Shareit is now one of聽the most widely used applications for file sharing. It has been designed to make the transfer of apps and other files between Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows extremely easy.

Shareit review

The secret for its success? It does not trip users up with brain-busting configuration options and complicated protocols, nor does it rely on the currently available native sharing options to work. This is incredibly appealing to users, who usually get bombarded with endless adverts and content over content every time they try a file-migration application, especially on mobile.

This all-around Shareit review explores聽all aspects that have made Shareit the go-to file-sharing app for more than 600 million users from over 200 countries so far.

Shareit Review – Features

To begin with, Shareit comes with no size limitations and offers a speedy transfer of apps and other files. The company behind it was part of the Lenovo family and created the app as part of a suite of tools that provide a wide range of functions聽across both mobile and desktop, including hardware security, mobile playback, and device maintenance.

Today, Shareit has added features, though, as it has integrated music playback options that enable users to swap audio files and movies. Among the extras are also things like wallpapers and GIFs, alongside a function聽that shares trending online videos and music, which indicates that the developers are clearly looking to expand Shareit’s reach (and use) and turn it into an app that offers more than just file sharing between devices.

Shareit features

On the flip side, Shareit’s setup is not as straightforward as you may have thought at first. For example, if you need to transfer聽data from an Android to an iOS device, you will need to create a hotspot from the source device (in this case, the Android device) so the target device (the iOS) can launch on to. As soon as this is achieved, you can start sending files between the Android and iOS phones in no time.

Shareit Review – Functionality

The app uses a device-to-device connection that, according to developers, can achieve speeds of up to 20mb/sec. Although our transfers were聽around 10-15 megabytes per second, the speed is indeed satisfactory, especially for sharing small files that get swapped within seconds. So, in regards to Shareit’s speed and core functionality, we cannot complain. And, let’s also remind that Shareit offers cross-platform sharing that makes it unique from other competitors. This is because it supports file transfers not only for computers, smartphones, and tablets but also for Windows XP/7/8, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.

Shareit functionality

Another plus is that the app can run multiple transfers simultaneously. You simply select the files you wish to send from the source device, hit Send,聽and then the receiver of the target device聽taps the Receive聽button.


Though Shareit will allow you to transfer most data from phone to phone, it cannot transfer apps or app data when it comes to cross-platform transfer such as iPhone-to-Android transfer. So we recommend you a one-stop phone transfer tool here as an Shareit alternative for you.

Shareit Review – Interface

The interface of the app appears particularly cluttered when using iOS or Android devices for your file migration needs. If you are using a Mac or PC, the interface is rather basic, though, as you are called to deal with solely a window that gives a QR code. As soon as Shareit recognizes that QR code, the file-sharing process to聽your laptop or聽desktop computer can begin.

Shareit for PC

For Android devices, the app shares many similarities with the Google Play Store interface and barely resembles a data transfer app. This means that you are being introduced to a plethora of different content, such as games and apps, which are suggested to you. Very few users ever find that type of content enjoyable enough to have on their phones, though. Ads also play well in Shareit, and you will find quite a few as you scroll. In fact, according to users’ online reviews, the overwhelming number of ads shown while using Shareit is聽an eyesore. The same applies to iOS, with the only exception of the simpler (and perhaps, a bit more user-friendly) interface.

Shareit for Android

Considering that Shareit is a file-sharing app at heart, we see it deviate significantly聽from its core functionality. That aside, the data migration part is not done badly when sharing mobile apps. Plus, users are being provided with handy information, such as other devices that have also installed Shareit via a sleek and modern radar-like interface. The connectivity also appears to work well, too, despite the fact that we did see聽some file-sharing attempts fail a few times.

Shareit interface

As for the built-in video and music players, they both deliver on their intended purpose and promises, which is to give you the opportunity to play any audio file you have already stored on your phone. Still, though, it feels a bit bizarre for a data transfer app to have such extras. It should also be noted that we noticed significant cramming on Android devices (i.e., the music and video players are available only on Android-powered devices) compared to iOS devices.

Shareit music and video players

Shareit Review – How it works technically

The application transmits data at 2Mb per second using TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) to send files. This makes the use of any type of cable unnecessary. The apps and files that the sender sends are then broken down into packets聽(smaller pieces). Packets are also broken down and then transmitted to the target device (aka the receiver). Once the receiver gets all the packets, the target device combines them and switches them to the original file.

Shareit Review 鈥 Security

The Shareit network (the hotspot聽you create using the source device) is the only real security at hand. This means that your device’s configurations play a vital role in just how secure your file-sharing activities are with Shareit. So, if, for example, you have chosen to have your phone or computer discoverable via the application, then practically any user can receive the files you are transferring (or send files to you). However, although there are no encryption or security features like passwords or PINs, it would be particularly difficult for someone to crack the system unless they have physical access to either the sender or receiver device.

When it comes to the required permissions on mobile, the app requires access to:

  • Your microphone
  • Your contacts
  • Your location
  • Your phone’s storage
  • The phone’s camera (to scan the QR codes).

Some of the needed permissions seem a bit of a reach (i.e., the microphone). Nevertheless, you can deny access to any of the permissions you don’t feel comfortable with giving.

Shareit security

Shareit Review 鈥 Cost & Fees

The app is free to use on Android, macOS, and Windows, which is a huge plus for users of these systems. Users of iOS-powered devices, on the other hand, can enjoy both free and paid versions of Shareit, with the cost of the premium Shareit app (it removes all ads) ending up at slightly聽less than $3. However, this cost is not backed up by any聽functionality other than ad removal. That being said, being provided with an option to stop seeing ads that pop up every few seconds can be motivating enough to pay the price for it.

The bottom line

Shareit provides a great solution to those in need of a fast cross-platform file sharing app. The application works well and efficiently with basic data migration, though Android and iOS connections are unnecessarily more聽complex to set up. As for聽the latest additions to the app, opinions vary. The majority of users find that the extra features throw the app off its intended course while the deluge of ads frustrate, especially Android users. All in all, if you want to migrate apps between devices, Shareit will satisfy you with its speedy service.

What we like What we don’t like
Easy file sharing Too many adverts
Speedy data transfer Tricky setup for Android and iOS
Works on all devices  
No network restrictions  
Selectively or fully