The macOS Catalina was introduced to the world in June of 2019. It is the much-awaited and necessary update to macOS. After June, as soon as the OS was launched many enthusiastic users immediately downloaded and installed on their respective Mac devices.

Unfortunately, this transition hasn't been smooth for most of the users. The users of macOS 10.15 Catalina had to face the following issues as they were trying to get acquainted with the new features of the said OS.  

macos 10.15 catalina

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Issue 1: Failed to Install macOS Catalina Due to Insufficient Disk Space

Generally, the size of macOS is huge, and it requires a considerable amount of hard drive space for a successful installation.

So, if you don't have the required space available, we recommend you clean up your Mac. Generally, with the time goes, many junk files generated during the system running. These files usually do nothing the the performance improvement of your system but take large space of it. On the other hand, duplicate files on your computer can also consumes large amount of space. These duplicates usually are unnecessary for you, so you can delete them to release more space for the macOS 10.15 Catalina installing.

However, if you are not an expert, we would recommend you not to delete files manually. As it is a very risky operation and chances of deleting essential system files are very high. You can ask help from some professional tools such as iMyFone Umate Mac Cleaner. It can find and delete these said files in an accurate and safe way. Let's look the details.

  • Clean Up Junk
  • This feature will automatically detect and clean up all the junk files on your Mac. The program will run a Quick Clean first as it is the default procedure. But if you are not satisfied, you can run Deep Clean to free up more space after that.

  • Delete Duplicate Files
  • All the cloned files, along with their original, will be detected automatically and they can be deleted according to preference.

  • Delete Large Files
  • The files that are above 50MB size limit will be detected and listed. You will be able to select and delete any one or multiple files from the list.

  • Manage Applications & Extensions

All the unused and memory consuming apps will be detected with accurate time and size stamps. You can also remove any undesired extensions from Spotlight, Safari, and Dictionaries.

The use of the application is also straightforward:

steps to use umate mac cleaner

Download and install UmateMacCleaner on your Mac and launch. All the feature tabs are visible on the interface. You can click on them one after another to clear the designated files under the named category.

clean up junk

Mac version

Issue 2: Failed to Send or Receive Email on macOS 10.15 Catalina

Some of the users are having trouble with the mail app. They are unable to send or receive any emails after the installation of macOS Catalina.  

But not to worry, there is an official way to fix them. Here's how to do it: 

  1. Launch 'finder' on Mac and click on 'GO' and choose 'Go to Folder'. Then, type the following;
    "~/Library/Containers/ Application.
  2. Now, you need to locate '' and take it to Trash.
  3. The again, navigate to 'Go to Folder' window and type the following:"~/Library/Containers/"
  4.  Now, locate '' and ''; move them to Trash or anywhere else like Desktop. After that, navigate to, "~Library/Mail/MailData"

Now, locate the 'Envelope Index', 'Envelope Index-shm' and 'Envelope Index-wal' and move them to Trash. After that, clear the Trash and restart Mac.

This is the official fix, and it is a troublesome solution as it is entirely text-based. So, most of the users will face difficulty executing the expressed task. But if you use the app mentioned earlier, then you will have no issues to fix mail app.

The features of  'Erase Private Data' from iMyFone Umate Mac Cleaner will be very effective in the said situation as it can erase the cache of email attachments to clear space for new mails. This can also fix some minor issues of email app.

erase mails

Issue 3: macOS 10.15 Catalina Running Slow

If the Mac is running slowly, then it may be due to all the cache files, and unused files & apps have clogged its memory and space on the hard drive.

macOS may also show 'Optimizing Your Mac: Performance and battery life may be affected until completed' notification. In this situation, you have to delete all the clogged up cache files, unused app and disable 'Login items' from 'Users & Groups' on the Mac.

But this is a very intricate task and close to impossible for general users to execute properly. So, it would be wise for you to use the 'Speed Up Your Mac' feature of iMyFone Umate Mac Cleaner.

The operation is pretty simple, just a few clicks and the Mac will start performing twice faster than before.  

speed up your mac

Issue 4: Safari Freeze on macOS Catalina

If Safari got frozen after installing macOS Catalina, then your best possible fix is to delete the Safari Cache.

Safari is possibly clogged up with too many cache files which may be causing it to freeze. So, you can do the following;

  1. Run Safari and go to 'Preferences'. Click on 'Advanced and Enable the Develop Menu'.

    preference menu

  2. After doing this, 'Develop' will be visible as an option on the Safari menu.

Now, you need to remove history, disable extensions and remove all website data from the Safari menu. After that, restart Mac and the issues will be fixed.


