Google Chrome Helper is simply an interface that exists in between the browser's embedded code and a server remotely. Google Chrome's default settings are designed in such a way that it makes the Helper automatically run as soon as you launch the browser. In most of the cases, the plug-ins and processes being handled are never found by name since it is not allowed by the APIs.

If you are using Google Chrome browser on your Mac system, you may sometimes see Google Chrome Helper聽lurking in the activity monitor. This may cause聽several issues on your Mac which you may be unaware of.聽This article details how the problems of your Mac's performance can be resolved by managing Google Chrome Helper.

chrome helper on mac

Check These Impacts of Google Chrome Helper on Mac

You may be unaware of this fact that Chromedriver helper聽may be the root of several issues on your Mac system. Some of these common issues are listed below.

1. It Consumes CPU Largely

Google Chrome Helper may be taking up a lot of your Mac's resources due to which you may be experiencing issues in the system performance. One of the main reasons why this is consuming CPU largely is because of poorly developed malicious extensions. Another reason behind this issue may be that there are websites on Google Chrome which are not optimized properly.

2. It Takes Much RAM

Google Chrome Helper also takes up a lot of RAM on your Mac system. If you feel this is happening in your Mac system, it is due to the fact that the plug-in settings on Google Chrome are configured to perform all the tasks by default. These processes take up too much extra space on your system memory. Also, there may be a possibility of a rogue extension on the browser.

3. Chrome Running Slow

Since there are so many background processes running on the Google Chrome browser, it automatically makes your Mac system run slow. This is what causes your system to slow down drastically.

4. Mac Overheating

When you open the activity monitor on your Mac system, you will notice that Google Chrome Helper has many processes in running. These are the processes that run in the background without getting noticed and cause several problems on your Mac like overheating.

How to Disable Google Chrome Helper to Get More CPU?

If you want your Mac system to enjoy optimum usage of CPU, it is always a good idea to disable Google Chrome Helper. However, after聽you disable聽this, whenever you want to hear or view flash content, you will be forced to select to view content.vtdecoderxpcservice. We'll still show you the relevant methods to disable Google Helper.

1. The Easiest Way: Using iMyFone Umate Mac Cleaner

The easiest way to disable Google Chrome Helper is by using a third-party tool like iMyFone Umate Mac Cleaner聽which has been developed specifically to tackle the issues which are causing your Mac system to run slowly or deteriorate in performance.

  1. After installing the program, launch it on your Mac system and from the main interface, select the "Speed Up Your Mac" option.

  2. Mac version

  3. You can see four options being displayed here, click on "Start Now".

    start now

  4. Click on "Deactivate Heavy Consumers", select Google Chrome Helper on this and click on "Deactivate".

    deactivate item

This is how simple it is to improve your Mac's performance by using this tool to disable Google Chrome Helper.

Bonus Tip: Also Delete聽the Chrome Cache

You can use this tool to remove all the聽Chrome cache聽to enhance your Mac's performance. All you have to do is, select "Erase Private Data" from the main interface and click the "Scan" button聽to view the data.聽These data will be displayed under Online Traces, including HTML5 Storage, Autofill Values, Last Session, Browsing History ,Cookies and 聽Download History.

delete chrome cache

2. The Harder Way: Disable Google Chrome Helper Manually

Although the above-described way is much more comfortable, you can try out some other ways to disable Google Chrome Helper as well. However, these methods would be much harder.

    2.1 Disable with Terminal Command

    If you see the following on your system's Google Chrome Helper activity monitor, you can use the Terminal command to disable Google Chrome Helper.

    activity monitor

    All you have to do is launch Terminal using the spotlight search or by accessing it through System Utilities and key in the following command.

    killall Google\ Chrome\ Helper

    This will instantly disable all the processes of Google Chrome Helper running in the background.

    2.2 Reset Browser Settings to Their Default State

    You can solve the issue of Google Chrome Helper by resetting the Google Chrome browser setting to default in the following way.

    1. From the upper right corner, select the option displayed by three dots and click on "Settings".
    2. Step 2: Scroll down and then click on "Advanced".
    3. Step 3: Go to the bottom of the screen and select "Restore settings to their original defaults" and confirm the process by clicking on "Reset settings".

    4. reset browser settings

    After a few seconds, the browser settings would be reset, and the background process on Google Chrome Helper will come to a halt.


    When you use Google Chrome browser on your Mac system, you may be unknowingly activating several background processes which may be causing your system performance to deteriorate drastically. Google Chrome Helper Mac聽can be a major cause behind this issue. The best way to sort this problem would be to use iMyFone Umate Mac Cleaner.

    Mac version