayed on the screen. Select the source Android device from the device list and select the "Transfer Messages from Android to iPhone" option from the toolbar at the top.

Step 3 Now select the target iPhone and ensure that Kik is closed on the iPhone itself. The transfer would begin as soon as you select the "Confirm" button and, after a while, you would get the "Transferred Successfully" notification.

Furthermore, Backuptrans also offers the flexibility of transferring Kik messages from a particular contact only. This can be done by selecting the desired contact after the selection of the source device. The rest of the process would be the same as above.

Method 2. Take Screenshots to save Kik Messages on Android

The last resort for transferring Kik messages from Android to iPhone is the use of screenshots to back up the messages. This is to be used if one feels that no other option, such as using an app, is viable for them. The process can be hectic and time-consuming especially in cases where there are a lot of messages. However, one silver lining of this process is that you can filter the messages that you want to keep as each message would need to be saved as a screenshot individually.

take screenshot of kik to save chats

The process is as follows:

Step 1 Open the Kik app and view your messages. Use the screenshot option to save the message on the screen as an image. Different Android phones have different methods, such as gestures and combinations of volume buttons, for taking a screenshot.

Step 2 Scroll through the messages and repeat the whole process. Once the screenshots for all the messages have been created, upload them on a cloud platform like Google Drive and download the images from there onto the target device.

Part 2. Transfer Kik Messages from iPhone to a New iPhone

Actually, if you have been an iPhone user, you would know that when you change to a new iPhone, you can sync all your old iPhone data to the new one when setting up the new iPhone. All you have to do is to put these two iPhone together, enter your passcode of Apple ID on the new iPhone. However, if you are looking for some other ways to do that, the solutions below might make a difference.

Method 1. Export Kik Messages via iTransor

iTransor, formerly known as D-Port Pro, is a tool that can be used to create either full or selective backups of your iPhone data, which can then be restored accordingly on a different iPhone.聽You can use iTransor to read the backup file of iCloud or iTunes and export to .HTML, .XLS, or .CSV formats while media files will be stored seperately as their origin format. If choose export to HTML file, the chats can be read in any browser as the way they were in your phone.

using itransor to transfer kik messages from iphone to iphone

The steps below explain how you can export your Kik messages via iTransor:

Step 1 Connect the source iPhone to the computer. Launch the iTransor software.

Windows version    Mac version

Step 2 Select "Export from Device & iCloud" from the sidebar, select "Export from Device".

use itransor to acquire backup from device and icloud

Step 3 You will be given a list of apps to choose which to export. Tick Kik in the Third-Party IM APP colum and click the "Scan" button. The software will start to scan the app data you have chosen to export.

use itransor to acquire backup from device and icloud

Step 4 Click "Export" and select the format and the location you would like to export the chats to. Within few minutes, all your Kik messages will be exported to your computer. You can then copy them to the new iPhone and read anytime you want.

use itransor to acquire backup from device and icloud

Method 2. Transfer Kik Messages from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud/iTunes

The standard approach when it comes to data transfer between iPhones is to utilize iCloud and iTunes for backing up your Kik messages. This backup can be then downloaded on the target iPhone. The drawback of this approach stems from the lack of additional options. It is not possible to view individual messages before downloading the backup. This means that the entire backup is treated as a bundle and you cannot selectively download certain messages.

use itunes to transfer kik messages from iphone to iphone

The steps below explain how this process can be completed:

Step 1 Connect the iPhone with a computer. In some cases, you may see a message appear on the iPhone which asks for your authorization so that it can connect to the computer. If the message appears, enter your passcode to show that the computer is a trusted device. This will help in establishing connectivity between the source iPhone and the computer.

Step 2 Launch iTunes. Most of the time, iTunes would detect your iPhone automatically. If it's unable to do so, look for the drop-down list under the device menu. You should be able to select your device from there.

Step 3 Once your device is selected, look under the summary section of your device and select the "Back up Now" option. This would create a backup on the computer.

backup source iphone to itunes

Step 4 Now, connect your target device to the computer and in its summary section, select the "Restore Backup" option to transfer your Kik messages.

use itunes to restore iphone backup to another iphone

Part 3. Bonus Tip: WhatsApp Transfer Tool

Actually WhatsApp Messenger has the same data transfer problem as Kik. It only provides official solutions when you plan to change phone to the same operating system such as iPhone to iPhone or Android to Android. Although methods above can somehow help you with this, WhatsApp data transfer from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android can be another headache, so you will need a third-party tool which is specifically designed for this.

itransor for whatsapp backup restore transfer tool

iTransor for WhatsApp is one of the options for transferring WhatsApp messages between 2 devices. This functionality is not limited between Android and iPhone transfers as it works equally well for both WhatsApp data transfer from Android to iPhone, iPhone to Android, iPhone to iPhone and Android to Android. This tool have been trusted and recommended by famous media sites including Make Use Of, Macworld, etc.

trusted by many reputable review sites

windows version    Mac version

The process of transfer is as easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1 Launch the iTransor for WhatsApp and select "Transfer WhatsApp between devices" from the sidebar. Connect both the source and target device to your computer.

Step 2 You would be given the option to select the source and destination device. Make the choice according to your preference.

Step 3 Click on the "Transfer" button and, within the next few minutes, the transfer of the messages would be completed.

    transfer whatsapp messages using itransor for whatsapp

iTransor for WhatsApp is not restricted to the direct transfer option. If you wish to opt for an indirect approach then this tool facilitates you in that regard as well. Using the 鈥淏ackup WhatsApp on Devices鈥 option, you can create a backup of your source device on the computer. This backup can then be restored on the target device using the 鈥淩estore WhatsApp to Devices鈥. This versatility and usefulness make iTransor for WhatsApp a must-have tool for all WhatsApp users.

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