If you use Chrome and feel that things are getting a little slow, or you think that the browser is not loading the recent version of a site that you know has been updated, it might be the time to remove the cookies from your browser. But do you how to clear cookies on Mac Chrome?

What Are Cookies & What Are They Used for

Before we explain how to clear these cookies, it is very important to know what are cookies and what is their purpose. Cookie is a term that is used to explain a kind of message that is given to a web browser by a server. The main use of the cookies is to recognize users and probably create customized Web pages or to store a site鈥檚 login details for the users.

When you open a site using the cookies, you might be asked to a fill a form that asks for private info; like your email ID, name and hobbies, etc. This info is stored into a cookie and then to the browser, which then saves the cookies for later use. When you visit the same site in the future, the browser will send the related cookie to the server.

This transfer of cookies lets the webserver to present you with relevant customized pages. So, for instant, instead of seeing a general page you might see a page that has your name on it.

what are cookies chrome

Pros & Cons about Cookies on Chrome

Cookies on Chrome are useful sometimes and 聽they are also dangerous when it comes to some important issues. Just check more details below.


Did you ever wonder exactly how your Chrome browser聽remember what items were in your Amazon鈥檚 cart, for example, or how it remembers your usernames and passwords? That鈥檚 when cookies come into play.Do you think that you can easily remember all of the usernames and passwords for all of the websites that you visit? Well, that would really be a headache.


Still, there are some very strong reasons to delete the cookies from your Chrome. For one thing, these cookies can easily be corrupted or outdated. This can make error messages. Secondly, although the size of a cookie is very small, a lot of cookies can take a lot of space in your system. A lot of cookies can also slow down your system.

Now we come to the most important part, these cookies store info related to you. They save private info related to the websites you visit and what you buy on them. Do you really want to allow advertisers and, worse scenario, hackers to access your private info? The answer is definitely No! The good news is that you can delete cookiese on Mac Chrome.

Conclusion: Keeping cookies on Chrome have risks in leaking your privacy, and too much corrupted or outdated cookies will affect the normal operation of Chrome browser. So, you should clear those cookies regularly. And a software, that will be introduced below, which is called Umate Mac Cleaner, can efficiently do the job for you. Just keep on reading!

How to Check Your All Chrome Cookies on Mac

To start, let鈥檚 get familiar with Google Chrome鈥檚 main Cookies section. This is the section where you can control everything related to the cookies. There is a very simple shortcut to see all of the cookies instead of opening a number of different menus.

  • In the address bar of the chrome browser, type this: chrome://settings/siteData
  • Then you will see all of the cookies in Chrome sorted by the different domains.

There are all kinds of tools available in the market to clear Chrome cookies and you might have used some of them as well. But these tools come with a number of drawbacks. Moreover, there is not any software that claims to remove all of the cookies聽permanently from your Chrome.聽And now, we鈥檒l recommend聽the most effective one to remove all of the cookies easily.

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The Most Effective Tool to Clear All Cookies on Mac Chrome

Effectiveness: 9.8/10

Ease of Operation: 9.8/10

Safety: 9.7/10

The effective software that we recommend is called Umate Mac Cleaner. It doesn鈥檛 only delete the cookies from Chrome but all of the other main browsers as well, like Safari or Firefox. Now, we will see how to clear cookies on Mac Google Chrome聽by following some simple steps:

How to Clear Chrome Cookies with Umate Mac Cleaner

1 Download the Umate Mac Cleaner and install it in your Mac.

Mac version

2 Now, select 鈥淓rase Private Data鈥 tab and click on the scan button.

choose erase private data

3 Choose the unwanted cookies and click on the Erase button.

confirm erase private data

Why Recommend Umate Mac Cleaner

Before you pay for the Umate Mac Cleaner, you should know that this tool comes with a lot of advantages. Read below to find out why you should spend your money on this app:

  • One-Click Removal

The first thing that is very great about the Umate Mac Cleaner is that you can easily remove all of the private data, including cookies by a single click.

  • Unrecoverable

All of the cookies that are deleted with the help of Umate Mac Cleaner cannot be restored by any means.

  • 40+ Types of Junk Files 聽

Umate Mac Cleaner supports to delete more than 40 types of the junk files. So, this is your ultimate stop to delete any kind of unwanted files from your Mac.

  • Safe Removal

It also has a feature that can be used to remove the cookies more safely without having any effect on sensitive files on your device.

  • Easy to Use

With simple operation and intuitive user interface, Umate Mac Cleaner is extremely easy to use, even for novice users.

If You Want to Delete Chrome Cookies on Mac by Yourself

Effectiveness: 8/10

Ease of Operation: 8/10

Safety: 7.5/10

The second way to get rid of Chrome cookies is to do it manually, which is time-consuming and sometimes is hard for operations. What's worse, you may mistakenly delete some important data for browsers's normal running. Below we will show you the steps to remove Cookies in Chrome, and you will find out how complex it is compared to Umate Mac Cleaner's one-click deletion.

1. Delete Specific Cookies in Chrome

If you want to delete some specific cookies related to a number of websites, then follow the below steps:

Delete cookies from a site

  1. Open Chrome on your Mac.
  2. Click 鈥淢ore鈥 and then open Settings from the top right side of Chrome.
  3. Click 鈥淪how advanced settings鈥 at the bottom.
  4. In the 鈥淧rivacy and Security鈥, open the Content settings.
  5. Open 鈥淐ookies鈥 and, click 鈥淎ll cookies and site data鈥.
  6. Search for a specific website name on the top right side.
  7. Click 鈥淩emove鈥 from the right side of the website.

clean chrome cookies from a site

Delete cookies from the time range

  1. Open Chrome in your Mac.
  2. Click More from the top right side.
  3. Open More tools and Clear the browsing data.
  4. Click on the dropdown menu next to the 鈥淭ime range鈥.
  5. Select a time period, for example, past day or past week.
  6. Uncheck all of the items except 鈥淐ookies and other site data鈥.
  7. Select Clear data.

time range to clean chrome cookies

2. Delete All Cookies in Chrome

You also have the choice to delete all of the cookies in the Chrome, although by doing this you will be logged out of all websites with the saved passwords like social media and webmail.

  1. Open the Chrome menu and choose 鈥淧references鈥 .
  2. Select 鈥淐ontent settings鈥 in the 鈥淧rivacy鈥.
  3. In the 鈥淐ookies鈥, select 鈥淎ll cookies and site data鈥.
  4. To delete all of the cookies from Chrome, click on the 鈥淩emove All鈥.

delete all cookies in chrome


The keyboard shortcut to clear cookies in Chrome is : Shift+Delete+Ctrl.

Why Not Just Disable Cookies in Google Chrome Settings to Switch Them off Forever

If you do not like to delete the cookies from Chrome every so often, Google Chrome has a method to switch off the cookies forever.

  1. Open Chrome on your Mac, type this in the command box: chrome://settings/content/cookies.
  2. To see all of the cookies present on your system鈥檚 Chrome, select 鈥淪ee all cookies and site data.鈥 You can also see the cookies that are stored for each site in details and also remove them separately.
  3. To block all of the cookies in Google Chrome, turn off 鈥淎llow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended)鈥 choice.
  4. You also have the choice only third-party cookies if you turn off the 鈥淏lock third-party cookies鈥.

disable chrome cookies on mac

Final Considerations

We often ignore the importance of cookies while using a browser. But it is very important to delete these cookies. How to clear cookies on Chrome browser? If you follow the above-mentioned tips then it is very easy to do that. But Umate Mac Cleaner is the best choice as it removes all of them聽with a single click.

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