It is very normal for any Macbook to get heated up when you are using it normally. But, if your Macbook is overheated, then you should pay attention to and you need to find solutions聽to this problem as soon as possible.

There are several reasons behind your Macbook Pro overheating. This article will focus on giving feasible solutions to tackle each of the causes which are leading to the Macbook overheating. You can try out each and every solution provided here one by one to troubleshoot this issue.

These 10聽tips will definitely help you in finding a workable solution for this problem after which you will be able to use your Macbook normally again without worrying about it overheating.

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Tip 1. Check Activity Monitor

The first thing you should check is if the App's running consumed too much CPU. When your MacBook's CPU works overtime, its cooling fan kicks in to dissipate the heat. To see which apps are using the most CPU resources, open Activity Monitor and click on the CPU tab.聽Here, you will have to close the heavily consumed聽apps one by one. Follow the steps given below to know how you can do this.

  • Step 1: From "Application", go to "Utilities".
  • Step 2: From here, click on "Activity Monitor".
  • Step 3: Select the apps which you want to close and double click and choose "Quit" or use the "Force Quit" option.

activity monitor

Important Tip:

But, if there is any easier way to realize the same target? Yes! iMyFone Umate Mac Cleaner聽is an excellent tool which can perform this function in a better way. The advantages of using this tool instead of the traditional way are given below.

  • Easy to Use: Performs this task in a quicker way.聽The items can be closed in bulk.
  • Real-time Detection: Monitor the Apps in real-time, and only display the items which are consuming much CPU.
  • Smart Filtering: Filter the apps which may cause the abnormal running of your system.

check cpu usage

Tip 2: Release RAM

Too much RAM occupying can slow down your Mac definitely and them make your Macbook overheating. You can also check and deal it in Activity Monitor by just choosing the RAM tab.

We must mention that all these can be done by the same tool - Umate Mac Cleaer. Its "Free Up RAM" feature can free up the space in just one click.聽

free up ram

Tip 3: Disable Login Items

The login items which means the apps will launch automatically after you start your Mac. Too many login items on your computer can be the main reason for Macbook overheating. To disable the login item on Mac one by one can take much time and it's a bit complex. But you can use iMyFone Umate Mac Cleaner to disable login items in just one click, including the invisible ones. You can do this in the following way.

disable login items

After doing this, check if the Macbook overheating聽issue is sorted.

Tip 4: Clean Junk Files and Large Files

Still thinking about why is my Mac overheating? There may be too many junk files and unused large files which may be running in the background. This may be the reason behind your Macbook overheating. iMyFone Umate Mac Cleaner聽can be the best choice for cleaning your Macbook's聽junk and large files.

Why we recommend it? The reasons are below:

  • It provides both quick clean mode and deep clean mode to find out the junk files on your Mac maximally.
  • Support more than 40 files for detection and cleanup.
  • The scanning speed and cleaning speed is very fast.
  • It's very easy to use, all you need to do is to click the Delete聽button.
  • All the large files can e classified as Image,Video, Audio, Document, Archive. And each file can be previewed on Finder.

delete large files

Once you do this, all the unnecessary files causing your system to overheat will get deleted.

Tip 5: Reset SMC

SMC, which is the abbreviated version of System Management Controller, is a聽chip in your Macbook and responsible for running many of the physical parts of the system including the cooling fans. Follow the steps given below to reset SMC in Macbook to resolve the issue of Macbook Air overheating.

Step 1: Put your Macbook in the charge mode after shutting it down.

Step 2: Press the keys Shift + Control + Option and hold it and press the "Power" button at the same time.

reset smc

Step 3: After some time, release all the keys and then turn on your Macbook.

The Macbook overheating issue should be sorted by now.

Tip 6: Use Energy Saver Settings

When you put your Macbook in energy-saving mode, the apps which are not necessary won't be running in the background. This would solve the system overheating issues as only a few apps would be running in the background. To adjust the energy saver settings and solve the problem of iMac overheating, you can follow the steps given below.

Step 1: From the Apple Menu , go to "System Preferences".

Step 2: Click on the "Energy Saver" option and select to switch power saving modes like graphic mode automatically.

energy saver settings

This can immediately cool down your Macbook.

Tip 7: Check Macbook's Fan

When you have used your Macbook for quite some time, there may be an accumulation of dirt and grime on the physical components of your system like the keyboard, motherboard, etc. The cooling fan is one such component which can be greatly affected by dirt build-up.

This can be the reason behind your Macbook overheating.

Clean the Macbook cooling fan carefully, or you can even get this done at the nearest Apple Service Center and solve the overheating issue.

macbook fan

Tip 8: Remove Malware

One of the main causes of overheating of your Macbook is the presence of malware in the system. Your system may be under malware attack through online browsing, shared drives or any other such actions. Although the different kinds of malware have a different kind of influence聽on your Macbook, all of them majorly cause the system to overheat and slow down significantly.

Get a reliable software which works to remove the malware from your Macbook and cool down your system.

Tip 9: Keep macOS and Apps are Up to Date

Keep an eye out for updates to Apple's operating system and applications聽will improve your Mac's performance and functionality.聽Because which can be a cause for your Macbook overheating聽if you聽keep聽running an old system or app.聽Just as Apple released macOS 10.15 Catalina in October, this release is worth updating.

However, there are a few caveats before updating to the latest system.聽One of the most important things is to check that if your computer has enough free space.聽If not, 聽then you will need to clean up large unused files, duplicate files, or junk files on your computer to free up disk space.聽Of course, the best tool is Umate Mac Cleaner.聽Its powerful features make it easy to manage and clean up your Mac.

clean up mac

Tip 10: MacBook Hardware Test

When the hardware component, which is cooling fans, in this case, is faulty, the Macbook system can get overheated easily. You can perform the hardware test in the following way to know for sure whether the cooling fans of the Macbook system are functioning efficiently or not.

  • The peripheral devices of Macbook should be removed, and the system should be switched off.
  • Switch on Macbook and press the key "D" to open Apple Hardware Test.
  • A hardware test will then be carried out for your system, and the results will be displayed.

apple hardware test

If you see the reference codes starting with PPF are displayed, know that these are relevant to the cooling fan and you need to take your Macbook system to the nearest service station and take the necessary action as per the advice is given.

Tip 11: Stand for MacBook Pro

Ventilation is a major necessity for your Macbook to avoid overheating by performing the cooling functions effectively. If no proper ventilation is there, your Macbook can overheat as the air from the cooling fans are not getting any outlet to escape.

macbook pro stand

You can solve this situation by purchasing a stand for Macbook Pro and using it for effective ventilation while using your system. This way overheating in Mac can be avoided to a great extent.


Little heating up of Mac system is normal and cannot be avoided. The problem arises when your system heats up too much. The above tips can help you a great deal when you find yourself in a situation wherein you are dealing with Mac Pro overheating. iMyFone Umate Mac Cleaner is a useful tool that can be used in getting rid of many of the causes and reasons behind your Macbook heating up. This is why it is highly recommended in such a scenario.

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