So you got a new Samsung and can’t wait to transfer your data and important files from your old phone to the new device. We hear you. Smart Switch is a popular option among Samsung users that seek exactly the same thing as you – to move their files to the new Samsung model. Before you do, though, we warn you that you may come across several issues. We give you a full brief of these problems, as well as what to expect from the app and what other solutions you could consider if you feel that Samsung Smart Switch is not working for you.

Samsung Smart Switch not working

Part 1. What Can Samsung Smart Switch Do?

Smart Switch is an app created by Samsung to help make the transfer of data from an old device to a Samsung phone a breeze. The app allows you to migrate almost all of your data, including your photos, messages, videos, favorite apps, music library, calendar events, and contacts (even your device settings). This gives you the chance to carry on with your new Samsung phone right where you last left off. It should be noted that Smart Switch was primarily designed to ease the switch from an old phone to a Galaxy S or Note model. However, this does not mean that you cannot use the app to send data to other Samsung series. In fact, you may use the application to transfer data from both iOS and Android devices with a Mac or PC, over Wi-Fi or via a USB cable. Overall, Samsung Smart Switch is available on Galaxy, S20, Note10, S10, Fold, Note9, S9, S8, and S7 models.

transfer data via Smart Switch

Finally, besides migrating files from one phone to another (with the new device being a Samsung series exclusively), Smart Switch can create a backup for the files in your old phone on your Mac or PC. Then, it can enable you to either sync or transfer the data onto your new Samsung phone.

Part 2. Why Is Samsung Smart Switch Not Working?

Looking at the limitations that come with using Smart Switch, one can quickly understand some weak points in the app. For example, your phone must run either iOS 4.2.1 or Android 4.3 or later. This in and of itself is an issue that leaves many mobile phone users out – preventing them from using the app.

Also, take into account the following:

  • The app cannot transfer encrypted or secure data, such as WhatsApp chats.
  • The software may not be able to move login details to mobile banking apps and a few more other types of apps.
  • Smart Switch will not migrate content with Digital Rights Management (DRM).
  • If you are sending data from an iPhone, Smart Switch will try to find (and then download) an Android alternative to the apps you wish to transfer from the iOS device. If it does not track any such alternatives, your data will not be transferred. This is because the App Store and the Google Play Store are individual platforms that contain different apps and games selections.

Other than that, Smart Switch users usually bump into the following common issues when trying to migrate files from an old device to a Samsung phone:

2.1 Not enough space available

Not enough space available

This message appears when your device does not have the minimum required free space (500MB). Note that both devices should have that amount of free space on them. However, with large bulks of information that need to be migrated, that storage space amount can increase significantly. If this is your case, you will have to find a way to free up some space on your phones. Now, which content you will eventually erase to create that needed space can be challenging. You might find some relief if you make a backup of your files, transfer them on cloud storage, and then delete them from your device(s). Or you could unselect some of the items you wish to migrate. This, nevertheless, is like doing half the job you wanted to do in the first place since important files will still be sitting on your old device.

2.2 Not playing videos transferred from an iPhone

Not playing videos transferred from an iPhone

The Samsung video player does NOT support .mov files, which is exactly how videos recorded on iOS phones are saved. To watch these videos, you could try downloading another video player that supports the type of files mentioned above. Although the Google Play Store offers a plethora of options, installing and downloading another app on top of smart Switch only complicates things and makes the entire data transfer process quite tedious and time-consuming.

2.3 The transfer connection keeps dropping

The transfer connection keeps dropping

This usually happens during the Smart Switch process because the app needs to remain open while it transfers data between the devices. If you close the app for whatever reason, the data migration may stop, which means that you will probably have to start all over again. Perhaps using a different method to move data via Smart Switch (i.e., via Wi-Fi instead of USB cable) can help resolve this problem. Do bear in mind, though, that your phones should be 20cm apart (approximately) for the Wi-Fi method to be effective as the software uses high-frequency audio to connect the two devices. Also, check that the speakers and the microphone on both devices are not covered for the same reason. 

