Does your Mac run slowly? Does your Mac take too long to respond?

As the time goes, Mac computer can be filled with junk files which may cause the computer running slowly. Not only the junk files but also some other reasons can cause a slow Mac. Such issues are very common among Mac users. But few of them know the solutions on how to speed up Mac. Don't be upset, this post discusses all the reasons and possible solutions for the said issue. Please keep reading!

Part 1: What Makes Mac Running Slow?

Before we get into the solutions to fix your slow Mac, we need to understand the causes behind it. The issue is usually not caused by a single reason but the combination of multiple ones. For the moment, let's have a look at the reasons behind the slowdown of your Mac.

1. Lack of Disk Storage

An operating system needs more free disk space to run smoothly, especially Mac, nothing slows it down more than a completely full hard drive. So, what takes up a lot of disk space? They can be temporary files, system cache files or some large and old files.

Every time the system performs a task, then cache files get stored. You may have many files created from a long time ago, and you forgot where you stored them. Such kinds of files can eat large space of your disk. But how to find them all out and delete them to free up Mac's space? It's can be a hard task for someone who has no specialization in Mac. And it can also be a time-consuming way to delete the files one by one. In addition, These files have significance for your Mac's running, so if you delete them by mistake, it may cause unknown errors.

Quick Fix:

For the various difficulty we mentioned above, iMyFone Umate Mac Cleaner can solve all of them without effort. It can scan and remove all the unwanted and junk files which take a large amount of useful disk space. It provides both quick clean and deep clean mode to ensure all the files can be cleaned securely.

The advantages of using a professional app like Umate Mac Cleaner are:

  • The scan and cleanup speed may take just 2-5 minutes.
  • It can even find the hidden files and give you a smart recommendation for your reference.
  • It can clean more than 40 types of files with just a click.
  • Support to find the certain file path.
  • You will get to preview the files before you permanently delete them.

Mac version

umate mac cleaner cleanup

2. Caused by Startup Items (Login Items)

Every time you turn on your Mac, various apps and services will launch automatically in the background. These commonly referred to as login items. To some extent, they can be useful and convenient. But having a lot of login items will largely decrease Mac's performance, and they may run as malicious items on your Mac.

Preventing those apps from automatically start when booting your Mac will make it run faster. We know that we can manage these items on Mac manually one-by-one. But it's time wasting and technical for the commom users. Here are the quick fix you can apply to.

Quick Fix:

Umate Mac Cleaner does exactly that. It allows you to choose which startup apps should be disabled and which should stay enabled. You can also disable all the startup programs with a single click.

The reasons why you should choose Umate Mac Cleaner:

  • All the login items can be displayed, including hidden ones.
  • Give the clear suggestion of which items have been disabled and which enabled.
  • Support both batch and individual operations.

umate mac cleaner login items

3. Resource-hungry Processes

A number of processes and apps eat up a lot of valuable resources like RAM, CPU, and disk space. These apps can be disabled temporarily until required or even can be permanently uninstalled. Some third-party tool can namage these processes well. Let's have a look.

Quick Fix:

Umate Mac Cleaner performs this task wonderfully. It automatically detects the apps that require a lot of resources and gives you the decision to disable or remove them, thus, speeding up the system. Here are the advantages:

  • Dynamically shows the percentage of CPU occupation of each process.
  • List the items which occupy the CPU by over 20%.

heavy consumers

4. Launch Agents

Launch agents are applications that run secretly in the background and call the parent application when necessary. These applications consume a lot of memory and may cause file corruption which lead to improper working of thus, need to be removed.

Quick Fix:

The powerful Umate Mac Cleaner can scan for these agents and wipe them in bulk, or single at a time. Here are the advantages:

  • Find out the hidden launch agents on your Mac, which brings much convenience.
  • You can enable and disable the launch agents in just one click, no need to apply technical methods.

umate mac cleaner launch agents

5. Browser Extensions

To extend the functionality of a web browser, then extensions are installed. Some examples of such extensions are ad blockers, VPN hosts, video downloaders, etc. Although they bring convenience to our internet searching, these may also cause the Mac running slowly. And the outdated extensions can lead to the crashing of some apps. So, there is the necessity to manage the browser extensions to improve your Mac's performance.

Quick Fix:

Umate Mac Cleaner can easily find the extensions out and offers you to remove the unnecessary ones to free up disk space and CPU usage. Here are the advantages:

  • Find all the extensions on your browsers (support Safari and Chrome).
  • The extension removal is quickly and securely.

umate mac cleaner extensions removal

6. Large Applications

Those applications take up large spaces in the disk, as well as a lot of useful resources. This eventually slows down the computer and makes working on it a nightmare. Actually, we don't know which apps are truly "large" ones, and don't know how to uninstall them thoroughly to get more free space. The manual way to uninstall them one by one is the last choice for us. Here is a quick fix for you:

Quick Fix:

Umate Mac Cleaner is a savior here. It identifies such applications on your Mac computer, and it's the best way to manage applications on your Mac computer. The advantages of using it are:

  • It sort the apps in descending order of size to find the large occupied ones easily.
  • Give the use frequency dimention of the applications, so that you can identify which apps haven't been used for a long time.
  • The uninstalling process can be finished in few seconds, even it's a large file.

umate mac cleaner app uninstall

7. Outdated macOS

Using an outdated macOS can be a crucial cause for a slow Mac. Updated macOS means better optimization, better features, and improved usability. So if your Mac runs slowly, then you can have a try to upgrade the macOS to the latest version to speed up your system.

Part 2: The Steps to Speed Up Your Mac with iMyFone Umate Mac Cleaner

As you can see Umate Mac Cleaner is a one-stop solution to all your "how to make Mac faster" queries. Whether it is a disk space issue, start up issue or app loading problem, iMyFone Umate Mac Cleaner is a boon for Mac users. You can literally speed up your Mac with just one-click. It will make your Mac run twice as fast as before. The program is extremely easy to use with only 3 steps. Here are the steps to use the program:

Step 1: First and foremost, download Umate Mac Cleaner on your Mac.

Mac version

Step 2: Then install and launch the program to proceed.

Step 3: Now, choose the feature related tab from the left main interface to start. After the data is loaded, all the items will be displayed on the screen. Here you can manage all the items on your Mac to make your Mac run faster.

speed up mac tab

That's how easy it is to use!


So, here are the factors as well as the solutions for the issue of Mac running slow. So, proper maintenance from time to time is indeed necessary. Our recommendation to increase your Mac's speed is iMyFone Umate Mac Cleaner. As the name suggests, it can effectively speed up your Mac by performing various procedures to the system like deleting junk files, managing login items or launch agents running at the background, even uninstalling the large occupied applications.