True, Macs do not suffer from all the problems typical of Windows PCs, but they are not perfect and, consequently, they are not without problems. In a nutshell, yes, even Macs can become slow, they can show error messages and they can even crash ... especially because of too much data stored on disk (voluntarily or not).

Precisely for this reason, resorting to the use of free software to clean Mac聽can be particularly useful in certain circumstances and if you are here and you are reading this guide, it is obviously because you have recently begun to encounter problems using your branded computer Apple and you would like to know some useful cleaning softwares聽to use to do a bit of "healthy" cleaning. Given the situation, I suggest you take a few minutes of free time and concentrate on reading this tutorial.

Overview of 5 Mac Cleaner Apps

Apps Easy of Use Compatibility Price Total Ranking
Umate Mac Cleaner Very easy macOS 10.14-10.9 -1 Year: $29.95
-Lifetime: $49.95
(Has Free Trial)
CCleaner Medium macOS 10.13-10.10 -Edition: $199
-Professional: $249
(Has Free Trial)
Yasu Medium macOS 10.12-10.9 -Personal: $7.99
-Family plan: $19.99
(Has Free Trial)
AppCleaner Easy macOS 10.13-10.9 Free
Onyx Complex macOS 10.13-10.8 Free

The above form is an overview of the 5 Mac Cleaner apps we discussed here. We will recommend them in turn based on their total ranking. If you are interested in a particular app, just click on its name in the form to jump to the appropriate introduction directly.

In the following lines, you will find all those that in my humble opinion represents the best Mac cleanup聽tool. They all have free versions with easy to use functions and still accessible without any type of problem (with due care) even by less experienced users. So tell me, are you ready? Yes? Fantastic! We, therefore, banish the talk and proceed.聽

1. Umate Mac Cleaner (Recommended)

This is, without a doubt, the best free mac cleaning software聽available in 2019. This software boasts of several astonishing features that aid with efficiently cleaning up disk space on Mac. Now I will introduce you to the various features of the software.

What can Umate Mac Cleaner do:

  • Clean up Junk: Using the quick clean and deep clean mode, this feature detect and clean up unnecessary junk files on your Mac
  • Erase Private Data: It can permanently remove traces of any personal data you want to delete thereby protecting your privacy.
  • Speed Up Your Mac:聽This presents you with three options to make your Mac run faster: Disable the start-up items, deactivate the heavy consumers and remove the launch agents.
  • Manage Apps And Extension:聽It can uninstall unused applications and remove unnecessary extensions on your Mac to release more space on your Mac.


  • Easy of use:聽User-friendly interface make it very easy to use.
  • The easiest 1-click removal:聽With the aid of a single click multiple files can be permanently removed in a flash.
  • Efficiently free up disk space:聽Release about 40% disk space for your Mac.
  • Competitive price:聽The price is more affordable for most users compared to other competitors.


  • This software does not support the removal of malware on your Mac in the current version.

umate clean up junk

Mac version

2. CCleaner

CCleaner has been available for some time now for Mac users, offering them a solution to free their Mac from all the superfluous data and web browsing traces. We can say that it is one of the free mac cleaner 2019.

Using it is very simple, just start it, but the checkmark next to the items and the names of the programs you want to "clean up" in the left sidebar and start cleaning the system. Everything happens in a few seconds and in a completely safe way.

What can CCleaner do:

  • Browser cleaning: Erases web browser search history, cookies, caches, temporary files and log files,etc.
  • Real-time monitoring: Allows聽you to set up Active system monitoring.
  • Scheduled cleaning: schedule the app to clean your Mac at specific times.


  • Small size: After installation It takes little space (about 6MB) on your hard drive.
  • It doesn’t slow down system funtions.
  • Deep and permanent cleaning: It erases unwanted data completely without any trace.
  • Malware safe: It can take care of malware by optimizing start-up processes.


  • The Free version offers a limited function.
  • There has been cases of malware infections when using the software.
  • Fee for premium is too expensive.

mac ccleaner app

3. Yasu

Yasu is a free Mac cleaner聽that boast of a small range of features that can prove challenging for people new to macOS.. 聽These features are used to manage disk space on Mac by deleting system cache, repairing permissions, deleting junk files and many more. More often than normal it is used to bring up the speed of Mac.

What can Yasu do:

  • Cleans hard drive, virtual memory files, browsing history, cookies and user cache.
  • Reset the launch services database.
  • Wipes system clutter.


  • It is user friendly and can be customized.
  • Small聽installation size and fast performance.
  • Cleans junks from every corner of your Mac.


  • Few cleaning features: It is better used for maintaining disk space on Mac than cleaning up space.

mac yasu app

4. AppCleaner

This is another software we can add to the category of free mac cleanup software. AppCleaner is a small free application that allows you to completely uninstall applications, widgets, and plugins from your Mac by simply selecting them or dragging their icon to the main software window.

Uninstalling programs on Mac is a real breeze, just go to the Applications folder and drag the program icon to be deleted into the trash. Sometimes, however, this procedure is not enough and there is a risk of leaving many traces of instruments on the Mac聽that are no longer present in the system. This is why the use of AppCleaner can be very convenient.

What can Appcleaner do:

  • Uninstall unused apps on your Mac.
  • Remove unneeded widgets.
  • Remove plugins.


  • Simple and very easy to use for non-professionals.
  • By using this software, the traces of applications from the Mac will be deleted, not just their main files.
  • Allows you to preview of files before removal.


  • Sometimes (In 0.5% cases) not all files are removed.
  • No adequate support available.
  • Does not support multiple deletion with one click.

mac appcleaner

5. Onyx

Onyx is without a doubt one of the best free Mac cleaner apps. It is very easy to use but due to its many potentialities, it can cause damage to the system if it is used by poorly skilled hands.聽Among the main functions of the software, there are those to delete all temporary files and Web browsing tracks, the hard disk status test and the modification of numerous system parameters.

Each version of OS X and macOS has a dedicated edition of Onyx, so be careful which one you download and which one you use.

What can Onyx do:

  • Remove redundant聽files and folders.
  • Maintenance and rebuild of Mac database.
  • Delete caches, Info and logs.


  • Provides your Mac with the necessary tools needed for proper database building and running of system scripts.
  • It removes cache, erase trash and even manage fonts.
  • Offers a wide range of additional applications.
  • Provides a warning when user is about to attempt advance actions.


  • Difficult to use.
  • Different versions are required for various MacOS.

mac onyx app


There are lots of free Macbook cleaners聽on the market currently but not all of them can be trusted to safely manage disk space on Mac. This guide discussed the top 5 free Mac cleaners available for download. Of all the five software I mentioned the Umate Mac Cleaner is the one I recommend since it is the most powerful and trustworthy. It boasts of many special features that help to effectively optimize space on Mac.

Mac version