The default browser of MacBook i.e. Safari Browser saves your browsing history from time to time. Though some people find it a great benefit to have their history saved, some may find it risky and don’t want to have even a single item saved. It may be due to personal and privacy-related problems. We also recommend to delete browsing history as soon as possible, except when it is very important to keep them.

Today through this article I will tell you how to delete safari history on MacBook聽There are generally two ways of clearing your Safari history, the first one including manual steps and another one which is relatively faster i.e. using an efficient cleaning app for MacBook. Both of these processes are discussed in detail later on.

clear safari history mac

What is Included in Safari History on Mac

Each and every website you visit is kept in your history so that if you want to open a specific webpage again, you can simply search it through the history and access it. In addition to the webpages you visit, there are many other things as well which get stored in the form of history. These all items are collectively known as Browsing History.

Safari history does not only include the websites you visit. But it includes each and every item related to that website or webpage you visited. It includes all types of your searches, permissions, and information you filled on that website. List of other entities which are gathered and stored by your browser is given below:

  • History of the pages you have visited.
  • Back and forward list of a website you are using.
  • List of frequently visited sites.
  • List of downloaded items.
  • Recent searches.
  • Form fill-in and sign-in information.
  • Web icons.
  • Snapshots for opening webpage storage.
  • Requests of websites to use your location.
  • Requests of websites to send you notifications.

You can easily find and check your Safari history on Mac by these steps: Go To Folder” and enter the following path:聽~/Library/Safari/聽, then you will see all of the Safari browsing history next.

locate safari history mac

Why is It Necessary to Clear Safari History on Mac

Till now you would have a general idea why it is important to clear safari history on Mac. It is obvious that whenever such a great amount of your personal and private information is stored in a browser, it can cause you much loss if accessed by someone else. Not only that you could face humiliation, but someone looking at your history can easily know what were you searching at what time. Your sign-in information such as your name, contact information, credit cards, etc. can leave you with compromised information and stolen identity. 聽In addition to them, many websites store caches and cookies files on your operating systems. These are so much in quantity when totaled they can use a significant amount of your hard disk and account for slow browsing experience.

Therefore, it is recommended that browsing history should be removed from time to time, not only to protect your privacy but to release an enormous amount of disk space as well.

why delete safari history

You have seen how many things are included in your browsing history. Now I will guide you on how to delete history on Mac safari聽in an easy and fast way. If you were to delete each and every of those items I discussed earlier, you would be definitely tired and end up by messing things up. But if I tell you about an Third-party software聽which can erase all that history within a few seconds and that too with few steps. Yes, you guessed right! I am talking about Umate Mac Cleaner, the best app for your Mac currently in the market.

Use Umate Mac Cleaner to Permanently Delete Safari History on Mac with 1 Click

Umate Mac Cleaner with its most efficient cleaning system allows you to get rid of your browsing history. It removes all types of online traces left behind your Safari browser. These types of traces include all types of browsing items and download history.

When compared to others ways to remove Safari history, Umate Mac Cleaner is always dominant because of following reasons:

  • With quick operations and easy steps, it helps you in deleting Safari history with just one click.
  • Removes all Safari history permanently so that there are no traces left behind and make sure they won't be acquired again.
  • Supported to clean up 5 types of privacy data to prevent personal information leakage.
  • Gives you the preview feature, with the help of which you can preview the history before deleting them.
  • Offers history removal for other browsers as well including Chrome and Firefox.

Let’s move towards on how to delete history in safari on Mac聽by using Umate Mac Cleaner. As mentioned earlier, it only takes a few simple steps to complete the process of deleting browsing history from Safari. Executing following steps can also delete browsing history from other browsers as well.

Step 1: Install Umate Mac Cleaner on your Mac.

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Step 2: Choose “Erase Private Data” and select “Scan”.

choose erase private data

Step 3: Select the ones which you want to remove with the help of preview feature and click “Erase” to wipe them out of your Mac.

confirm erase private data

And in this simple way, you can delete all of your history from your Mac聽with only 3 steps.聽Umate Mac Cleaner is also best known for its efficient cleaning, which no one can ever beat.

If You Want to Clear Safari History on Mac Manually

The other method which I mentioned earlier i.e. the manual process on how to clear history on safari on Mac聽is relatively a slower one and includes more steps. Let’s have a look together.

Delete All Safari History According to the Time Range

The first way to delete Safari history is to choose the time range you want, that can remove all items during the period. In order to remove browsing history manually, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Launch Safari application.
  2. Click the “History" tab from the top menu.
  3. Select “Clear History”
  4. Choose the time range whose history you want to delete. The options are presented like this: the Last hour, today, today and yesterday, all history.
  5. Then Click “Clear History” to delete all the browsing history of safari聽according to the time range you choose.

clear all safari history mac

Delete聽Specific Sites from Safari History聽for Selective Removal

Safari browsing history can also be deleted manually by selecting only those items which you want to get rid of. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Safari application and click the “History" tab from the top menu.
  2. Select “Show聽All聽History”
  3. Then the history will be listed at the next window. Just select the items which you want to delete separately. 聽
  4. Press the “Delete”聽button on your keyboard to remove all the selected items.

clear specific safari history mac

On a Final Note

So! I hope you now know how to clear your history on Safari聽by using Umate Mac Cleaner. If you are looking to dump all of your browsing history in an easiest and fast way possible, then Umate Mac Cleaner without any doubt is your best option. With extraordinary features and advantages over other apps, you can completely trust on Umate Mac Cleaner for deleting your private search history and personal data stored by Safari. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the best cleaner for your Mac today and enjoy the best services ever!

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