But all these hassles can be avoided if you use iMyFone Umate Mac Cleaner. This app will remove unwanted extensions and unused applications that may be interfering with Safari and all the cache files with ease. You can have a look that what cache files can be deleted to fix Safari freeze issue:

  • HTML5 Storage
  • Autofill Values
  • Last Session
  • Browsing History
  • Cookies
  • Download History

Issue 5: Excessive CPU Usage After installing macOS 10.15 Catalina

The excessive CPU usage is related to login items on the Mac and all the background processes. The unwanted processes can be stopped from Activity Monitor.

But if you use Umate Mac Cleaner, the process can be executed very easily with ease.  

Issue 6: Catalina Drain Battery Fast

After installing macOS Catalina if the battery of the Mac is draining faster than usual, macOS may be doing some background work.

The battery issue is supposed to get settled down automatically after a few hours. After Mac stops the background work. If it doesn't, you need to make sure that all the apps are updated to their latest version.

You can also click on the 'Battery' icon and check what is consuming so much battery life. Close those irregularities and Mac will be back to normal.

On the other hand, if the issue has become too damaging and nothing is working, then you can get professional help from Umate Mac Cleaner by iMyFone. The app will immediately close all the high consuming processes.  

Issue 7: Mac's Mouse not Working Well on OS 10.15 Catalina

If the mouse has stopped working after the installation of macOS 10.105 Catalina, then go to the following location via Finder.

~/Library/Preferences/ directory

After that you need to locate and remove the 2 files listed below: 


Immediately after removing those files, restart Mac.

The issue may have also been caused by damaged hardware. So, if the mouse is damaged, you need to change the mouse, and you will be able to operate using the new mouse.

If the issue was caused by the presence of excessive junk files on your Mac, then you can sue Umate Mac Cleaner to clean up those junk files. The required guide is detailed above in the article.

Issue 8: Can't Boot after the Install of macOS 10.15 Catalina

If Mac is unable to boot after the installation of macOS 10.15 Catalina, then you need to fix the issue immediately using the following steps.

All you have to do is to check the mac hard drive using Disk Utility in Recovery Mode. Then, check the startup disk for any possible errors.  

  1. Boot Mac in Recovery Mode. You have to press and hold 'Command +R' keys to access the said mode.
  2. Then, navigate to 'Utility Menu' and select 'Disk Utility'.

    repair disk utility

  3. Choose 'Start Disk' and click on 'First Aid'.
  4. Click 'Run' to repair any issues.

    run first aid

  5. After that, restart the Mac, and you will be able to boot again.

Issue 9: Keyboard Problems on macOS Catalina

 After the recent update - macOS CatAlina launched by Apple, the keyboard issues became widespread among the users. Subsequently, the syncing routine and speed were compromised. In fact, some users have complained that after the update, the keyboard of their devices did not work entirely.

All the work stops when you are not handy with your keyboard. Therefore, it is extremely essential to fix the problems of the keyboard of your device as soon as possible.

Apple always has a way to fix a problem even in the simplest of ways. If your keyboard is not working after updating to macOS Catalina, just simply restart your Mac. Then shut the lid for a few seconds after fully loading the macOS Catalina. Next open your Mac and use it now. After these steps, your keyboard should be working just as fine as always.

fix mac keyboard issue

Issue 10: Finder Issues on macOS Catalina

Some Mac users have faced problems with the Finder on their devices after installing the new macOS Catalina. There are two main issues reported by most users.

  • Finder crashes
  • Apps icons go missing in the Finder

How to Fix "Finder Crashes" Issue

Reportedly, the Finder has seemed to be crashed or irresponsive to any actions on the device. Facing this problem can be troublesome, and thus, if you have been in this trouble, here is how to fix the issue by following a one-step solution all by yourself.

  1. In your device, open Terminal and enter the following command into it and press enter.
  2. /Library/Preferences/
  3. Once you have done this, reopen the Finder, and your issue is resolved.

    finder crash macos catalina

How to Fix "Apps Icons Go Missing in The Finder" Issue

Some users might have seen the icons of their devices disappearing from the Finder. To fix this issue, you simply have to follow 3 necessary steps.

  1. Open the Finder and right-click on the top left corner of the screen.
  2. 2. Here, select the option of "Preferences".
  3. 3. In the sidebar tab, choose the applications favorite and remove the shortcuts of the applications that display wrong results.

