As a Mac user, you might have encountered the situation where you are on a browser and you noticed things are getting slower and slower, maybe it is the time to clear your browser's cache. This article is going to provide you with extensive detail on various ways to clear browser聽cache on Mac.

delete browser cache on mac

What Is Browser Cache on Mac

The browser cache is a function on web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and allows you to load web pages faster by saving on the computer some of the information that has been previously requested.

For example: when you enter a web page, what you really do is connect to a computer somewhere in the world that has the images, videos and texts that make up that web page. If that page has very long videos or large images, you will probably have to wait a few seconds to see it full.

What the browser cache does is to save part of those videos, images and texts on your computer so that if 30 minutes later you go back to the same website you will not have to ask that distant computer for all the files because they have been previously saved on your computer and you will have the feeling that the page loads faster.

What are Advantages of Browser Cache?

The main advantage of browsers using cache is that the usual web pages, which are seen every day, will load much faster.

What are Disadvantages of Browser Cache?

The cache can take up a lot of space on your computer so you can try to limit the available cache space in your browser or you can directly empty browser cache聽on Mac.

Is it Necessary聽to Delete Browser Cache Files on Mac?

Yes, it is! You need to clear them once in a while as they pile up and take up a big chunk of Mac storage space if they are not deleted frequently.聽Moreover, when you encounter an issue on your browser, then the first step is to clear your browser cache. This step is necessary to diagnose what is causing problems. Learning how to clear browser cache on Mac聽is an easy thing to do. There are three options: manual ways, keyboard shortcut way and use a third-party software. Let’聽s check them out one by one.

Option 1: Delete Browser Cache on Popular Browsers on Mac Manually

Browser cache can be deleted manually in each popular browser. The targets we are talking about are those three main ones, which are Safari, Firefox and Chrome. You can clear internet cache on Mac聽for each browser manually by following these steps聽below.

Delete Safari聽Browser Cache

From Safari 8 onwards (with OS X 10.10 Yosemite), Apple has removed the option to restore the browser. It is still possible to restore the setting that allows you to clear the cache.聽

  1. Safari> Preferences> Advanced
  2. 聽Enable the item "Show development menu in the menu bar".
  3. By enabling this item, the "Development" menu (a menu dedicated to developers) appears in Safari and from there, then select Develop聽>聽Empty caches.

clear safari cache

Somtimes a "force refresh" is also work on deleting cache of Safari browser. You can force refresh the Safari browser by using the following keys: CMD + R.

Delete Firefox聽Browser Cache

  1. 1.Click on the menu button at the top right (the square with horizontal lines), open History > Clear Recent History.
  2. 2.Select the preferred time range to clear the cache and then tick off only 鈥淐ache鈥.
  3. 3.At this point, you can click on "Clear now" to remove all cache from Firefox.

delete firefox cache

Delete Chrome聽Browser Cache

  1. launch聽Chrome, click on the customization button (the small square button with horizontal lines) at the top right, select "Other Tools" and the "Clear browsing data" item.
  2. From the window that appears you can select the elements to be deleted. Instead of deleting whole categories of navigation data, you can select specific items. Just choose the "Cached images and files".
  3. Then click 鈥淐lear Data鈥 to delete all cache of Chrome.

clear chrome cache


For all browsers: keep in mind that the deletion of some elements can affect the functioning of some sites. The elimination of cookies聽or caches, for example, involves disconnecting from most websites.

Option 2: Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Clear Cache of A聽Single Page

This alternative method is known as the “forced refresh”. This method can only be used to clear the cache of a single page and not the whole browser. Here are the various way of deleting browser cache with forced method:

  • Safari: CMD + ALT + E
  • Chrome/Firefox: CMD + Shift + R

Option 1 and 2 are not efficient ways of emptying browser cache as they do not delete the caches completely. To completely get rid of browser聽cache you need the help of a good third party software. This brings us to option 3.

Option 3: If A All-in-One聽Software Can Do Everything for You

The best third-party software to empty browser cache聽on Mac聽is the Umate Mac Cleaner. This software has a lot of amazing features that can be used to effectively optimize space on Mac and one of these features is the removal of browser cache for Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Unmate Mac Cleaner has lots of benefits like:

  • You can clear all browser caches with a single click, this is a time-saving feature which completely eradicates browser cache compared to manual ways.
  • It can automatically scan and detect those browser caches that can be safely removed without affecting your important files or the operation of the browser and the Mac OS.
  • In addition to browser cache removal, it also provides more than 40 types of junk files deletion. 聽聽聽
  • Buy one and get all the functions to clean up and optimize your Mac.

The software is very user-friendly as a browser cache cleaner聽and can be used by following these steps.

1. Install Umate Mac Cleaner聽and launch the software.

Mac version

2. Choose "Erase Private Data" tab and hit Scan button.

choose erase private data

3. After scanning, and choose online traces section and tick off those items you want to delete and click on the “Erase” button.聽Then your Mac browser cache has been successfully deleted.

confirm erase private data

Closing Words

Clearing browser cache is an important step to fully optimizing your Mac's storage but all the conventional ways are not effective enough. They do delete the files completely so the need of an efficient third party software. Umate Mac Cleaner has proven to be the best聽on how to clear Mac browser cache. It completely deletes the browser cache without any problem.聽You can try it out with the free trial first!

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