Apple just released iPhone 12, featuring several extraordinary updates. If you use a Huawei phone and you’re interested in switching to the iPhone 12 or any of other iPhone, you would certainly need to transfer all your data.

Huawei to iPhone transfer tool

How exactly can you transfer your photos, videos, music, documents, contacts, calendars and apps from Huawei to iPhone? This articles explores that. We provide you with the best Huawei to iPhone transfer tools in the market.

What's behind Huawei to iPhone transfer tools?

Huawei and iPhone are made by two different companies and run on completely different operating systems. While Huawei phones run on the Android OS, iPhones run on Apple’s iOS. They also have different app stores for buying and downloading apps. For Apple, it is the App Store, and for Huawei, it is the Huawei App Gallery. Apps are also written on different codes on both phones.

Android OS VS iOS

Despite these major differences, it is easy to transfer your important data from Huawei to iPhone. However, you would likely face some problems if you intend to transfer important apps like WhatsApp. This has continued to be an issue because of the aforementioned OS differences between Huawei and iPhone. It has also remained very difficult to transfer app data from Huawei to iPhone.

Though so many challenges are mentioned, there are still numerous mobile and desktop transfer tools offering a simple method to transfer different data from Huawei to iPhone, which we will cover in the following content. You can also jump to the last method to check our best choice.

Top 3 Mobile Huawei to iPhone Transfer Tools

Some leading apps for transferring data from Huawei to iPhone are Move to iOS, Xender and the SHAREit app. They differ mostly in their mode of operation, the types of data they can send and speed at which they transfer your data.

Tool 1: Move to iOS - Transfer Basic Data from Huawei to iPhone

Move to iOS was created by Apple to help users of other phones move to the iPhone. It is an outstanding tool for transferring all your data including contacts, photos, videos, messages, calendar, bookmarks, photos, videos and some ‘free apps’ (not including app data).

Move to iOS

To use the app, you do not need to download it on iPhone, but you must download it on your Huawei, from Apple’s website. Move to iOS only works on new iPhones, or an older iPhone after you reset it.

Steps of using Move to iOS

  • Click on “Apps & Data”聽before concluding the set-up of the new iPhone. Afterwards, click on "Move Data from Android”.
  • Download, install and open the Move to iOS app on the Huawei phone. Click on “Continue”聽on both phones then tap on “Agree” and “Next”.

steps to use Move to iOS

  • On completing Step 2, the iPhone would display a security code to be entered on the Move to iOS app on the Huawei. The phones should be connected over Wi-Fi.
  • Next, select the types of data you wish to transfer and click on “Next”.聽Wait for the transfer to complete.


  • It does not require internet connection for transferring data.
  • It is easy to use and free for download. It also has a small storage size.
  • Fairly good transfer speed.


  • It does not transfer app data leaving users to lose all app content and setup.
  • The app cannot be used after you have completed setting up your iPhone, or on an older iPhone. In cases like these, you should reset the iPhone. '
  • There is a risk of unstable Wi-Fi connection and data loss.

Tool 2: Xender - Transfer Files from Huawei to iPhone

Xender is a data transfer app used by millions of people. It can help to transfer audio files, videos, photos and documents over Wi-Fi, without using any internet connection. It transfers at amazing speeds, reaching up to 40MB per second.

steps of using Move to iOS

Xender is compatible with most versions of Huawei phones and iPhones.

Steps of using Xender

  • Download and install the Xender app on both the Huawei and the iPhone. Open the app on the two phones.
  • Tap on “Send”聽on the Huawei to automatically create a Wi-Fi connection. You will then get a QR code.

steps of using Xender

  • On the receiving iPhone, tap on “Receive” and “Connect Android”, and then scan the QR code shown on the screen of Huawei. This connects both phones automatically over Wi-Fi.
  • Select all the data you wish to be transfer and click on “SEND”.


  • Superfast transfer speed. It transfers data at speeds reaching 40 megabytes per second (40 MB/s).
  • It does not require internet connection or cloud services to transfer data from Huawei to iPhone.
  • It is very easy to use.


  • The speed of transfer is affected by phone distance.
  • There is some risk of data loss because of unstable Wi-Fi connection.
  • It cannot be used by iPhones running on iOS 10.0 or older.
  • It cannot transfer app data between Android and iOS.

Tool 3: SHAREit - Transfer Files Fastly from Huawei to iPhone

SHAREit, just like Xender is the go-to app for hundreds of millions of people who wish to transfer data from Android to Android, Android to iPhone, iPhone to iPhone and even PC to PC. The app is compatible with a wide range of operating systems and smartphones.


It can transfer data at speeds reaching up to one gigabyte per minute. It works excellently with Huawei phones and iPhones and can be used to transfer a range of data including videos, music, photos, contacts and documents, among others.

Steps of using SHAREit

  • Download and install the SHAREit app on the sending Huawei and the receiving iPhone. The app is available for free download on both iPhone and Huawei. Open the app on both phones after installation.

steps of using SHAREit

  • Tap on “Send”聽on the Huawei and then select all the data you wish to transfer. Then, tap on “Next”.
  • On the iPhone, click on “Receive”聽and tap on the name of the Huawei smartphone as it appears on the screen.
  • The two phones should be connected over Wi-Fi and the data transfer should begin immediately. Wait till the transfer is complete.


  • It transfers data efficiently at about 20MB/s, if under optimum conditions.
  • It does not require internet connection for data transfer.
  • It supports iOS 9.0 and later, and Android 4.1 and later.


  • Transfer speed is entirely dependent on the strength of Wi-Fi connection.
  • Data security is somewhat questionable.
  • It is unable to clone app data.

An All-in-One Huawei to iPhone Transfer Tool for up to 12 Types of Data [Recommended for PC Users]

We've given you three mobile choices to transfer different types of data from Huawei to iPhone. However, none of the apps above provide any method to transfer WhatsApp and WhatsApp data, and you can only get most of your data transferred from Huawei ro iPhone when using all three apps at one time. To avoid taking up storage space of your phones and the complicated process that needs to be carried out, here we recommend you a Huawei to iPhone transfer tool for PC - iTransor Pro.

iTransor Pro

It will efficiently and excellently transfers up to 12 types of your Huawei phone data from contacts, text messages, to voice memos, even including your WhatsApp, without risking the security of your original data. It is a popular PC app that is compatible with different versions of Huawei and iPhone.

Furthermore, iTransor Pro also allows you to selectively choose one or multiple data types to transfer in one go. You can check what and how much data you have by using the app freely.

Steps to use iTransor Pro

  • Download and install the program.

windows version    mac version

  • Open聽the app and connect the Huawei and the iPhone to the PC via USB cables. Click on “Switch”聽to toggle the receiving and sending phone.

steps of using iTransor Pro

  • Select the data you need and then click “Transfer” to commence the transfer.
  • Now wait until the process is completed. Note that music transfer may take a little longer.