Have you been using your Mac for some time now? Do you suspect something is odd about the device? If so, I suppose it is high time you begin taking care of it. And the first thing is to do a full cleanup for your device.聽If you have finally planned to find how to clean up Mac,聽scan through this article in no time!

Not Enough Space? How Does That Affect Your Mac?

Lack of free space on a Mac will result in unstable and slow performance of the macOS system. What's worse, some applications can not able to launch or work properly because of low space. They may suddenly crashing or ceasing to work. So as to avoid such occurances, you need to do something. Thus, in order to clean your Macbook, you would want to learn the right way to free up the space.

We have listed 8聽most essential things to do a clean up for聽your Mac. Nonetheless, these steps cost you a fortune of time – you may still read about them.

What is Taking Up Space on Mac & How to Get Rid of Them to Get A Cleaner Mac

May Take Hours

1 Duplicate Files

Duplicates are the futile replicas of your pictures, files, documents and beyond; that downs the precious room available on your Mac. Hence, if your have been pondering over how to clean your Mac聽and enhance its usage, check on the ways to erase the copies:

How to Delete Duplicate Files on Mac

Just to remind – if you plan to erase them manually, this route of identifying and erasing the duplicates demand either too much time or your tolerance or perhaps, a duplicate Finder application. Following are the steps of doing this:

  1. Launch Finder.
  2. Put an mark in the search bar, ensuring you are scanning the entire Mac.聽
  3. The upshots will begin to show up gradually. Select to choose by Kind.
  4. Now, the list will share all the documents and files having identical names.
  5. Find the ones matching and erase the duplicates.

delete duplicates on mac

2 Unused Apps and The Leftovers

If you look up for manual ways to clean up Macbook, a way is to uninstall the apps all at once! Here’s how you can do them on your own:

How to Uninstall Apps on Mac

  1. Go to Finder, open it and reach to “Applications”.
  2. It will show you a list of items on your device.
  3. Click on the icon showing four parallel lines and choose “Size’ to rearrange your applications by size.
  4. You may now scan through the list and choose applications you don’t need anymore.
  5. Drag the apps you don’t need on your Mac to the Trash.

uninstall apps on mac

However, you might be stunned to know that deleting an application does not completely remove it from your Mac, rather, the leftovers rest conveniently in the Trash Bin of your Mac, again costing you its precious storage. So, if you want to do a full cleanup, you need to uninstall applications and remove their lefeovers with the right way. Here’s a step-by-step guide on “How to Uninstall Apps & Leftovers on a Mac.”

3 Large Files

Large files cost hefty to your Mac’s memory聽when we don’t even need them. If you suppose there might be big files consuming up your Mac,聽check聽the following steps聽to locate and delete them:

How to Delete Large Files on Mac

  1. Open Finder and select the drive you plan to scan.
  2. Open search bar and click the + icon at top right.
  3. You may choose the drop-down menus to sort files with sizes as “Greater than” title.
  4. Write the least number of file size you want to find (greater than 100MB could be instance) and they will appear onwards. (You would need much of patience whilst you select and detect those large files manually.)

remove large files on mac

4 Cache and Temporary Files

Cache and temporary files are items that are deposited locally to pace up procedures. For instance, pictures from a site that you stopped at could be cached. If you wonder how to clean聽your Macbook聽from such temporary files, here is the manual process聽to get it done.

How to Delete Cache and Temporary Files on Mac

  1. Open Finder on your Mac.
  2. Go to hold ‘option’.
  3. Type聽‘~Library’ Caches.
  4. Choose up and remove any items or files you believe occupy your Mac’s precious聽space.

clear cache on mac

5 Files on Trash Bin

Note this when I say, the files you delete from your Mac聽are actually not deleted. They聽still stay in your Trash Bin and account for the space it had been taking before you erased them. If you聽want to clean up Macbook, you may check on the following steps to manually clearing out the clutter聽on Trash.

How to Clean Up Trash Bin on Mac

  1. Hit and hold the Trash application on the Mac.
  2. Pick down the command button and choose Trash.
  3. Empty Trash will change to Secure Empty Trash. Choose it.

Another way to empty Trash Bin is to use the Finder option. Just hit on the Finder drop-down and choose Secure Empty Trash. That's done.

secure empty trash mac

6 Mail Downloads and Attachments

Another reason for narrowing Mac storage is Mail Attachment and Downloads that consumes heaps of megabytes or even gigabytes in your device. In order to expunge these files, I can only tell you four manual steps.

