Does your Mac聽seem to run slower than before? The easiest solution for your slow Mac聽is to use a third-party software that will clean up your Mac. If you want to get quick guide of top Mac聽cleaner app, then this article is exactly what you need. In this guide, we will discuss some trusted Mac聽cleaner softwares that will help you to regain a faster Mac聽easily. 聽

top 5 mac cleaner app

Check Out These Related FAQs First Before You Start

Q1: Does Mac need cleaning software?

A: Yes, Macs also needs to be cleaned out periodically like PCs. Using cleaning software can help you reclaim more storage space by cleaning unused or unnecessary files on your Mac. And Mac cleaner software can also:

  • Fix some issues such as low disk space and Mac being slow.
  • Prevent the system from expensive repairs and upgrades.

Q2: What is a good Mac cleaner software?

A: There are many apps and versions of different Mac cleaning software. Here鈥檚 what you should consider if you need to pick a good Mac cleaner software.

  • Look at the core function
  • How effective it is
  • Ease of use
  • Is it safe to use
  • Is it safe to use
  • How much does it cost
  • Compatibility
  • Customer service

Below are the detailed description of each factor. Just check them out one by one.

1. Look At The Core Function: Cleaning Mac聽

The reason you are choosing a cleaning app is to empty the space on your Mac聽and not to bring in more load of third-party utilities. In order to pick the best app, make sure that it is sharply focused on its core goal: cleaning the Mac! This means that the app should help users in the deletion of unwanted files and applications. As long as an app provides you quality cleaning facilities, you should consider it.

2. How Effective It Is

The effectiveness of a software is the most important thing to consider. It matters because an app must do what it claims to offers. A good聽Mac聽cleaning app聽should free disk space, remove junk, and spot and eliminate all useless items.

3. Ease of Use

A software is meant to be used by ordinary humans. It is therefore expected to be developed well and must be as simple to use. A good Mac聽cleaning is one that has easy to use features, and navigation buttons. Make sure that the app is easy to use and does not get crashed during operation.

4. Is It Safe to Use

A MacBook is a massively expensive system. You cannot risk it with a defaulting or third-class software. When picking an application, make sure that it is absolutely safe to use with your Mac聽and causes it no harm.

5. How Much Does It Cost

What would be the cost of the application? What features would it include in that price? It is important to know about these things before finalizing to purchase a Mac聽cleaning app.

6. Compatibility

For an application to work, it must be in compatibility with all the features of your MacBook. If you are taking interest in an app, do ensure that the application is fully compatible with your Mac聽system. This is the only way to get the true benefit out of use of any Mac聽cleaning software.

7. Customer service

Is the developer of the app available in case you need to talk to them? What would you do if the app shows some problem and you need to get it fixed? A reliable Mac聽cleaning app is one that comes with a vigilant customer service.

Top 5 Mac聽Cleaning Tools [According to Professionals]

When you go out into the market looking for a MacBook cleaner software, you will discover that they are available in a huge variety. For the convenience of the reader, we are describing below 5 of the best tools presently available for cleaning Mac聽systems.

1. Umate Mac Cleaner - Best Pick

So, we will begin with our best pick. Umate Mac聽Cleaner is a highly-efficient Mac聽cleaning app. This can be obtained as an all-in-one-package. Unlike the troubles that come with manual operation, Umate Mac聽Cleaner can not only comfortably clean your Mac聽but it will also optimize the Mac to the greater performace. 聽

umate clean up junk

Mac version

Core Feature of Umate Mac Cleaner:

  • Clean up junk files锛歍his feature runs a quick clean so that unnecessary junks on your Mac might be detected and removed. It then, allows you a deeper cleaning of the system as per your needs.
  • Speed up your Mac: It gives you 3 options to ensure a faster running of your Mac.
  • Erase personal data: This feature will track your Mac usage traces and make sure that they are deleted from the system.
  • Manage unused apps and extensions: It will uninstall all the unused applications and removes undesirable extensions on Mac.


Effectiveness Safety Cost Compatibility Customer service
Clean up more than 40 types of junk files in minutes with just one click. Store all your valuable data in once place as it has an updated safety database. 1 Mac/1 Year for $29.95, 1 Mac/Lifetime for $39.95. MacOS 10. 14-10. 9. 24/7/365 Live chat & email support.

2. MacBooster

This Mac聽cleaning software can help you clean up to 20 types of junk files. It is one of the most popular yet expensive software for the cleaning of app. It has following features.


Core Feature of Macbooster:

  • Deep system cleanup: This feature ensures that every part of your Mac system is deeply cleaned from all aspects.
  • Excellent performance boost: Macbooster will optimize your system鈥檚 hard disk leading to its optimum performance.
  • Full security protection: The application ensures that your Mac is secured from all types of malware threats.


Effectiveness Safety Cost Compatibility Customer service
Delete 20 types of junk files to free up more space. Safe to use as it protects the system against all virus threat. One-time purchase price of $39.95. macOS X 10.6 and later. 24/7 customer service support

3. Disk Drill

Disk Drill is a popular Mac聽cleaning app聽presently available in the market. It has many utilities and benefits. This application allows users to recover the lost files on your Mac聽disk.

disk drill for mac

Core Feature of Disk Drill:

  • Quick and deep scan: This enables Disk Drill to thoroughly scan the system efficiently and quickly.
  • External recovery: Using this feature, the Disk Drill can retrieve all the files that were lost.


Effectiveness Safety Cost

Compatibility Customer service
Delete some common types of junk files to free up more space. Ensures that no necessary files are deleted. Pro license costs $89. macOS X 10.6 and later. Email, Fax, Office Location & Customer Service Support

4. Dr.Cleaner

Dr. Cleaner is an effective Mac聽cleanup app聽which offers benefits such as memory optimization, system monitoring and disk cleaning. It has been designed to clean all unwanted files on a Mac聽within a few clicks.

dr cleaner

Core Feature of Dr.Cleaner:

  • CPU-Usage Monitor: This lets the users know how much CPU they have used ever since they logged in.
  • Deep Scan: The app will completely scan your Mac system ensuring nothing extra junk file is left.


Effectiveness Safety Cost Compatibility Customer service
Supported to delete some large files to reclaim space. Safe to use as there are no threats to the Mac system. Costs $19.99 for a one-time purchase macOS 10.10 and later. Online Chat Support

5. Disk Inventory X

Disk Inventory X is a MacBook cleanup app聽that offers greater utility for Mac聽OS X. If you are worried about the ever decreasing diskspace on your system, Disk Inventory X is just here to help you regain that.

disk inventory x

Core Feature of Disk Inventory X:

  • Treemaps: This feature depicts all files and folders鈥 sizes in a unique graphical manner.
  • Size-wise ordering: This Mac cleaning application allows sorting of files depending on their size.


Effectiveness Safety Cost Compatibility Customer service
Clean up your disk and get more space. Safety cannot be guaranteed for it is free. Free macOS 10.13, 10.14 Only Email Support


Now that we have had detailed reviews of different types of Mac聽cleaner apps, it is clear that Umate Mac聽Cleaner beats everyone in terms of advantages and costs. Not only does Umate Mac Cleaner offers you the most amazing junk removal, it also ensures that no important file gets delated. Umate Mac聽Cleaner is compatible for almost any all types of MacBook systems. Based on your needs, you can install this and have your disk space completely cleaned effectively and efficiently.

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