If you have a slow-running Mac or there’s trouble in loading a website, then it may be time for you to clear up cache on your system, especially the default browser on Mac - Safari. This is the article聽where you will learn the importance and methods on how to delete safari cache on Mac. While there could be more than one ways to eradicate cache, this blog leads you to the most effective one. Keep reading!

how to delete safari cache mac

What Are Safari Caches聽On A Mac

A cache is storage of data which your Mac聽system maintains. When a user happens to visit a website, their browser on Mac聽takes a snapshot of the pages which they view. So this is also why the Safari cache appears.

If a user visits that website again, Safari browser loads that specific cached page quickly. Because of the stored cached, the page takes no time for retrieval from the internet again. In this sense, cache could be useful but an overloaded cache will also render the performance of your Mac inefficient. Therefore, caches do require to be cleaned periodically. It is important for you to know how to clear safari cache on Mac聽so that your system keeps running efficiently.

Is It Okay to Clear Safari Cache on Mac

One critical step is to ensure an effective removal of cache from your system. By doing that, you will be able to resolve many small issues. Once you remember to timely take care of the cache problem, you will get to have a smoother and more comfortable Mac user experience. The following lines will tell you about some of the benefits you will receive by taking care of the computer’s cache.

update icon Keeps Updated Record

By clearing cache, you get rid of the countless useless items that were only occupying space on your system without providing any benefit. There might be cache files of even those websites that you no longer use. Removal of previously stored cache means your data is updated and replaced with new webpages that you visit instead of the old forms that are no long useful.

protect icon Protects聽Your Personal Data

Knowing how to clear cache on Mac safari聽is critical to protect all your personal data from being used for illegal and unauthorized activities. The cache stores sensitive information about a user such as their username, password, credit card number etc. it makes it possible for the next user to gain access to your information thereby risking your privacy. Facebook, for instance, tends to store user data. If you have used it on a public computer, the person using that system after you can easily log into your account using the information stored on cache. By deleting the cache from a browser, the threat of your information being leaked is mitigated. In order to protect your privacy, the better solution is to delete your cache as it reduces the threat for you.

release Frees Up More Space

The cache is a storehouse of information. Consequently, this storage requires more space to be stored. By cleaning it, you get a MacBook system that has more space available for other useful files. The third advantage of removing cache is that it gets you more free space and less occupation by unwanted and unnecessary files.

One thing that we now know is that deleting cache is important for the smooth running of your MacBook. The real question is how to do that? That’s what’s coming next!

Where Can I Find Cache Files for Safari on Mac

If you want to locate the cache files for Safari, you need to confirm the version of OS on your Mac first. The locations are different depend on the different macOS versions. Modern versions of Safari store its caches locally at the following path:~/Library/Caches/com.apple.Safari/, while older versions of Safari store in the location:~/Library/Caches/Safari/.

safari cache location on mac

Then you can locate the Safari cache files and manage them by yourself. However, we don't recommend you to delete these caches via this way, because some important database files may be wrongly removed, unless you are a advanced user and know exactly what files you are looking for. In order to get rid of Safari cache more securely and completely, you can try the solutions we discuss below.

Fastest and Easiest Solution: Remove聽All Safari Cache from Your Mac

If you want聽empty cache in safari聽on Mac in a much faster and easiest way, you should consider getting help from a third party聽app. This means using a software application that is effective enough to get your system rid of all unwanted and unnecessary cache files lying uselessly on your system. When it comes to third party聽apps for Mac Cleanup, Umate Mac Cleaner is one of the best available on the market.

How does Umate Mac Cleaner work? It automatically detects more than 40 types of junk聽files including browser cache, and allows you to remove them with just 1 click. It is worth mentioning that聽the scanning and cleaning speed of this software is 3X faster compared to other competitors. Even if you use other browsers like Chrome and Firefox, Umate Mac Cleaner can still help you remove cache in these browsers.

Next, we will guide you how to use the app to clear your Safari cache on your device.

1. Download Umate Mac Cleaner and launch it.

Mac version

2. Select “Erase Private Data”聽tab and click on the big “Scan”聽button. Then you will see a list of five types of scaned files, arranged by Name and the Items by size.

choose erase private data

3. For removing browser cache like Safari, you can click "Online Traces" part, then tick the item you want to delete each by each, or click the "Select All" button for choosing all. Then click the "Erase" button to clear browser cache on your Mac.

confirm erase private data

That’s all! It take a few minutes to clear Safari cache with Umate Mac Cleaner. Using the app is safer, more efficient and more thorough.聽The app supports OS X 10.9 or later versions, and is available for 5 Mac devices.

How to Empty Cache On Safari聽By Yourself

There are basically two ways to empty cache on Safari by yourself. First method is deleting the cache from Safari browser and the second method involves using keyboard. Here’s the description of the both methods.

Way 1: Use聽Safari聽Browser聽Menu

The deletion of safari cache from your Mac can be done following some basic and simple steps. Here is how to do it:

Step聽1: From the main menu, select the item “safari”聽and then click on ‘preferences’.

Step聽2: A tab called “Advanced”聽will appear and you should click it.

Step聽3: here, you come by a “Show Develop menu bar”聽at the bottom. From where, it will direct you to the main menu ‘develop’ .

Step聽4: Click “Develop”聽and then pick “Empty Caches”聽so that cache is eliminated from the safari browser.

clear safari cache develop menu

Way 2: Use Keyboard Shortcut

As you enable the ‘develop’ menu, you will get access to a keystroke shortcut. This shortcut allows you to remove safari cache on Mac聽using a simple ‘Command+ Option+ E’. This also offers a faster and quicker method of access for those users who require the feature frequently. Using this method, they can get access to it easily without pulling down the menu every time they come here.

Keyboard Shortcut to Clear Safari Cache: Command+ Option+ E

Still Can't Delete All Safari Caches? Here’s What You Can Do More

Still feels so hard to delete all Safari cache despite trying all manual ways? For a more complete removal, here鈥檚 another way to get it done.

  1. Make sure to get log out of all web pages and close all opened safari tabs.
  2. Open ‘finder’. Within its menu, click on ‘Go to folder’. Another way to reach here is pressing command +shift+ G.
  3. Copy paste the following into the blank area: /Library/Safari/Databases.
  4. The folder will reveal some content. Delete everything that is present there. You can do so by highlighting all folders and right-clicking ‘Move to Trash’.
  5. Re-open safari and see if all the items have been deleted.
  6. In case you find nothing when you look for the above, please look for /Library/Safari/Local Storage.
  7. Then you will follow the above steps to make sure all contents are deleted.

clear all safari cache on mac


These were some useful techniques you could use to clear safari browser cache聽on your MacBook system. Since caches hold such critical importance, it is highly important that you keep an eye on them. It would be better for the health of your Mac system to ensure that they don’t pile up. When they continue to add up, they can slow down the speed of your Mac and will adversely impact its performance. Using the DIY method or Umate Mac Cleaner, you can effectively get rid of cache problem in no time!

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