Startup items are defined as the applications, utilities or聽services which聽may start automatically聽every single time after聽your login on Mac. So they also called as login items. They launch themselves automatically making your Mac's start time longer than desired. Even they can make your Mac run slowly. From this point of view, we should know how to manage startup programs on Mac. Also, launch agents can affect the performance of Mac. Now let's explore all the solutions here.

Way 1: Manage Startup Programs on Mac with 3rd Party Tool

There are various ways to manage the startups on your Mac and we will discuss every aspect of it at聽this post with a quite detailed description. We discuss the easiest way to manage all the startup programs on Mac firstly. It's done with the help of professional tool. Hereby, we want to introduce you with iMyFone Umate Mac Cleaner, which is a powerful Mac startup manager. It does not require much work and can manage the items easily and effectively. Here are the highlights of this tool:

  • It can load all the startup programs on your Mac in a few seconds, including the hidden ones.
  • Support both single operation and batch operation.
  • The process can be finished in one-click.
  • It will not cause any broken login items and any file corruption.
  • Provide other wonderful features like clean up junk files, delete large files, delete duplicate files, erase private data, speed up your Mac or uninstall applications and extensions.

Now, let's have a clear understanding of how to use Umate Mac Cleaner.

Step 1: At the very beginning, you should have the program installed on your Mac. Then launch it to proceed.

Mac version

Step 2: After the installation, you can choose the "Speed Up Your Mac"聽at the left panel of the program. Then click "Start Now"聽to scan all data.

speed up your mac

Step 3: Now you can see all the startup programs (login items) are listed here. You can disable them according to your need.

disble start programs

As you can see, the process to manage startup programs on Mac is pretty easy and the way of using Umate Mac Cleaner is the most effective one.

Tip: Extended Features聽of Umate Mac Cleaner - Manage Launch Agents

The same as login items, launch agents run secretly in the background and automatically start their parent programs to extend the functionality. These tiny supporting applications grab your Mac memory and slow down your device. The /Library/LaunchAgents contains preference files responsible for the apps that launch during the login process (not the startup).聽These launch agents might cause a problematic application, so you can disable them accordingly. Luckily, Umate Mac Cleaner can disable them in bulk with just one-click.

The procedure is pretty easy, please check the steps here:

Step 1: Download and install the program on your Mac, then launch it to continue.

Mac version

Step 2: Click "Speed Up Your Mac"聽at the left panel of the tool. Now click "Start Now"聽to get all the launch agents.

speed up your mac

Step 3: Choose "Remove Laucn Agents" tab to disable or enable the items now.

disble launch agents

Advantages of using Umate Mac Cleaner:

  • Clean up junk聽file - Provide both quick clean and deep clean modes.
  • Delete large files - Find all the large files (over 50 MB) and delete them to create more space for your Mac.
  • Delete duplicate files - Find all the duplicate file on your Mac and delete them accordingly.
  • Erase private data - Erase Mac usage traces and private data to keep your data safe.
  • Speeds up Mac - Disable login聽items, deactivate the heavy consumers, remove the launch agents聽and free up RAM.
  • Manage applications聽and extensions - Uninstall聽unwanted applications or remove extensions to release more space for聽your Mac.

The above features have steps that can be counted on one hand.

Mac version

Way 2: How to Manually Manage Startup Programs on Your Mac

Besides the way of using a third-party tool to manage startup programs on Mac, there is also a manual way to do it. This way can be relatively complex than using Umate Mac Cleaner. Here is a detailed guide for you:

  • Go to System Preferences.
  • From the options, choose Users & Groups聽and then add or remove.
  • Choose your user name on the left.
  • Choose Login items tab.
  • Select the startup programs you want to remove or add.
  • Press the "-" or "+" sign below.
  • And you're done. Then restart your Mac to enable the changes.

login items mac

This process is much more complex than the first way, and it can't manage the login items in a batch way.

The Comparison of The Two Ways

As we have a clear understanding of the two ways to manage startups on your Mac, but which one is the best way may be confused. So, here is the comparison of the 2 ways for your choosing.

The聽Manual聽Way Umate Mac Cleaner
Process Have numerous steps. Only 2 steps which don't need much understanding.
Features Only removes startup programs. Apart from startups management, it can also manage launch agents.聽And other wonderful cleaning features are supported.
Time聽& Operation It may take over 30 minutes to disable all the items and it only support a single operation. One-click operation only takes about 5 seconds to manage聽all the items, beacuse you can disable startup programs in batch.
Possibility of File Corruption Yes No

Now, we can know that Umate Mac Cleaner is definitely the best way for us. It's聽safe to use for all beginners Mac users out there. It is an all in one application聽which helps you optimize your Mac performance.


Here, we have already know the ways to manage startup programs on Mac. And we also have a clear understanding of the features and advantages of Umate Mac Cleaner. The聽one-click feature of the app will save a lot of time for you. 聽All these make it's the best choice for you to manage聽startup programs on Mac.