Looking to join the live streaming world but you do not know where to start? Look no more. This article guides users on how to live stream on Twitch. You cannot mention live streaming without mentioning Twitch.

twitch live

Twitch started as an offshoot of the live streaming platform Justin TV is a fundamental part of the live streaming ecosystem. Twitch was a gaming platform but as the years passed it grew to accommodate other content creators of other genres. In 2020, during the pandemic, Twitch’s share of hours was 67% compared to all other live streaming applications. Twitch benefited the most from the live streaming feature. Now let's dive in to learn how to start Twitch live.

The Comparison of the 4 Ways to Live Stream on Twitch

As the article has reviewed the different ways through which users can live stream on Twitch. The following is their comparison according to their compatibility, ease of use, live stream quality, and fluency.

Live Stream Way


Easy or Difficult to Use


Live Stream Image Quality

Twitch Studio

iOS & Android

Easy to Use

Very fluent

High Quality


iOS, Windows, and Android

Easy to use

Very fluent

High Quality


iOS, Windows, and Linux

Hard to set up

Very fluent

High Quality


Windows 10

Easy to use

Very fluent

High Quality

Part 1: Live Stream on Twitch via Twitch Studio

Twitch Studio is a free streaming software that is built for new streamers looking for simple setup processes and high-quality streaming. It has a guided setup and a built-in integration to Twitch and many customization options. Twitch Studio is very easy to start and manage your Twitch channel. It is one of the applications that one can use to start Twitch livestream.

Steps to Live Stream on Twitch via Twitch Studio

Step 1. Download, install and log in to Twitch Studio.


Step 2. Set up the audio and mic for the viewers to hear you clearly during streaming.

microphone set up

Step 3. Select your camera after refreshing the drop-down menu.

set up camera

Step 4. Choose and/or customize scenes while you set up the stream quality. These scenes are used to enhance your scene.

choose scenes

Step 5. Click Stream to go live. Enter your stream title and category then click "Go Live".

Part 2: Live Stream on Twitch via iMyFone MirrorTo

iMyFone MirrorTo is a mirror app built for both Android & iOS phones. It allow users to share their screen to their laptop and access their mobile data and then they can live stream on Twitch, Youtube, Instagram, Zoom, Facebook and other platforms. The application is easy to use, users without tech skills can easily explore the application and achieve their goals.

live meeting

MirrorTo has made it is possible to play games such as Among Us, Wild Rift, ARK: Survival Evolved and so on that are on your phone directly on your laptop using a keyboard. You can also reply to all your messages and view all your phone data on your PC directly. With iMyFone MirrorTo, users can access and control everything on their phone using their PC with very few simple steps.

How to Live Stream on Twitch via iMyFone MirrorTo

Step 1. Click on the Stream button in the toolbar.

live streaming platforms

Step 2. Click on the "To Live Streaming Platforms" option.

fill in live stream information

Step 3. On the Twitch dashboard and click the stream key. To receive your special streaming code follow the prompts.

stream key from twitch

Step 4. Copy and paste the streaming code to the MirrorTo. Now you can stream to live streaming right away.



The Live Streaming feature is not compatible with 32-bit computers.

Part 3: Live Stream on Twitch via OBS

OBS application is the best way to interact with your audience during live streaming. OBS is available on Linux, Windows, and Mac and has an intuitive interface. It is free and very popular, however, it has a bit hectic setup process. OBS also has custom versions available such as StreamElements and Streamlabs OBS. These programs allow users to set up custom layouts, alerts, and other features easily.

obs studio

3.1 Steps to Live Stream on Twitch via OBS

Step 1. Open OBS, select stream on the settings.

Step 2. Set service to Twitch and click "Connect Account" for fast setup.

obs stream setting

Step 3. Log in to Twitch with username and password.

Step 4. If you don’t want to log into your account directly, link Twitch to OBS via a stream key. On the Twitch dashboard click the stream key. To receive your special streaming code follow the prompts.

link twitch to obs

Step 5. Copy and paste the stream code into the stream key box in the broadcast setting menu. Click "OK".

3.2 Setting the Scene and Going Live on Twitch via OBS

Step 1. On the OBS interface, click on the sources box then on Add then select "Game Capture" .

obs game capture

Step 2. From the drop-down menu, choose your game and then click "OK".

Step 3. On the sources box, add feeds of your choice such as images and text to customize your layout. To show anything on your screen use Monitor Capture and to use your webcam select "Video Capture".

obs game capture

Step 4. Select and edit your scene to tweak your stream layout.

Step 5. Click on "Start Streaming" on the OBS dashboard. You will automatically be live.

Part 4: Live Stream on Twitch via XSplit

XSplit is a Windows 10-centric tool with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. XSplit has features such as unlimited scenes and sources, fast setup, impeccable stream quality, all the features you need for professional broadcast, and features to turn your streams into evergreen VODs. However, to access these features, you have to pay for them. XSplit is one of the popular apps used to live stream on Twitch.


How to Live Stream on Twitch via XSplit

Step 1. Create an XSplit account using your Twitch log-ins. Then download the XSplit Broadcaster streaming software.

Step 2. Open XSplit and log in with your Twitch account. Follow by opening the game you want to stream.

twitch log in

Step 3. Start screen capture then add a Twitch chat and finally start the Broadcast.

xsplit start broadcast


Over the pandemic,Twitch garnered most of its users from live streams compared to every other live streaming application. It first started as a gaming live streaming application but with time it advanced to accommodate all types of content creators. Twitch is compatible with iOS, Windows, and Android.

Different applications are used to Twitch live stream, including; OBS, Twitch Studio, iMyFone MirrorTo, and XSplit. I would recommend iMyFone MirrorTo as the best to use, due to its use of set up, use, and live stream quality. Get the best experience while streaming live using these four different ways. To get the best and easy experience, pay for premiums from MirrorTo to get all the features and manipulate your live streams.