How to Free Up Space On Mac? 13 Tips & Tricks Here Will Truly Work!

Although Mac devices come in handy when you want to keep up with style as well as performance, extra storage capacities tend to charge a premium. That means you can quickly run of storage space on your Mac despite being too cautious on this front.

Considering that you don’t want to invest several hundred dollars in dealing with this hefty situation, it becomes essential to look for effortless ways to free up space on Mac. This guide will prove valuable when you’re troubled about limited storage capacity on your Mac.

How to Free up Space on Mac Automatically

90% of Mac Users Will Choose This Automatic Way!

While you can restrain your file management on par to avoid space issues, there’s only a little that you actually have in hand. A dedicated Mac cleaning software, on the other hand, will make the process entirely seamless for you. However, be proactive about using reliable software like Umate Mac Cleaner so that you can get a myriad of features to free up space on Macbook without having to invest a ton. Using an automatic tool to free up space for Mac is a more and more popular trend for those Mac users. And most of them will choose this way to do a complete cleanup for their devices.

What Can Umate Mac Cleaner Do to Release Space on Mac

If you’re wondering why it’s beneficial to take up a dedicated software like this, read on to leaf through various specialties it brings along.

yes Clean Up Junk (Free up 25% Disk Space on Mac)

This software facilitates you with an easy assessment of all the unnecessary files piling up in your Mac. This way, you can run a quick cleaning routine beforehand so that most of the clutter gets out of the picture. Likewise, you can make use of a more in-depth cleaning option later on in order to keep your Mac junk-free.

yes Manage Apps & Extensions (Free up 10% Disk Space on Mac)

If you have a ton of apps and extensions stacked up in your Mac and most of these aren’t of much everyday use, it’s time to eradicate these. This feature helps you in uninstalling unused apps and removing extensions from your Mac so that you can churn out some additional storage for top-notch performance.

yes Erase Private Data (Free up 5% Disk Space on Mac)

Here, you can clean any private files stored on your Mac so that your privacy doesn’t get a stake. At the same time, getting rid of those personal data can also help to reclaim some space they are using before.

Steps to Use Umate Mac Cleaner

What’s more, Umate Mac Cleaner is extremely easy to use, even when you’re not a tech-savvy individual. Just follow these simple steps below. 

Step 1: Download the app, and install it on your device, then launch it.

Mac version

Step 2: Next up, you need to scan the device by choosing the desired feature depending on your needs. (Clean Up Junk/ Erase Private Data/ Manage Apps & Extensions)

umate clean up junk

Step 3: Once you choose the files that need to be removed from your Macbook system, click ‘Clean’ and you’d be good to go.

umate deep clean

Why Most of Mac Users like Umate Mac Cleaner

There’s a multitude of reasons that compels people to use this handy software religiously. We’ve listed some of these down below so that you can get benefits to free space on Mac hard drive with this powerful app.

  • Super fast cleanup with 1 click.
  • Offers high-quality and thorough cleanup with 2 cleaning modes.
  • 3 powerful features available to free up space on your Mac.
  • Significantly free up 40% disk space for your Mac.
  • Greatly save your time with efficient cleaning process - 5 Minutes.
  • Available for macOS 10.14 - 10.9 and works well on iMac, Macbook Pro/Air.

How to Free up Space on Mac Manually

The Remaining 10% will Choose These Manual Ways

Although utilizing a reliable software to clear space on Mac is a feasible alternative, some users tend to search for manual ways to hike their available storage. Here are a few of these suitably chalked down for you to leverage.

1 Store Desktop and Documents Folder in iCloud

Keeping your essential files in the secure iCloud facility will not only keep these safe but also let you redeem a considerable amount of space on your device.

store in icloud drive

2 Get Rid of Logs

Having unnecessary logs in your Mac device will not only take a hit on its storage but also end up slowing it down. Therefore, it’s recommended to clear these timely such that you can have a cleaner and smoother running device.

remove mac logs

3 Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Make a list of all the applications that you once installed but never really got into using. The wise thing here is to get rid of these apps so that you can free up some extra but useful space in your device.

uninstall apps on mac

4 Delete Cache and Temporary Files

It’s obvious to get a reasonable amount of cache built over the time when you’re not mindful about clearing it regularly. Erasing cache memory every once in a while along with eradicating useless temporary files will also deliver a massive boost to the available storage.

clear cache manually

5 Move Photos to External Storage

Having an external device to keep your large image and video files is also a handy way to keep your Mac from carrying any unnecessary load in terms of memory.

move photos to external storage

6 Clear Up Downloads Folder

Most downloads are meant for one-time use; be it a huge movie file or a handful of email attachments that are of little to no benefit now. So, keep emptying your Downloads folder to free use additional bits of storage.

clean up downloads folder on mac

7 Check Duplicate Files in iPhotos

While copying stuff from here and there, users often end up with several replicas of an original picture or video for that matter. It’s best to filter these accordingly so that excess clutter can see its way out.

delete duplicate photos on mac

8 Find out Large Files and Compress Them

Apple has decent compression mechanisms in place that can let you decrease the file size quite significantly. This way, you can keep your crucial data, along with formulating an idea of how to clear up space on Mac.

delete large files on mac

9 Clean up The Desktop and Empty Trash

If you’ve been less considerate about the junk being accumulated on the desktop, you’ll be better off managing that aspect of your Mac. Alongside this, see if any files present in the trash need to be restored and permanently delete the rest.

empty trash bin on mac

10 Delete Old iTunes Library Backups

It’s suggested to keep erasing your old and massive log of iTunes backups when you can simply stream your desired music without storage necessities.

remove itunes backups on mac

11 Remove iOS Software Updates

If the device memory is your foremost concern, it's advisable to keep iOS software updates shut. Firstly, these consume a lot of storage, and secondly, your Mac device can just do fine with the previous versions.

remove ios software updates

12 Erase Your Junk Mail

Maintain a close eye on your mail in a way that you can clean up all the undesired ones in one go.

erase junk mail on mac


At last, it comes down to the way you use your device and how mindful you remain about available storage on your Mac. While it is a sturdy and reliable computer, you also need to put suitable efforts in order to keep it from getting unnecessarily logged. Umate Mac Cleaner devises a handy way to those users who don’t want to keep their storage a troublesome facet.

A couple of minutes invested in this useful tool can assist in maintaining your Mac device clean while adding to its performance boost. When coupled with the vital tips mentioned in this guide, this software can let you chalk a simple method when you want to figure out how to free up space on Mac.

Mac version

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