Almost all the MacBooks come with a front built-in camera which is commonly called the FaceTime camera. Whenever you open an app on your MacBook which supports the camera, then it gets activated so that you can easily take photos, make video calls and record videos.

Mac camera can work for many apps, it also brings much convenience to us. We cannot imagine if the MacBook camera not working. As any technical specialist will tell you, the MacBook camera gives the most amount of problems which several customers complain about. This is quite an upsetting situation when your MacBook's camera stops functioning. But don't worry, there are ways which will be discussed in detail below t fix the said issue.

1. Check If You Have Enabled the Camera First

You can follow the steps below to enable the camera on your MacBook automatically.

  1. From "Finder", launch the "Applications" folder.
  2. From all the available apps, select any app which uses the iSight camera like Photo Booth.

    enable camera

As soon as you do this, the camera on your MacBook will get enabled, and it will be indicated with a green light on MacBook.

2. Restart Your Mac

Several minor technical glitches can be easily resolved with a simple restart of MacBook. You can do this to solve the problem of the camera on MacBook not working. You can restart your MacBook in the following three ways.

  1. Click the "Power" button until you see a dialogue box, and then click on "Restart".
  2. Click on the Apple key and then on the "Restart" option.
  3. Press the three buttons simultaneously: Control, Command and Eject.

Once your MacBook restarts, check if the camera starts functioning normally again.

3. Check for Applications Using the Camera

If you are using some app like FaceTime or Photo Booth on your MacBook and the camera is not coming on, the first thing you must do is check if these app's access to MacBook camera is enabled or not. To do this, follow the steps given below.

  1. From the Apple Menu, click on "System Preferences".
  2. Navigate to "Security & Privacy" and then click on "Privacy".
  3. After this, click on "Camera" and make sure that the box in front of the apps like FaceTime and Photo Booth is ticked. If it is not, tick the box to enable access.

    app permission

Once you enable the camera for these apps on your MacBook, you can try launching the camera on such apps again.

4. Use Terminal to Force Quit all Camera-dependent Apps

You can make use of Terminal to force quit all the apps which are camera dependent. You can do this by following the steps given below.

  1. From "Applications", go to "Utilities" and select "Terminal".
  2. Enter the given command and hit the Enter key: killall VDCAssistant
  3. Key in your password when prompted and hit enter.
  4. Enter the below command and hit the Enter key: sudo killall AppleCameraAssistant

     use terminal

Relaunch the app on which you wish to use the camera and then check if it is working.

5. Use Umate Mac Cleaner to Optimize Your Mac Performance

The camera may be malfunctioning on your MacBook due to too many cache files on your computer. There might be too many junk files on your system which may be lagging your MacBook's performance, and that may be the main reason behind the camera not working on your MacBook.

You can solve this issue by using iMyFone Umate Mac Cleaner which is an excellent tool specially designed to improve MacBook's performance. You can use it in the following way to enhance your MacBook's performance and get the camera functioning normally again.

  • Provide both quick and deep clean mode for the junk files cleaning.
  • Cached files for each type can be detected and cleaned.
  • Release RAM and CPU usage on your Mac.
  • The user-friendly interface and easy operation has won the favor of many people.
  1. Once you have installed the program, launch it and select "Clean Up Junk" from the options on the left. You can also choose the "Speed Up Your Mac"feature here.

    Mac version

  2. After this, click on "Scan".

    start scan

  3. Then all the junk files can be displayed and you can delete them in just one click. After quick cleaning, you can choose to deep clean your computer to get more free space.

    deep clean

This way, all the unnecessary files will be removed from your MacBook, and its performance will improve drastically. Then the issue of MacBook camera not working can be solved.

iMyFone Umate Mac Cleaner also has the following features, which makes it easier for you to manage your MacBook over a long period of time.

  • Can be used to delete unwanted large files.
  • The duplicate files can be deleted and deleted.
  • The private data can be erased.
  • The apps and extensions on MacBook can be managed.

6. Simple External Inspection

You can make a quick external inspection of your MacBook to see what is causing the camera to malfunction. Check if the surface of the camera in your MacBook is damaged or scratched in any way. Also, check if there is some dirt or grime which may be settled over the camera lens, which may be causing the issue. If so, use an earbud to clean the camera and then try relaunching the camera after this.


The MacBook camera not working issue can be a pretty annoying situation to be in. You can use the guide above to solve this problem in a jiffy. For the best results, use iMyFone Umate Mac Cleaner which can clear up the unnecessary files which may be causing the camera issue on your MacBook and get your system running normally again. This tool is very efficient and hence, is highly recommended.