How to Delete Mail Attachments on Mac

  1. Go to Spotlight Search and open it.
  2. Type聽Mail Downloads and select the folder when it appears.
  3. Now, you are likely to be shown a list of Mac Mail downloads and attachments. The files are all the items you checked in Quick Look or actually opened.聽
  4. Select and remove the ones you think aren’t supposed to stay on your Mac.

clean mail attachments on mac

7 iTunes Backups

iTunes on your Mac might lodge in a whole heap of storage. These include photos, files or other items on your iPad, iPod or iPhone. In order to delete them:

How to Delete iTunes Backups on Mac

  1. Open iTunes and go to iTunes.聽
  2. Click on Preferences, then go to Devices.
  3. Check on the backups you don’t want and erase them.

delete itunes backups on mac

8 Movies, Music, and Downloads

Finally, the eighth thing that could be the reason of teeming Mac storage are Movies, Music and Downloads. In order to avoid them from filling up your Mac’s memory:

How to Delete Movies, Music, and Downloads on Mac

  1. Open Finder, then go to All My Files.聽
  2. Choose the media folders you don’t want to be there.
  3. 聽Right-click them and click the Transfer to Trash.聽

all my files on mac

Again, all these processes demands laborious efforts that is not everyone’s cup of tea!聽They聽as well are not so useful to clean up your Mac.

Here, I take you forward to the ultimate solution for cleaning entire Mac’s clutter at once! Actually you just need聽5 minutes to do the cleaning聽for your Mac聽– the Umate Mac Cleaner is your ideal cleaner for Mac!

How to Clean MacBook聽with The Most Efficient Way

Just 5 Minutes

If you do not want to spoil the next few hours de-cluttering your Mac on your own, let the Umate Mac Cleaner take your place. It is specially designed to identify useless files and eradicate them altogether. It will even remove the trash you didn’t know your Mac had – not to mention performance boost!

"Clean Up Junk" is the most important feature of Umate Mac Cleaner for cleaning a Mac. This feature will run quick clean first to detect and clean up unnecessary junk files on your Mac. Then you can perform a deeper cleaning according to your needs.

Quick Clean Deep Clean
Introduction Automatically detect and check useless files. These files are 100% safe to be deleted from your Mac. This mode will show you more specific types of junk files to be removed for a deeper cleanup.
Time Needed 1-2 mins 3-5 mins
Types of Cleanable Files 15 Types 10 Types
Whether Support to Preview yes yes

Now that you know about the聽main features of Umate Mac Cleaner聽for cleaning your Mac, let us tell you how you can benefit from it:

  • Easiest One-click.

Quickly clean up your Mac within single click.

  • Offers High-quality Cleaning System.

This application keeps your Mac in its perfect shape. And it effectively remove all the unneeded files for high quality and thorough cleanup, freeing up 40% disk space for your Mac.

  • 100% Reliable and Secure.

The app is a totally聽reliable and secure Mac cleaning tool. Cult of Mac, Macworld, Techradar and other renowned platforms strongly recommend it.

  • Reasonable Prices & 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Along with all the chart-topping features, the app could be availed in an affordable price that is as low as $29.95 a year.

  • Only Three-Steps Cleaning.

In order to save your time as well as efforts, Umate Mac Cleaner requires just three steps to make your Mac junk free, and there is no professional knowledge required to do the cleanup.

Step 1.Download the Umate Mac Cleaner, then install it on your Mac and launch it.

Mac version

Step 2.Hit Scan button on "Clean Up Junk" tab. After scanning, preview the scanned results and choose those items you want to delete.

umate clean up junk

Step 3.Then you can click Clean button to remove all the junk files you select for cleaning up your Mac.

umate deep clean

Extra Tip to Clean Up Your Mac - Update Your macOS

This process is easy, however skipped by many. If you have an obsolete macOs, your Mac may not run effectively as you want. So, updating your macOS is also a way to do a cleanup for your device. It can help to refresh your Mac to a cleaner and younger one. Therefore, you can update your macOs by following the three simple steps:

  1. Go to Apple Menu, and then choose Software Update.
  2. Choose Updates (if shown any).
  3. Update your macOs.

macos software update

Final Thoughts

Now that you have been mindful of those many different ways to clean your Mac, the choice is yours whether you would route a manual or an effortless, simple path to clean your Mac. By any chance you decide to go for an all-rounder Mac cleaning tool - Umate Mac Cleaner has your back!

Mac version