If you own one of the 2.3 billion Android smartphones in circulation around the world, you might have needed to transfer or receive apps from another android phone at some point. Android users often use software or applications to migrate apps from one device to another. They do this in order to avoid the stress of downloading many apps over again, and the trouble of finding all the underlying data accompanying those apps.

transfer apps from android to android

Most data-sharing apps offer a speedy transfer of apps across devices, easily displacing traditional methods of transfer such as Bluetooth, cloud storage and the internet. In this article we'll introduce you four of them.

Things to Know before Transferring Apps from Android to Android

Actually, you should know that there are specific transfer apps designed by different phone manufacturers to help users switch to their new phones. For example, you can use Samsung Smart Switch to transfer apps from any Android phones (or iPhones) to a new Samsung; if you are switching to a Huawei device, then you can use the Huawei Phone Clone app or Huawei Phone Clone alternatives; or you can use LG Mobile Switch for transferring apps to a new LG device, or Xperia Transfer Mobile for a Sony one...

It all depends on the new device you get or the destination device you want to transfer apps to, so you can choose the one that suits you best. However, these official tools are usually restricted by the phone models and OS versions, as well as the network connection stability.

Android phones

At the end of this article, we'll take Samsung Smart Switch as an example to show the common process of applying this kind of apps to transfer apps/data from Android to Android; while at the beginning, we'd like to introduce you three useful tools for Android to Android transfer without the restrictions coming with those official transfer apps, so you will be able to transfer different apps from Android to Android no matter what devices you possess.

Part 1. Transfer Apps from Android to Android - WhatsApp

Since WhatsApp is getting more and more vital in our life, here we offer a method to directly transfer WhatsApp from Android to Android. Although you may hear that Google Drive can help you finish the task, it's complicated and unfriendly for tech novices - you need to first back up your WhatsApp data through Google Drive and then restore it to another Android device.

Thankfully, a particularly notable transfer app - iMyFone iTransor Pro - enables an easy and seamless transfer of WhatsApp from Android to Android. It is a highly rated data transfer software, acclaimed for its innovative features and smooth user experience. This desktop application supports a hassle-free transfer of WhatsApp across multiple devices running on any type of operating systems.

1.1 Steps to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to Android

  • Download and install the app on your PC.

windows version聽聽聽聽mac version

  • Open the 'Transfer WhatsApp' feature and then make sure both the sending and receiving phones are connected.

choose Transfer WhatsApp

  • Set the correct source and destination devices and click on the 'Transfer' button. Wait for your transfer to be completed.

1.2 Benefits of iTransor Pro

Here are three main benefits you can get while using iMyFone iTransor Pro.

Complete Data Transfer

iTransor Pro offers an efficient way to transfer all the WhatsApp data, including chat history, photos, videos and other attachments. Not only can you transfer WhatsApp from one android phone to another, but聽up to 17 more types of apps can also be transferred from iPhone to Samsung or from Samsung/Huawei to iPhone through the 'Transfer Other Data' function.

Seamless Backup

The app can back up large sizes of WhatsApp data to a computer, within seconds. Its limitless storage ensures users can back up the entire WhatsApp to their computers.

Easy Data Retrieval

Backups can also be easily retrieved from the PC storage, making sure the WhatsApp data can be quickly restored unto a new/old phone. This is particularly useful when a person is migrating to a new device, or when a user's phone suffers an unexpected data loss.

Part 2. Transfer Apps from Android to Android - Music & Photos


With about 1.8 billion downloads, the SHAREit app can be deemed one of the world's most popular data transfer apps. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Windows phones and even Blackberry devices with a top speed of up to 20 Mbp/s. Users can transfer anything from music and photos to installed apps with SHAREit, because it supports all file types. However, you should know that SHAREit will only transfer your applications' apks, rather than move over your app data as well.

These features are available within the app and can often be accessed offline. In this case, it can be used to transfer music and photos from Android to Android.

