If you own an iPhone and recently bought a new phone, your biggest worry would certainly be about copying聽all the data from your old iPhone to your new phone. The easiest way to achieve this is to clone your iPhone.

clone iPhone

Cloning a phone typically means to make a copy of the entire data on a mobile phone, and move聽them to another phone. Due to technological progress, cloning technology has undergone a very big transformation over the last decade. While before you’d need sophisticated tools to clone your phone, now there are many outstanding apps and software to achieve this.

Can an iPhone Be Cloned?

The simple answer is, yes you can clone your iPhone. And there has never been an easier time for cloning iPhones. There are so many mobile and desktop apps/software that can help you clone your iPhone in record time.

This article reviews the best apps for cloning your iPhone, and provides a step-by-step guide to using each clone app.

How to Clone iPhone?

Before deciding on a clone app, it is vital to assess if the app is compatible with your phones/operating systems. Here are some apps that are compatible with almost all iPhones and Android phones, being capable of cloning iPhone to Android and cloning iPhone to iPhone:

1. Use Xender to Clone iPhone

Xender is a very popular cloning app and one of the best for cloning iPhone. It features an extraordinary transfer speed of up to 40MB/s, making it faster than almost every rival mobile clone app.


Xender can clone your iPhone data to any other smartphone, including almost all iPhones, Samsung, Huawei, Pixel, LG and Xiaomi, among others. Moreover, Xender supports cloning most vital data on your iPhone including photos, music, videos and documents.

Here are the steps to use Xender to clone iPhone:

  • Download the Xender app on thr iPhone and on the receiving phone. You can download it from both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store.
  • On the iPhone, tap on “Send”聽to create a local Wi-Fi connection. And on the receiving phone tap on “Receive”. The receiving phone’s Wi-Fi should scan and display all available Xender Wi-Fi nearby.

steps to use Xender

  • Find and click on your iPhone’s name to connect it with the receiving phone.
  • Select all the files you wish to clone and tap on send. Finally, wait for the process to complete.

2. Use SHAREit to Clone iPhone

SHAREit is one of the world’s most popular mobile clone apps with over 500 million downloads from the App Store and the Google Play store. It is compatible with a wide range of smart phones and operating systems, including iOS and Android.


SHAREit uses advanced hotspot technology to clone files and data across these platforms. It offers an excellent transfer speed and a very simple user interface, making it easy to clone any type of data between any two smart phones. Furthermore, it supports cloning all your photos, documents, e-books, videos and contacts, among others.

Here are the steps to use SHAREit to clone iPhone:

  • Download SHAREit on both your iPhone and receiving phone. It is available on both Google Play and the App Store. After downloading, open the app on your iPhone and click on “Send”. 聽
  • Select all the data you would like to clone and click on “Next”. On the receiving phone, open SHAREit, and select it as your receiving phone.

steps to use SHAREit

  • Finally, connect both phones together by tapping on the Wi-Fi is associated with your iPhone. This should immediately begin the cloning process. After this, you should simply wait for the process to complete.

3. Use iTransor Pro to Completely Clone iPhone to Samsung

However, with most clone apps, it is only possible to achieve a partial clone聽of your iPhone. A partial clone means only some data/apps from your iPhone are cloned unto the receiving phone. While on the other hand, a full clone means almost every possible data on your iPhone is cloned unto the receiving phone.

For a full clone聽of all data on your iPhone, a desktop tool such as iTransor Pro聽is more likely to guarantee better results.

iTransor Pro

It is an outstanding desktop tool for cloning all data from an iPhone to a Samsung phone. It is one of the best cloning tools available, and it can clone up to聽18 types of data including text messages, videos, music, documents, Wi-Fi, voice memos, ringtones, reminders, and WhatsApp data, among others.

Alongside an excellent cloning speed, it also offers data security and compatibility with almost every modern iPhone and Samsung Galaxy device. Furthermore, one of the best features of iTransor Pro is its super friendly user interface which makes it simple for anyone to easily clone a phone.

Here's how to clone your iPhone to a Samsung phone with iTransor Pro:

  • Download the program to your PC, and install it.

windows version    mac version

  • Open the software and connect both your iPhone and Samsung to your PC via USB. Remember to Allow access to phone data聽on the Samsung, and Trust the PC聽on your iPhone.
  • Follow all the on screen instructions and the program will get your devices prepared automatically.

steps of using iTransor Pro

  • Select all the data you wish to clone and start the process. Finally, you should wait for the cloning process to complete.

A Comparison of All the Mentioned iPhone Cloning Apps

Of all the mentioned apps, iTransor Prois our favourite pick because it is the only app that can complete a full clone聽of your iPhone. With 18 types of data available for cloning from iPhone to Samsung, none of the mobile apps come close to this. It also offers very good cloning speed and data safety.

Nevertheless, all the other cloning tools are also excellent and can meet your cloning needs. Here is a comparison of our favourite cloning tools:

iTransor Pro Xender SHAREit
Devices supported iPhone and Samsung iOS, Android, Windows Phones iOS & Android Phones.
Windows PC and MAC.
Operational mode PC software Mobile app Mobile app
Limitation No mobile app Cannot clone a lot of iPhone data Cannot clone a lot of iPhone data
Data supported - Clones photos, messages, contacts, music, videos, and 13 other data types
- Clones WhatsApp & WhatsApp data
- Clones contacts, photos, music, and videos
- DOES NOT clone app & app data
- Clones pdfs, docs, contacts, photos, and music
- DOES NOT clone app & app data
Data security Most Secure Fairly secure Fairly secure
Speed Fastest Normal Fast