Are you one of the millions of people looking for an alternative way to move your data from androids to iOS? Are you also looking for something simple, fast, safe and efficient? This article analyzes the drawbacks of the Move to iOS app and provides you an excellent alternative. Just continue reading and check out the Move to iOS alternative.

Part 1: Heard of Apple's Move to iOS App?

move to ios app

Transferring data between iOS and android devices is a longstanding problem. It is often faced by people who upgrade or switch their mobile phones, or people simply trying to transfer data to friends or family. This problem was partly solved by the creation of the ‘Move to iOS' app by Apple.

The app, available on the google play store, reduced the difficulty previously encountered in the data transfer process between androids and iOS devices. The transfer is done via a methodical process that requires both devices (the android and the iPhone) to be connected over a private Wi-Fi network, until the transfer process is completed. The app generates a security code on the iOS which is then manually entered into the android phone by the user, to initiate the transfer process. Although the app is easy-to-use, it has a few vital shortcomings.

Part 2: Drawbacks of the Move to iOS App

2.1 Restrictions on Apps Transfer

Despite being excellent at helping to move crucial data such as contacts, message history, bookmarks, photos, mail accounts, and calendars, the Move to iOS app places a restriction on app transfer. This implies that productivity apps and social media apps such as WhatsApp must be downloaded afresh from the Apple app store on the iPhone. For lovers of music, the app also places a restriction on music playlists as well as ringtones, other files, settings, and call logs.

2.2 Selective OS Compatibility

The Move to iOS app is only compatible with devices running on android 4.0 or higher and iPhone or iPad functioning on iOS 9 and above. Thus, it is impossible to transfer using the Move to iOS app if the device is running on a different operating system than the stipulated.

2.3 One-Way Transfer and Potential for Data Loss

The app provides a solution to the problem of transferring data from android devices to iPhones, it doesn't allow transfer from iPhones to androids. Besides, it can only work on new or recently reset iOS devices. In instances where there are existing data on the iPhone, it would be completely erased before the data transfer can be initiated from an android device.

Part 3: Move to iOS Alternatives

move to ios app

Asides from the aforementioned shortcomings of Apple's Move to iOS app, you may also encounter other problems, such as being stuck on transferring, an inability to migrate your data, Wi-Fi connection issues, and problems with connecting devices, among others. Hence there is a need for an alternative to the Move to iOS app. A Move to iOS alternative is a different option for users to achieve smooth data transfer from an iOS device, to an android device without the need to use Apple's Move to iOS app.

A highly recommended move to iOS alternative is iTransor Pro software.

3.1 What is the iTransor Pro Software?

iTransor Pro is a leading move to iOS alternative app for transferring data from iPhones to androids. It is a desktop software that totally eliminates the boundaries for iOS and Android devices, and it very effectively transfers users' favorite contents across all mobile devices that run on both operating systems.

3.2 Why Should You Choose the iTransor Pro?

a. Data Safety

iTransor Pro eliminates the loss often associated with data transfer between devices. It ensures the highest level of safety while backing up your entire phone without compromising the security of your data.

b. No Restrictions on Data Type

iTransor Pro allows the transfer of different data types (messages, photos, contacts, images, songs, and other files) and runs smoothly on all mobile devices. For instance, it allows an itch-free transfer of WhatsApp and other social media apps to any mobile device you want. Additionally, it safeguards your WhatsApp chat history by backing them up to your computer drive, which can then be restored back to your device. The app runs seamlessly on both Windows PCs and MacBook. It also enables a smooth backup of iOS and Android devices to your computer, without necessarily having to install/pay for iCloud or iTunes.

c. Back-up Retrieval and No Overwriting of Existing Data

It does not overwrite existing backups, unlike the Apple Move to iOS app. It also offers an opportunity to back up and restore far more data than iTunes offers. It is very useful in the case of a missing phone or a lost device because you can simply restore all your data into a new phone without having to go through the heartache of finding every single content from your previous device.

d. Simple to Use

The user interface is very friendly and easy to use, and the entire process from downloading the app to transferring data (from Androids to iPhones) can be completed by almost anyone. It is straightforward and explanatory.

The iTransor Pro has not yet taken shape but it's coming soon. Please wait and see what convenient services it can provide for you. What's more, you can refer to iTransor for WhatsApp to learn about how to transfer, backup and restore WhatsApp between iPhone and Android devices.

Finally, iTransor Pro is designed for over 50 million users from all over the world and it has been proven to work with well over 6 thousand mobile devices including the latest iPhones, iPads, and Samsung.