2.4 The app for PC or Mac does not recognize your phone

The app for PC or Mac does not recognize your phone

Unfortunately, this is a frequent problem among devices that do not meet the requirements. If yours are okay, consider checking your cables and USB connections and make sure your USB is set for data migration. Also, ensure that you give access to your data by allowing MTP connection (a notification will pop up). This could require you to restart your computer, though. Reopening Smart Switch could be a solution worth trying out. As you can understand, fixing this issue can take a while (you may not even be able to resolve it, in the first place, even after all your efforts).

Part 3. What to Do if Samsung Smart Switch Is Not Working?

Below are three of the safest and most effective ways to move data from an old phone (Android- or iOS-powered) to a new Samsung device when Samsung Smart Switch is not working.

3.1 CLONEit - Transfer data from Android to Samsung

This app will help you transfer data, such as your contacts, documents, media files, messages, and call logs, between different phones via Wi-Fi. This wireless data transfer comes in handy as it saves you all the trouble of having to use USB cables to make the connection among the devices. You only need to ensure both phones are close to one another so the software can work efficiently. Here is the drill involved:

Step #1: Clone your data from Android

  • Install and launch the app on both phones.
  • Give permission to install apps from Unknown Sources (a notification will pop up on your old phone asking you to confirm this).
  • Tap on Sender on your old device and give the app a few seconds to turn the phone into a hotspot.
  • Use your new Samsung phone and connect to the newly created hotspot (open your Wifi networks’ list to view and connect to it).

use CLONEit to connect phones

Step #2: Receive data on Samsung

  • Your old phone will start looking for the new Samsung phone to connect. Tap on OK on your new phone to confirm the connection.
  • Select the files you wish to migrate and tap on Start to initiate the transfer. When the move of data is complete, you will receive a notification.

transfer data via CLONEit

3.2 Copy My Data - Transfer data from iPhone to Samsung

This is a good option to transfer videos, photos, calendar entries, and contacts from one device to another, be it iOS or Android-powered. It, too, uses Wi-Fi networks to get the job done and can even migrate data between phones of different operating systems, such as from an iPhone to a Samsung model. This means that it is available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. Here are the instructions:

Step #1: Download and install the app

  • Install and run the app on both phones and tap Next.
  • Select the target device (where you will be sending data to) and the source device (the old phone that will be sending the files) in the Select Device interface.

Step #2: Transfer files to Samsung

  • Tap Copy data to selected device on your old phone.
  • Tap Copy data from selected device on your new phone.
  • Your old phone will display a PIN code. Enter it in the new phone to confirm the connection.
  • Select the files you want to migrate and tap Next to initiate the transfer.

transfer data via Copy My Data

Although both CLONEit and Copy My Data are excellent alternatives to Samsung Smart Switch, they come with a significant drawback – neither enables you to transfer WhatsApp text messages and chats. This is why we suggest the following app, namely iTransor for WhatsApp, to make the migration of WhatsApp a problem belonging in the past.

3.3 iTransor for WhatsApp - Transfer WhatsApp data to Samsung

iTransor for WhatsApp is a tool that will not only enable you to move WhatsApp messages and chats between phones (including any attachments, such a video message), but also all kinds of WhatsApp data. It will also give you the chance to even export your WhatsApp conversations to HTML or XLS/CSV. You can then read them on your phone or as a log file. The steps described below refer to data transfers from an iPhone to a Samsung (or another Android phone):

Step #1: Connect the devices

  • Use the USB cables that came with your phones and connect both to your computer.
  • Download and open the software and grant access to phone data.

windows version    Mac version

Step #2: Transfer your conversations

  • Set on your new phone (the Samsung model) as the target phone and distinguish your old phone (the iPhone) as the destination device. If they are set differently by the app, simply click Switch to get it right. .
  • Start the data transfer and look at the on-screen instructions to complete the process, which usually takes around half an hour (depends on the amount of data you wish to migrate, though).

transfer WhatsApp via iTransor for WhatsApp

Final Thoughts

Samsung Smart Switch is a smart way to transfer data from an old phone to a Samsung device. Nevertheless, it is tied to several limitations and issues. Although most of them can be easily fixed, the solutions do demand a considerable amount of time on your behalf. However, you can always try out the three alternative options listed above and see which one serves your needs the most!