There is nothing more frustrating than a frozen computer, and if you are using an expensive device like a MacBook, then you expect it to work smoothly instead of freezing up every few days.

So, there could be several reasons behind a frozen Mac. It could happen due to an app that has become unresponsive or it is possible that you are out of storage space. If you have installed any 3rd party apps or any add-ons that are not compatible with the device or the Mac simply seeks an update, this issue might creep up. Don’t get too depressed as there are ways to fix the Mac frozen issues. The methods are detailed below in this article.

Part 1: If Mac Freezes on Specific Apps

If the Mac you are using is getting frozen on specific apps then you will be able to fix the problem by simply force quitting the app. There are several ways to perform the task. Here’s how to unfreeze Mac:

Way 1: Force Quit via the Apple Menu

You will be able to access the Force Quit command in a very simple way. Just change the app which works properly on the device, then click on the Apple icon visible at the top. A drop-menu will be visible where you can select the Force Quit option.

force quit

But selecting this option won’t force quit the app that is currently open whereas a list will be opened of all the open apps. Now, you just have to select the right option from the list.

Way 2: Force Quit using the Keyboard

Another effective way to fix Mac freeze is to Force Quit the app using the keyboard. The procedure is very simple;

So, press and hold “Command+ Alt+ Esc” keys on your keyboard and the Force Quit application list will be opened.

As usual, that list contains all the apps that are currently running on your Mac. The specific app that may have been causing the issue will have “Not responding” written beside it. Just, highlight that particular application and click on the “Force Quit” button.

force quit using keyboard

Now, try to launch the app again and the problem could have been fixed.

Way 3: Force Quit via Dock

The main issue is that, if a certain app is not responding then the app has to be closed and launched again. But conventional methods won’t work here; you have to do it via Dock.

You will find Dock at the bottom of the screen. There you need to look for the icon associated with the app that is not responsive. After that, make a right click in order to view the Contextual menu. In the end of that menu, you will find the “Quit” option, click on it and possibly the app will get closed.

quit app on mac

If this procedure does not work for you, then repeat the procedure again but this time don’t just click on the “Quit” option. When the menu appears, hold the “Alt” key, doing this will Force Quit the app, which is actually more powerful.

Part 2: If Mac is Completely Frozen

If the Mac got completely frozen, then there is simply no stopping it as the app process won’t work. But there are a few methods you can try which may fix the issue with your Mac. Here’s what to do when Mac freezes.

Way 1: Force Reboot a Frozen Mac

One of the best ways to unfreeze Mac is to make a Force Reboot of the device. The procedure is very simple if you are using a Macbook or Macbook Air. You just need to press and hold the Power Button on your keyboard for no more than 2 seconds.

force restart mac

After 2 seconds, a menu will appear where you have to choose among Restart, Sleep and Shut Down. Your obvious choice is Restart, choose it and Mac will be restarted.聽聽

Way 2: Free Up Space and Reset RAM

If you are complaining “My Mac is frozen” and already tried to force reboot the device, which hasn’t worked for you, then you can try to free up space on the device and reset the RAM in order to fix the said issue.

There are apps available to do such stuff and one of the best is Umate Mac Cleaner by iMyFone. This is a very efficient application capable of speeding up the Mac and cleaning all the junk files. The app is equipped with some very efficient features, let’s have a look;

  • Quick junk files cleanup: This app can instantly locate and remove all the hidden junk files on your Mac, which includes useless system junk files, Trash bins, app caches, iTunes junk, downloads, temporary files etc. All these files are safe to be deleted and you can easily free up the space within 1 click.
  • Speed up your Mac: Those startup items, apps with high memory usage, launch agents will eat up the disk space and make your Mac become frozen frequently. You can disable them with Umate Mac Cleaner and regain reclaim as much space as possible.
  • Manage apps & extenstion: Another effective method provided by Umate Mac Cleaner is by uninstalling big or unused apps and plug-ins. The leftover files will also be completely removed.

All these features are proven to be very useful in improving the Mac performance and reducing the possibility of Mac freezing. The operations of Umate Mac Cleaner are quite easy and they are discussed below:

Step 1: Download and install Umate Mac Cleaner on your device and finish the installation.

Mac version

Step 2: Launch this app and select the desired feature to proceed, for example, Clean up Junk. Then this software will run a throughout scanning and show the results.

umate clean up junk

Step 3: Hit the Clean button to quickly free up the RAM on your Mac. Repeat this produce for other features like Speed Up Your Mac and Manage Apps & Extensions to minimize the occurrence of a frozen Mac.

choose speed up your mac

Way 3: Reinstall MacOS

Reinstalling the MacOS is easy. You need to remember that all of the files on that partition will be erased completely. So, before starting the procedure, you must make a backup of the device.

After making the backup of the device, make sure that you are signed out of everything like your iTunes, iCloud and even iMessage accounts. After that, you can proceed to reinstallation.

While reinstalling the MacOS, you need to stay connected to the internet for the verification process, if you are not, you will be asked to do so during the installation. You also have to use your Apple ID and password.

Step 1: Restart Mac.

Step 2: As the startup disk is being prepared, you need to hold “Command + R” keys on your keyboard, in order to boot from MacOS Recover.

Step 3: Then, you need to click “Reinstall MacOS”. In the following page, click “Continue”.

reinstall macos

Step 4: Then, you will be asked your select your disk. So, choose your “Hard Drive” or “Apple SSD”.

Step 5: After that click “Install” to start installing the operating system. Mac will be restarted after the installation.

Step 6: Then, press and hold the “Command and Q” button after completing the installation and follow the on-screen setup instructions.

Lastly, click “Shut Down” to turn off the device. Now, your Mac is cleaned and ready to be used again. So, if you were facing a frozen Mac constantly but didn’t know how to fix frozen screen on Mac, now you know that reinstalling the OS will definitely fix the issue.聽


A frozen device really annoying, especially if you are using a Mac device that is worth thousands of dollars. Although the device can freeze for different reasons, there are only a few specific ways to fix the issue. You can follow the procedures and you can also try Umate Mac Cleaner as in most cases the issue is caused by lack of storage.聽

Mac version