Do you own a Mac and use it to listen to iTunes? In case you did not know it before, the fact remains that iTunes also generate caches like other programs on your Mac. And those iTunes caches might also lay idly on your system聽and eating聽your Mac’s space. To free up more available space for your device, it is imperative聽to get rid of iTunes caches.

Before learning why and how to clean iTunes cache聽on Mac, it is pertinent to understand a few basic things about it. That’s what we are going to do in the below.

itunes cache on mac

iTunes Cache Might Take Up More Gigabytes of Storage Space

As soon as you begin using iTunes, the cache gets created in the system. This system works by default on all types of MacBooks. A cache is significant because is a container of a lot of information. It is worth noting that iTunes has a tendency to use cache for storing the songs every time a user streams Apple music songs. The benefit of this feature results in the prevention of loss of bandwidth when you play those tracks again in the future.

It is important to note that iTunes cache can swiftly take up space on your system. This means that you will have to act quickly because iTunes cache will eat Mac’s disk space very fast. Every song that you play on iTunes gets stored in its cache. Moreover, iTunes cache will also store any other data such as album artwork or the recommendations that appear for you in the ‘For You’ section. This categorically means that as a user of iTunes, you will have to keep an eye on its cache regularly. If you don’t, there’s a fair chance that you will end up giving a lot of disk space on your system. The extent of the space could last from anywhere starting from a few megabytes to tens of gigabytes. In order to protect your MacBook disk storage, you will have to remain very vigilant.

One thing is for sure. You have absolutely no need for the files that consume such massive space in your MacBook’s iTunes cache. The best part is that you can comfortably get rid of the undesirable caches that you no longer need. As for the ones you need, you are allowed to keep them in your system. Whether or not this will be simply done depends on the method that you adopt for this purpose.

How to Find And Delete iTunes Cache on Mac Manually

There is a cache folder used to store iTunes cache files. That’s how Apple stores these files. This cache folder also contains caches of other applications. What you want to do here is to find and delete it. This can be achieved by following these steps.

  1. Firstly, log out of iTunes and open Finder. Once there, press command + shift + G shortcut. Then you will see 鈥淕o to Folder鈥 prompt. Paste the following path: ~/Library/Caches/
  2. When all the files are shown in the next window, just select them, and remove them to the trash. Another way to do this is to delete the whole folder that has all the cache files in it.
  3. After that, you may need to relaunch iTunes. The app will begin creating the necessary cache files again. In case you discover that the storage space is shrinking again, you may then want to repeat the process and delete the files.

delete itunes cache on mac manually

Be very attentive here

When you are inside the cache folders, you will see certain other files and sub-folders. Make sure that you are NOT touching them. These files and folders are highly important for iTunes to function adequately. Deleting the wrong files could mean that that the performance of iTunes has been compromised!

Why Not Use An Automatic Tool聽That Can Do Everything for You

Fortunately, there is a way out. Instead of having to follow this rigorous manual procedure, you can use an automatic tool to get rid of all unwanted cache files on your Mac system. This is called Umate Mac Cleaner.

What Is Umate Mac Cleaner

In order to help users delete iTunes cache on Mac, Umate Mac Cleaner is one of the best automatic solutions available out there.

As suggested and implied by the name, Umate Mac Cleaner is a highly powerful and effective MacBook cleaning app. It is available in an ‘all-in-one’ package. With the help of Umate Mac Cleaner, users are allowed to efficiently clean up and optimize their Mac.

Using Umate Mac Cleaner is far more convenient, reliable, and effective than the old manual methods of deleting unwanted cache from the folders.

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How to Clean up iTunes Cache Safely & Effortlessly聽with Umate Mac Cleaner

Umate Mac Cleaner comes with many incredible and helpful features. Clean聽up Junk聽is one of its main features. This聽feature includes two further cleaning modes, namely Quick Clean and Deep Clean. To begin with, Cleanup Junk in Umate Mac Cleaner runs a quick clean in your device so that it can detect and remove all the undesirable junk files lying on your system. Once this process is successfully done, it proceeds to do a deeper cleaning, depending on your needs and priorities.

Since you specifically require iTunes cache removal service, this can be done by availing the Quick Clean feature offered by Umate Mac Cleaner. The Quick Clean mode saves you a lot of troubles that you might face with manual operation.

Quick Clean mode detects all unneeded iTunes cache files on its own and then deletes them effectively from your Mac system. Keep in mind that it only catches and removes those cache files that are absolutely unnecessary. Umate Mac Cleaner never touches or harms files that are needed for the app to function properly.聽

Steps to use the app to delete iTunes cache

1 Launch Umate Mac Cleaner on your Mac.

Mac version

2 Click the "Scan" button in the "Clean Up Junk" tab.

Once the scanning is done, the app shows you the files that you can delete using the quick clean feature. Here, you can click on the iTunes Junk option and then select and delete the iTunes cache that you deem unnecessary.

umate clean up junk

3 Hit Clean to get rid of iTunes cache in seconds.

Once you select the iTunes cache that you wish to delete, simply hit the Clean button and you are done!

You Can Free up More Free Space Using Umate Mac Cleaner

In addition to deleting unwanted iTunes cache from your system, you can also use Umate Mac Cleaner to free up more disk space on your Mac聽by removing all other types of junk files. Here’s what Umate Mac Cleaner has to offer you.聽

What Else Can Umate Mac Cleaner Offer

  • Delete Large Files: This feature lets you see all undesirable files that are over 50 MB and needs to be deleted.
  • Delete Duplicate Files: In case there are any duplicate files on your Mac consuming space, this feature lets you locate and delete such duplicated聽ones.
  • Uninstall Apps and Remove Extensions: If you want聽to uninstall聽those rarely used聽apps and remove unneeded extensions from your Mac, but you cannot identify them, Umate Mac Cleaner will do the job for you.

Before you go

If you are confused as to how to clear iTunes cache on Mac, you have the best solution available with you in the form of Umate Mac Cleaner. This application is surely going to help you in getting rid of all types of cache from your Mac system. It is highly recommended that you get this app and ensure that your device is duly protected.