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Top Choices to Recover Your Lost Mac Files

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August 13, 2015 (Updated: March 22, 2016)• Filed to: Mac Data Recovery

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It commonly happens that we lost important files on Mac due to accidental deletion, virus attack, power failure, hard drive crash or any other unknown reasons. Under such circumstances, you are definitely worried! Upset! And Panic! As the lost files likely to be the very important emails from customers, irreplaceable and memorable photos that you took with your families or friends, or excel/ word which records your crucial studying materials. So, what should you do right now? How to make your file recovery mac?

In summary, there are kinds of options for mac file recovery! And parts of them will be suggested as below. Especially with the help of Data Recovery Mac, no longer will you be anxious about losing your Mac files!

Note: No matter what kinds of ways that you implement to retrieve your lost Mac files, please stop using your Mac right now - shut it down temporarily, to avoid lost files being overwritten!

Recover Your Lost Files from Mac Trash
The simplest and most direct way is to check the files in the trash and restore them thereafter. If you simply put files in the trash and without emptying it, you can then successfully and quickly make file recovery mac by left-click trash icon to open it. Then find the files that you accidentally deleted and drag them from the trash to your desktop or other desired location.

Note: This option is only available for accidental deletion and not emptying your trash on Mac.

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Get Your Mac Files Back by Mac File Recovery

The most comprehensive, reliable and safest way is to run Data Recovery for Mac on your Mac to regain your lost files.

This file recovery software mac not only recovers the files which are accidentally deleted, but also works on more causes including virus attack, disk crash, power failure and others. And completely recover your lost or deleted files covering image, video, audio, document, archive and email.

Mac version Windows version

There are four kinds of modes are available for your proper recovery! You can choose one of the recovery modes according to your lost data situation! Get your Mac files back quickly! Safely! Completely!

  • Lost File Recovery – Recover files deleted by Command + Delete, or emptied from Trash, and lost files from formatted or corrupted partition.
  • Raw Recovery – If Lost File Recovery cannot find your lost files, you can try Raw Recovery, but the recovered files have no original names and folder structure.
  • Partition Recovery – Search deleted, lost, resized or corrupted partitions first and then recover lost files
  • Resume Recovery – Import saved scanned results to resume a previous recovery session.

step1. choose recovery mode

Kindly Reminder: If you don’t want to lose your files carelessly or by any unexpected causes, it’s time to keep a good habit of backing up your files any time!

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