When switching from an Android phone to an iPhone, one of the major concerns is how to transfer your files safely, swiftly, and as pain-free as possible. And, without a doubt, your text messages are among the most critical types of data you definitely want to ensure you migrate from your old phone to the new device. In this effort, many Android users prefer the Move to iOS app to send Android files to their new iOS device.

transfer messages from android to iphone

Does Move to iOS transfer messages, though, or are there limitations that prevent a successful migration of messages? And, if so, what best alternatives are available to make sure you switch from an Android to an iPhone seamlessly? All these are answered here, so read on this handy Q&A guide to know all about your options.

Section 1: FAQs about Move to iOS

This part of the guide provides answers to the most commonly asked Move to iOS-related questions.

move to ios

Q1: What is Move to iOS?

A: A creation of Apple Inc. The application has been created to help Android users transfer files from their old phone to a new iOS device. It is available via the Google Play Store and works with Android devices running on Android 4.0 or later. It is also paramount that the new iPhone that will receive the data is powered by iOS 9 or later. 

Q2: How does Move to iOS work?

A: It creates a private Wi-Fi network between an iPhone and the nearest Android-powered device. When the connection is established between the two devices, the app initiates the data transfer process. Bear in mind that Move to iOS can also help you send your contacts, mail accounts, calendars, videos, photos, and web bookmarks.

Q3: Is there something I should know about before using Move to iOS?

A: For the app to deliver on its intended purpose, it is crucial that the data transfer process does not get interrupted in any way. This means that you should ensure that you won’t receive any phone call during the data migration or have any apps messing with the procedure. Things like receiving notifications, emails, or text messages will halt the data transfer.

Q4: Does Move to iOS transfer messages?

A: Yes. The application enables you to transfer SMS messages from Android to iPhone. Take note, though, that your new iPhone should NOT have already been set up. Otherwise, the transfer of the desired files will not be possible unless you perform a fresh setup.

Q5: How to transfer SMS messages with Move to iOS?

A: The process is quite straightforward. The required steps are provided right below:

Step 1: Download the app

  • Allow your iPhone to boot up and then connect it to a Wi-Fi network.
  • You will be prompted to either restore or migrate your data. Choose Move Data from Android.
  • A code will be displayed on your screen. You will need this for the next file transfer phase.

move data from android

Step 2: Initiate the data migration process

  • Head to the Google Play Store from your Android phone, download, and install the app.
  • Enter the code provided to you earlier on your iPhone to authenticate the transfer on your Android.
  • At the transfer window that will pop up on your Android phone, select the types of files you wish to send to your new iPhone. In this case, you should ensure the Messages option is ticked.
  • Tap Next.

transfer messages via move to ios


Q6: How long does the file transfer take?

A: It depends on the amount of data you want to migrate between the phones. If you have a whole lot of SMS messages that you want to transfer, it may take several hours. Usually, though, it is a fast process that requires a few minutes.

Section 2: Common Problems & Solutions with Move to iOS

move to ios problems

It seems that three issues appear the most often when users try to migrate files using Move to iOS. These are:

  • "Could not communicate with device" – This message pops up when the app tries to connect to your iPhone. You will receive a message on your Android device that says "Connecting to iPhone" but the connection will not be established, no matter how long you wait. Eventually, you will receive an error message that reads "Could not communicate with device". Sometimes, restarting the network on your Android device could help fix this issue.
  • "Unable to migrate, try again later" – This message means that the app has tried to connect the two devices unsuccessfully. You will see that the application has initiated the transfer, but it never reaches 100%. Turning off cellular data and switching your Android device to Airplane mode might help solve this problem.
  • "Moving items into place" – This is a message you can expect to receive during a normal data transfer. Concerns arise, though, when you keep getting this message even after several hours have passed since you started the file transfer. In this case, you could try disabling all apps and notifications and see if things get unstuck.


You can also check more guides to issues like Move to iOS taking forever, Move to iOS transfer interrupted, or Move to iOS stuck on preparing or transferring.

These issues could be quite frustrating for users who try to find what other reliable alternative apps are out there to consider. The last section of this guide highlights a handy alternative option as well as a complementary option that are both worth considering. 

Section 3: Best Move to iOS Alternative Options to Transfer Messages

If you wish to expand your horizons and improve your options, you can consider SHAREit and iMyFone iTransor Pro to help transfer different kinds of messages from an old device to your iPhone.

Method 1: Use SHAREit for Local Message Transfer

SHAREit is an app that you can install on different devices, whether Android or iOS-powered (even Windows phones). It can also be used to migrate files between a PC and a phone or from one PC to another as it is compatible with Windows 7 and later versions.

The interesting thing about the app is that it needs no internet connection or mobile data to work. This is because SHAREit utilizes SoftAP technology, a Wi-Fi technology that creates a personal network between the two devices so that they can communicate with one another and send/receive multiple files in one go via a QR code that is built-in in the app.

To migrate your messages from an Android or iOS phone to an iPhone, you need to:

  • Head to either the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  • Download and install the app on your device.
  • Tap Send > (select the files you wish to transfer) > Next > Connect to iOS/WP.

choose send on shareit

  • Join the network the app will create for you, using your Personal Hotspot.
  • Tap on the Radar-like icon that will appear immediately after.
  • The data transfer process should now start. Expect it to be finished within the next couple of minutes or so, depending on the amount of data being migrated between your devices.

Method 2: Using iMyFone iTransor Pro for Phone Data Transfer

There is no official method to transfer WhatsApp between iPhone and Android, but iMyFone iTransor Pro makes it possible. It is a handy desktop tool for transferring messages, photos, videos, even WhatsApp data, and etc. across different platforms. You can also get iMyFone iTransor Pro to freely transfer anything you want through your PC without taking up storage of your phone. What's more, you can also use it to restore and export your WhasApp data.

To transfer data by this program, follow the steps below:

  • Download and open the program on a Windows computer. The Mac version is coming soon.

windows version    mac version

  • Choose to Transfer WhatsApp or Transfer Other Data and then connect your devices to a computer with USB cables. 

choose Transfer WhatsApp

  • When both devices are connected, select the data you want and click Transfer.
  • During the transfer your cooperation is needed. The operations are very easy. Just follow the instructions on screen.

The transfer time depends on the size of data on your device. It will usually be finished within half an hour. Then all the data that has been chosen can be checked on the target device.


You can use iMyFone iTransor Pro to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung or from Samsung/Huawei to iPhone. Click here to check the complete phone transfer guide.

Final Words

Moving your messages from an Android or iOS phone to an iPhone is no longer as challenging as it used to be a few years ago. With applications like Move to iOS, SHAREit and iMyFone iTransor Pro, migrating messages between devices is made easy and fast, even when they do not share the same operating system. Luckily, by now, you know all the answers to questions like "Does Move to iOS transfer messages?" and "How to use Move to iOS?", "What other options are available?", and many more!