The newly released聽version of macOS 10.15 Catalina has stopped supporting 32-bit apps completely. Well, this is nothing new for the company.聽The Apple website clearly states the 32-bit apps don't provide good experience as they slow down the Mac. Whereas the 64-bit apps are capable of accessing more memory, resulting in a faster response time.

Still, this is a big issue for the Mac users, as some of their favorite apps have failed to run on the latest macOS, even these apps cannot update on the new Catalina anymore. 聽Don't worry, this article is dedicated to fixing this issue.

The Only Way to Fix the Issue - Uninstall the Apps and Their Configuration Files

Well, the best way to get rid of this issue will be to uninstall聽these apps. You need to safely uninstall the 32-bit applications and their related components and files. As we all know uninstallation on a Mac is bot a difficult thing but it's a bit tricky聽to uninstall safely and thoroughly.

There are 2 effective ways to perform the uninstallation. You can do it via a 3rd聽party app, which will be smart and hassle-free. Another way involves doing the same manually. This one will be a bit tricky and risky as well.

Way 1: Uninstall the Apps with Third-Party Tool

Just like we mentioned above, if you want to uninstall the applications on Mac correctly, then Umate Mac Cleaner聽is a very effective tool designed for all Mac users. This is an all-in-one Mac manager which includes features of cleanup and management. Here we are going to learn the feature of manage all the apps on Mac and its reasons for why we recommend it.

  • It can smartly find out all the apps on your Mac, and filter those apps will influence the running if your system.
  • All the apps can be sorted by Size, Name, Install Date or even the Using Frequency.
  • It can help you filter out apps you haven't used in a long time so that you can free up some space for your Mac instantly.
  • You can uninstall the apps in single or bunch.

After we have learned these wonderful features of Umate Mac Cleaner, then let's look at the聽steps to perform it:聽

Step 1:聽Download and install 'Umate Mac Cleaner' on your Mac and launch it.

Mac version

Step 2:聽On the app聽panel,聽just click 'Manage the Applications & Extensions' tab. 聽After that, click on 'View Items' under 'Uninstall Applications'. All the apps present on your Mac will be displayed along with their additional details.

manage the applications and extensions

Step 3:聽Now, click on the 'Uninstall' button beside the apps you want to remove from your Mac.

uninstall apps on mac

This is the most effective way to uninstall 32-bit apps and its associated files from your Mac. It will not cause any confusion for you and any damage to your Mac's running.

Way 2: Uninstall the 32-Bit Apps Manually

If you are trying to manually uninstall apps on Mac, there are 3 different ways to execute the uninstallation. Of course, the manual way can be relatively complex.

2.1 Uninstall by Dragging the Apps to Trash Bin

Dragging the apps to the trash is the simplest way of getting rid of them. But you should note that: For apps that have profiles that cannot be manually deleted, the way to drag then to Trash bin cannot solve the issue for you. More likely, this will cause your system to run incorrectly.

Step 1:聽Go to the 'Dock' and find the 'Application' folder.

Step 2:聽Locate the app icon, click and hold the icon. Then drag it to the 'Trash' icon and release.

Step 3:聽Now, enter 'Trash' and click 'Empty'.

uninstall apps on mac

2.2 Delete the Apps in Launchpad

You can also delete apps using Launchpad on your Mac. The steps are pretty simple:

Step 1:聽Run Launchpad on your Mac.

Step 2:聽Now, locate the app you want to uninstall. Then click and hold on the icon app you want to remove. The app icon will start to jiggle.

Step 3:聽At the top of the icon, a black X icon will appear; click on it. Then, just click 'Delete' and the program will be removed.

There is another way to remove files from Mac. Take look at rest of the article below.

2.3 Uninstall the Apps by Removing the Configuration Files on Finder

We know that, to delete an app is actually to delete the related configuration files. This way is tell you how to remove聽the configuration files via Finder.

Step 1:聽Run Finder on your Mac and navigate to 'Applications' folder and click on the app you want to uninstall.

Step 2:聽Look for the app you want to remove and make a right-click on it. Select 'Move To Trash' from the drop menu.

move to trash

Step 3:聽After that, navigate to trash bin and make a right-click on it. Select 'Empty Trash'.

Comparison of the 2 Ways

We have discussed 2 different ways to uninstall apps and their associated files on Mac. The first one involves a professional app that is easy to use. It removes the said app and its associated files with a single click.

But the manual method is a bit complicated and requires technical knowledge. It is also possible that you may delete other important files accidentally. So, the method is risky as well.

Umate Mac Cleaner Manual Method
Ease of use Very Easy to use Complicated
Safety Safe May delete the important files accidentally
Removal Gets removed with a single click Manually remove every file individually


Hence, there are no other ways than removing the 32-bit apps from your macOS Catalina. The said apps won't run and update on the new OS and they聽may even affect the running of your system.聽So, you can manually delete them one by one like other users. But using Umate Mac Cleaner聽tool will be quite a bit of help as it is effective and offers fast single click cleanups.

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