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How to Fix MacBook Pro/Air not Charging?

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Melvin Cooper

March 9, 2018 (Updated: March 9, 2018锛

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It is common knowledge that Macs are marketed and reputed for their immense ease of use, sleek design and portability. However, the extent of satisfaction these features provide customers is contingent upon their minimization of glitches and faults hampering their functionality. One of the common faults that MacBook’s users sometimes encounter is the “MacBook won’t charge”聽issue or problem.

Now, we are careful not to tout this fault as the major glitch Macs encounter, however, what importance is a laptop without a charge or charged battery? Therefore, this article provides a detailed guide to be used in fixing any Mac that is having the above issue.

What to Do when MacBook Pro/Air Won't Charge?

As with every fault, a preliminary investigatory analysis is necessary to identify the source of the fault and below is a list of possible investigatory steps in solving this problem:

Step 1: Check the Hardware

This step involves physically ascertaining the viability and integrity of your Mac’s hardware; in this instance the power adapter.

Disconnecting your power adapter from the socket, physically examine every square inch of the hardware with your hands and eyes, being observant for any possible crack, cuts or dark stains. After a thorough examination, you should have either identified some cuts as the cause of the fault or your power adapter’s external physical integrity is intact.

Also, it is important to check the ports of the cable, to ensure there is no form of clogging or blockage caused by debris buildup or dirt. If any of such buildup exists, use a toothpick to gently remove all foreign bodies.

After this fix, reconnect your Mac to the adapter pack and the power adapter to the socket. Switch on the socket and confirm if the “MacBook won’t charge”聽issue still exists.

macbook air pro charger

Step 2: Check Your Mac Battery

As with every thriving organism, there is the constant need for checkups; confirming the health status of your MacBook’s battery to identify and/or eliminate a potential cause of your “MacBook won’t charge”聽problem.

Moreover, with intense use it is possible to wear down the health of your MacBook’s battery, hence it is important to check the status frequently to avoid embarrassing battery problems. To check this status, long press the Option (Alt) key and tap the battery icon in the Menu bar.

This activates an advanced options tab that would highlight either of the following status results: Normal, Replace Soon, Replace Now or Service Battery; in order of increasing severity.

macbook battery status

Step 3: Restart Your MacBook Pro/Air

In our experience, all technological devices are prone to glitches and thus the need for constant updates and/or reboots. Macs are susceptible to hardware “freeze” that can sometimes lead to charging inhibition of the controlling hardware. However, this can easily be resolved by executing the basic reboot steps highlighted below:

• Locate and tap the Apple logo in the top-left section of the screen.
• Tap the restart option that pops up.
• Patiently wait for the completion of the reboot and confirm the status of your MacBook’s charging issue.

restart macbook

Step 4: Reset SMC

The word SMC stands for System Management Controller and as its name implies, its function includes managing the battery and battery health status lights. Resetting the SMC can help you resolve the “MacBook won’t charge”聽issue, however, it is important to first identify whether your battery is removable or non-removable.

If your Mac is Early 2009 and earlier with a removable battery, then follow the procedure below:

1. Power down the MacBook (Shut Down).
2. Gently remove the battery.
3. Press聽and hold down聽the MacBook’s power button for 5 seconds.
4. Carefully reinsert the battery.
5. Power up your Mac.
6. Check if the battery is charging.

reset smc on mac

However, if you use a late 2009 and later Mac version and your battery is non-removable, follow the procedure highlighted below:

1. Power down the MacBook (Shut Down).
2. Simultaneously long press the Shift-Control-Option and Power button on your Mac for 10 seconds.
3. After the 10 seconds hold, power up your Mac using the Power button.
4. Check if the battery is charging.

Step 5: Charge Again when Mac Cools Down

It is weird to note that one of the basic faults with most engines or technological devices – Overheating can be the sole cause of the “MacBook won’t charge”聽problem. As an innovative precautionary measure to prevent damage to your Mac, MacBooks are designed with thermal sensors that automatically restrict access to the battery whenever they detect a potentially dangerous rise temperature.

In order to ensure the speedy recovery of battery access, it is advisable to power down your Mac for the time being and place it close to a cooling unit such as a fan for speedy heat dissipation. If you are using your Mac in direct sunlight it is advisable to move away from the direct sunlight to a shady and cooler region till the device cools.

reset smc on mac

Step 6: Contact Apple Store

Unfortunately, it is possible that after trying the above steps in correcting the problem that it remains unresolved and the only option left is to visit the nearest Apple repair center or Apple Store. This would help you get a professional opinion and checkup for your computer, thereby increasing the probability of a speedy fix with minimum damage risk.

In summary, the cause of this MacBook won’t charge issue in most instances is due to some basic faults or occurrences that can be fixed non-invasively on your own and in the comfort of your home. However, after all the non-invasive DIY remedies have been exhausted, it is advisable to visit the nearest certified repair center for a quick professional fix.

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