Have you noticed that your Mac has been losing performance recently? Wondering if there might be a problem with one of the components, or maybe thinking of adding more RAM, or updating the whole Mac. Or do you think that the speed drop and even the app freeze may just be due to network reasons?  Are you struggling to upgrade your computer or upgrade your RAM? In any case, the Mac benchmark is necessary when you're not sure what's causing it or what to do about it.

1. What is Mac Benchmark?

Mac Benchmark is the required performance test. It lets you figure out the condition of your Mac. It will help you find out how fast your Mac is, you can test your GPU and your CPU as well as your Wi-Fi internet speed and even Ethernet speed.

If you are going to upgrading your Mac and want to know if the upgrading really works for the performance improving, then benchmarking is necessary before and after the upgrading.

Well, the main reason to run a Macbook benchmark test is to get an insight into the device's performance. You can compare the test results with different computers and figure out the issue with the device.

Basically, users are prone to common mistakes which ultimately slows down the device. If the Mac is slowed down, it will be shown in the results. This is a hint that you need to add more RAM or clear up some space.

This Mac speed test will basically check out the general performance of the device, along with CPU, GPU, disk speed and also gaming performance. Just remember to close all the apps on the device before starting the test.

2. Common 5 Tools to Benchmark Your Mac

There are several benchmark tools available for Mac. Although Activity Monitor is available for Mac performance tests in some aspects, the said tool fails to provide the detailed data necessary for determining the issues with the device's performance.

So, we are eager to introduce the 3rd party applications that will run a benchmark test successfully, helping you to determine the actual condition of your Mac device.

 2.1 Geekbench 4

Geekbench 4 is one of the best apps to make benchmark test Mac. After launching the app, a small screen will be displayed on the screen, and you have selected the architecture of the processor you are using.

After completing the selection process, click on 'Run Benchmarks', initiating the test.


The results will be displayed in a browser if you are using the free version. There are different types of results but you need to focus only on Single-Core Score and Multi-Core Score.

The Single-Core Score indicates the performance of the Mac while it operates only on a single core, and the multi-core results will indicate the performance of the device while all the cores are running.   

A free version of this app is available, but there is also a Premium version.

2.2 Blackmagic Disk Speed Test

Another great application is the Blackmagic Disk Speed Test, and it is pretty simple to use. First, you have to change the settings and then click Speed Test Start, to initiate the test.

 blackmagic disk speed test

There will be two big gauges, displayed on the screen with all the required information.The gauge on the left side will tell the write speed, and the one on the right will show the drive's read speed. These days it is natural for the read speed of an SSD to reach 500MB/s and write speed to 200 MB/s. So, any number below 100 MB/s is very concerning.

This app is available for free.

2.3 Novabench

Novabench is the next one on this list. This benchmark test application will evaluate CPU, GPU and the disk speed of your device. The procedure can be initiated just by clicking on 'Start Tests'. After that, Novabench will launches a video to check out the device's ability to handle 3D images.


Now, the results of the test will be displayed within a few minutes. But you won't be able to tell anything just by staring at them. You need to compare them with other test results available on the database of Novabench.

A free version is available, but the Premium version costs $19.

2.4 Cinebench

Cinebench by MAXON will examine both CPU and GPU using its 2 very simple tests. This is a pretty convenient tool with legitimate credentials.


Simply, click on the 'Run' button just next to 'CPU' to test the performance of the CPU. A black image will be displayed on the screen, and it will start to fill with pieces of images, and the Mac will get louder.

The GPU test is not very simple. This test checks out if your GPU is capable of handling a 3D scene in OpenGL mode.

This application is available for free.

2.5 Count It

If you want to improve your gaming experience, then the FPS counter feature of Count It will be very useful for you. It is handy and examines your Mac's in-game performance.

count it

While you are gaming, you will be able to activate Count It very easily without interrupting the gaming experience. You will be able to activate the app just by pressing a hotkey.

This application is available for free.

3. Must Read: How to Improve Your Mac's Performance After Testing

So, after getting the results for the disk speed test Mac, you are required to take steps to boost the performance of the said device if there are any issues.

Well, this situation calls for official ways to boost the speed and the performance the Mac, which would be clearing up RAM and storage by deleting junk files and optimizing the device, as well.

Unfortunately, going through this procedure is very troublesome and time-consuming as well. So, the better option would be to use a professional application designed to boost Mac's speed. The best app in this scenario is the Umate Mac Cleaner by iMyFone. For increasing CPU and RAM, it can:


  1. Deactivate the programs which heavily consume CPU on your Mac in just one-click.
  2. The monitoring of the CPU is in real time.
  3. Give you the suggestion that which ones should be deactivated and filter out the apps which will influence the running of your system.
  4.  One-click to free up the RAM to boost your Mac's performance.

This is a very soothing application with state of the art algorithm, designed to clear and optimize Mac efficiently.  Besides the feature to speed up your Mac. It can also delete large files, duplicate files, every junk files even unused apps on your Mac. It's really a comprehensive Mac manager. So, let's have a look at the operational procedure.

Step 1: After completing the download and installation of Umate Mac Cleaner on Mac, launch it.  

Mac version

Step 2: Click on the 'Speed Up Mac' option on the main program interface. The app will immediately scan the device and list all the items on the screen.

speed up the mac3

Step 3: Now, you can select the displayed sections according to your need and take the necessary actions as shown on the screen. The list includes 'Disable Login Items'; 'Deactivate heavy Consumers'; 'Remove Launch Agents'; and lastly 'Free Up RAM'.

take the necessary actions

iMyFoneUmate Mac Cleaner is the best possible answer to boost Mac performance quite easily and effectively.


Hence, the benchmark test is very important for Mac, and you can use the detailed applications to get the necessary data for taking the required actions. If the result is ultimately negative and you are required to speed up Mac. Then Umate Mac Cleaner is the best way to reach your goal.