2.1 Steps to Transfer Music & Photos from Android to Android

  • Download and install the SHAREit mobile app on the Android devices you wish to move apps between. The application is available for download in the Google Play store or from the SHAREit website.
  • On the source device, open SHAREit and select the apps you wish to send, then click 'Next'. This would create a local connection btween both devices. Then on the receiving device, simply click on 'Receive'. And select the device you want to receive from.

transfer apps via shareit

  • The transfer should begin once the phones are connected and should be finished in a few seconds.

2.2 Limitations of SHAREit

Although using SHAREit to transfer apps from Android to Android is really easy and fast, there are some limitations you might need to concern about SHAREit before the transfer.

Security concerns

In 2017, the Indian government declared SHAREit, alongside 41 other mobile apps, as spywares. The reporting agency further encouraged the Indian military to ensure its officers didn't use these apps, for fear it relayed information back to the Chinese government. Moreover, it is also very susceptible to attacks from hackers, which could severely compromise the safety of people's private data.

Overwhelming ads

Upon launching the app, the first thing a user notices is a homepage filled with very intrusive ads. This often makes it difficult for users to access functions that are important to them, such as transferring apps to another device.

Part 3. Transfer Apps from Android to Android - Without App Data


Just like SHAREit, Xender offers cross-platform file transfer, supporting 6 different operating systems, including Android, Windows and iOS. All the files sharing on the app can be done via Wi-Fi hotspot and the scanning of QR codes.

Xender has a function called "Phone Copy" that lets users import all data from a device into a new one, even if they operate on a different OS. This means users can easily move limitless amounts of apps from one Android device to another. It also serves as a file manager, to help users sort through, view, and delete files, as they see fit.

As Xender is similar to SHAREit, here we only show how to use Xender to transfer apps from Android to Android. Note that it won't transfer your app data.

3.1 Steps to Transfer Apps from Android to Android Without App Data

  • Download and install the Xender app on both Android devices. You can download the app from Google Play, or install it directly from the Xender website.
  • Once installed, open Xender on the source phone and select the apps you wish to share by clicking on their icons. Click on 'Send' and a QR code should show up on your screen.

transfer apps via xender

  • Click 'Receive' on the receiving device and then click on 'Scan Connect' which will allow you to scan the QR code on the source device, thereby connecting the two devices. Once connected, your transfer should start immediately, and should be concluded in seconds.

3.2 Limitations of Xender

Now you know how to transfer apps from Android to Android with Xender, and you must be excited to try it out. However, be careful of the two limitations listed below in case you encounter related problems.

Connection problems

When sharing data between Android and iOS devices, Wi-Fi hotspot has to be created by the Android device, after which the iPhone will connect to the phone's network. This means it is impossible for Androids without Wi-Fi hotspot features, to share apps with iOS devices.

Does not have a PC version

Although Xender has a web tool - Xender Web - which works like Whatsapp Web, it does not have a dedicated app for PC which would have made file sharing between phones and PCs run better.

Part 4. Transfer Apps from Android to Android (Samsung)

samsung smart switch

The Samsung Smart Switch app was specifically created to enable a seamless transfer of data between Samsung Galaxy devices. However, the app is also compatible with some Android and iOS devices, so long as the receiving device is a Samsung Galaxy. Users can transfer all files and data including call logs, SMS messages, apps, contacts etc. between these devices.

It has features that ensure the protection of users files and data while they are being transferred. Moreover, backup files can also be password-protected, and users must input the password any time they wish to restore the backed up files.

4.1 Steps to Transfer Apps from Android to Samsung

  • Download and install the Samsung Smart Switch from Google Play or from the Samsung website. The app should be downloaded on both the sending and receiving devices.
  • Launch the app on both devices and initiate a connection by clicking on the 'Connect' button on either phone. On the source device, select the apps you wish to share and tap on the 'Transfer' button.
  • On the receiving device, a prompt will request that you accept the transfer. Click 'OK' to continue. The transfer should be completed in seconds.

steps for samsung smart switch

4.2 Limitations of Smart Switch

As we've mentioned before, with Samsung Smart Switch you can only transfer data from other mobile devices to a Samsung device. So exporting data from Samsung phones to other Android devices is not supported by Samsung Smart Switch. You can try the other official tools for your own destination device.