If you are switching from Samsung to iPhone, you will be aware of the fact that although iOS and Android have similar features, there are fundamental differences between the two mobile operating systems. Once you have decided to switch from Samsung to iPhone after having researched some of the advantages iOS has over Android, then you will want to move your data to your new iPhone. Initially, you may think that this process will take a lot of time, however with the correct method, this can be a quick and easy process. This article will show you the best method, along with alternatives on how you can transfer data from Samsung to iPhone.

move data from samsung to iphone

Some of the methods listed may also work for other Androids but please check out the full Android to iPhone transfer guide for more in-depth methods for Android devices.

1. Move to iOS Application - Official Method

This is an official app which you can download from the Google Play Store, published by Apple to assist you with moving some of your data from your Samsung to your new iPhone. Before you use this application, ensure that you have a reliable internet connection on both devices, not using mobile data and your iPhone cannot already be setup. If it already is and you want to use this method, you will have to factory reset your device.

Once you have downloaded the app on your Samsung, open it and complete the following:

  • Set up your iPhone until you get to the Apps & Data screen. On this screen, you will need to tap Move Data from Android.
  • A code will be generated by your iPhone. Enter this code on your Samsung.
  • Select all the content that you want to be moved from your Samsung to your iPhone. (Please make sure that you have enough storage to move all the selected file types.)
  • Wait until the atrnsfer is complete and continue to set up your iPhone as usual.

move to ios application

This method uses Wi-Fi so it might take a while for the files to transfer, depending on how many files need to be moved and the strength of your internet connection.

2. Transfer One Data Type at a Time - Email Method

Although there are a variety of data types, there are some common ones that you will want to move to your new phone. These include photos, videos, contacts, messages and documents. Within this article, we will briefly go over how to transfer documents from your Samsung to iPhone and contacts too. There are a few different methods on how to do this, and I will be talking about the email method.

2.1 Document Transfer from Samsung to iPhone

To make this method work, you will need to have:

  • The same email account logged into your iPhone and Samsung.
  • Access to the stored files on your Samsung (we recommend you use a file explorer, and your Samsung will likely have one built-in).

Once you have met these requirements, you will need to:

  • Select the documents that you want to transfer from your Samsung to your iPhone.
  • Choose share (this depends on the application and file explorer you are using but is usually located under the stacked ellipses) and tap your email client.
  • Send the email with the attachments to yourself.
  • Open the email on your iPhone and download the attachments.

transfer documents via email

You will not have access to the documents on your iPhone. It follows that if your documents are larger in file size and there are many documents, they will take longer. Also, many emails limit the number of documents you can attach, so if you have many of them, you should use an alternative method, such as the ones listed above.

2.2 Contact Transfer from Samsung to iPhone

For contacts, you can go to the in-depth article which gives many methods of transferring your contacts from your Samsung to iPhone, however, we will briefly touch on how to move your contacts from Samsung to iPhone using a Google account. You will need a Google account for this method to work, although if you have been using Android, you will likely already have one. Make sure that you know the details for this account.

  • Backup your contacts on your Samsung to your Google account. This option is located in the settings application but the exact location of it can vary from device to device.
  • Wait until all your contacts have synced to your Google account.

backup contacts to google account

  • Login with this Google account on your iPhone.
  • Enable contact synchronisation for your iPhone and wait for a few minutes until they have been saved to your iPhone.
Do not delete any contacts from your Google account because that will result in you losing your contacts from your iPhone too.

Alternatively, you can follow the more complicated method, which gives you more control over which contacts you will transfer from your Samsung to your iPhone.

  • Sync your contacts to the Google account logged into your Samsung.
  • Login to this Google account on a computer and export the contacts that you would like to transfer as a vCard.
  • Go to your iCloud account using your PC through a web browser.
  • Import the contacts from the vCard that you just downloaded on your iCloud account.
  • Wait until the contacts have been imported.

import contacts from vCard

These steps are brief and you can find a detailed guide on our website on how to move contacts from your Samsung, or other Android devices, to your iPhone.


Hopefully, this article has assisted you in moving your files from your Samsung to your iPhone. If you aren't comfortable using any one of the methods listed above, feel free to try another one. It's all up to you and what you would prefer to do. Furthermore, if you need any assistance in transferring data from Samsung to iPhone, you can leave us a message and we 'll be more than willing to help you out.