Issue 11: macOS Catalina Apps Won't Work

When you have updated the device with the latest version, using the same old apps might show an error to you. For those apps that are of 32-bits will not be supported on macOS Catalina update. For those 32-bits apps that you want to keep to work, you need to updat them to the 64-bit for better syncing with the update.

As for those 32-bits apps you don't want to keep anymore, just uninstall them. For such issues, the easiest way to fix is to use a third-party tool. The most popular one - Umate Mac Cleaner will help you to get things in place. You can simply uninstall all such apps and their configuration files in one simple click by using this tool. It's that simple and handy to use.

umate uninstall apps

Mac version

Issue 12: Frequent "Update Apple ID Settings" Requests

A few users have complained about the frequently occurring request of updating Apple ID settings, even when they have already updated it. This problem can be easily solved, and therefore, it's nothing you need to worry about. Follow these quick and easy steps to resolve this problem and get set with your devices. If you face the issue with repeatedly request updating the Apple ID setting, here is how you can tackle this.

  1. First restart your Mac. If the problem keeps occurring over and over again, make a backup of your data first. Before logging out, always remember that it might affect the syncing of your data with the Apple cloud.
  2. Go to System Preferences and log out from your Apple device.
  3. Once you are done, reboot the device and follow the process of logging in again. Doing this will help you resolve this issue efficiently in one go.

update apple id settings macos catalina

Issue 13: Sidecar Errors on macOS Catalina

Sidecar feature is considered as one of the best features of the latest MacOS Catalina update. The underlying feature of the dual-screen using the iPad, along with your MacBook, is the major catch. Yet, there have been numerous grievances by users that they have faced issues where sidecar has not been effectively working.

Please ensure you have installed iPadOS on your iPad and your Mac is equipped with the necessary requirements for using the sidecar. Below are the list of the Mac models that are supported to use Sidecar. 

  • iMac 27-inch (2015 or later)
  • MacBook Pro (2016 or later)
  • Mac mini (2018)
  • Mac Pro (2019)
  • MacBook Air (2018)
  • MacBook (2016 or later)

    sidecar on macos catalina

Issue 14: Wi-Fi not working after macOS Catalina Update

Out of all, the most important thing we need is a Wi-Fi connection in any of your devices. If that gets troubled after updating to new macOS, everything related to it affects along with that one problem. Therefore, it is something that should be fixed as soon as inspected. If you face issues with your Wi-Fi, there are simple ways to fix the problem.

If the situation is caused after the update of the macOS Catalina, try connecting Wi-Fi in safe mode. Once you have switched to the safe mode, try to connect the Wi-Fi now and see if the problem is cured or not. If you still cannot connect with the Wi-Fi, ensure that you have updated the apps and keep an eye over the upcoming updates.

Still facing troubles with the wifi networks? Don't worry, Umate Mac Cleaner can be used to fix Wifi issues as well. The app can clean up all the Wi-Fi networks list on your Mac. It will show you all the open networks and secure networks, you can simply wipe those unsecured Wi-Fi networks only and get along with the latest software update in your devices with ease.

erase wifi open networks

Issue 15: Bluetooth Not Working After macOS Catalina Update

After the update of macOS Catalina, complaints regarding issues in the Bluetooth connectivity showed up. If your Bluetooth devices are not working with the Mac devices, here are ways through which you can fix the issue. You only have to follow the steps one by one.

  1. Firstly, open your Finder and click on the "go" option mentioned at the top of your screen at the menu option.
  2. Click and type "/Library/Preferences." You will see a file called Bluetooth.plist. From there, delete and restart your Mac.
  3. After restarting the device, the issue with the Bluetooth should be overhauled, check if the devices are connecting or not.

    fix bluetooth issues on macos catalina

Issue 16: Browser Extensions Stopped Working

While Apple is trying to transition to iOS extensions that are equally compatible, it gradually seems to support for many web extensions formats. On macOS Catalina, you might face the problem with browser extensions like Safariextz files not working. Therefore, this issue is commonly reported; the possibilities to resolve it are not in a variety. There are only alternatives to cure this problem.

If you can't find a suitable option, you can switch to Chrome or another browser. Since the web extensions are thoroughly used by numerous software, they play a crucial role in boosting productivity. They are easy to follow and give results to the best of their services.


Hence, all these occurring issues after the installation of macOS Catalina can be fixed very easily. But as we look at it, using the all-in-one fix: iMyFone Umate Mac Cleaner is the most effective way to go about it. This is a wonderful Mac managing tool for your using.

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