So, you have decided to ditch your iPhone and try a new Samsung instead. We feel you. So, how do you take must-have things with you as you make the transition from iOS to Android? Since our texts and messages are among the most important type of data we all want to get a hold of when migrating from an old phone to a new device, we give you 3 handy solutions here to transfer messages from iPhone to Samsung. Plus, one highly effective option you should definitely try out if you also want to transfer your WhatsApp messages effortlessly and safely.

transfer messages from iPhone to Samsung

Option 1: Transfer Messages from iPhone to Samsung via Samsung Smart Switch

The Samsung Smart Switch app enables you to send all of your text messages from your iPhone to your new Samsung phone using a USB cable or via Wi-Fi. Before you begin, you are called to sign up for a Google account (if you don’t have a Gmail account yet). You will need it when you set up your Samsung device later. Also, ensure you complete the setup process and then access the app by searching for it on the Google Play store on your Android phone.

Now, the steps involved from that point onward are as follows (for transfers via USB, which is far more reliable than via Wi-Fi):

  • Plug the USB-C to USB adaptor (comes with your Samsung phone) into the Android phone.
  • Plug the Lightning cable (comes with your iPhone) to the iOS device.
  • Connect the two.
  • Tap Trust on your iOS phone.
  • Hit Next on your Samsung.
  • Give it a few minutes, and you will get a list of data that you can transfer from your iPhone to your Samsung.
  • Select Text Message History > Transfer on your Android phone.

transfer messages via Samsung Smart Switch

Depending on the amount of data you want to bring along with you, the app may take a while before it can transfer messages from iPhone to Samsung. Nonetheless, it will display the estimated time on the screen (look at the top), so you will have a rough idea of how long it will need to complete the migration of texts.

Option 2: Transfer Messages from iPhone to Samsung via ISMS2droid

ISMS2droid is a free app that will allow you to make an encrypted backup of your iOS phone to iTunes. Then, you will need to locate and copy that database you have previously backed up and then import it from your Samsung phone. Here are the detailed instructions:

Step #1: Back up your iPhone

  • Take out the SIM card from your iPhone (or switch to Flight Mode) to avoid receiving messages during the backup process.
  • Connect your iOS device to your PC and start iTunes.
  • Select your iPhone and click on Back Up Now to make an encrypted backup.

Step #2: Track your backup folder at iTunes

  • If you are using Windows OS, the path is C> Users> AppData>Roaming> Apple Computer> MobileSync>Backup.
  • If you are using OS X, the path is Library> application Support>MobileSync>Backup.
  • The correct folder is the one that does NOT contain a timestamp (year/month/day) at the end.

locate iphone backup file

Step #3: Copy the files and install the app

  • Look into the folder named “3d” (it contains all your messages) and find the file that reads 3d0d7e5fb2ce288813306e4d4636395e047a3d28.
  • Select the files you want to import to your Samsung phone.
  • Install the ISMS2droid app on your Samsung device by heading to the Google Play Store and following the usual app-installation and download steps.

Step #4:聽 Initiate the import

  • Open the app on your Samsung phone.
  • Tap on Import Messages.
  • You may be asked to grant specific permissions to the app if you are using it for the first time.
  • You will also be requested to switch the Samsung default messaging app to ISMS2droid so you can write on the messaging database that comes with your Android device.
  • You can choose to either import all messages or select ones (conversations by contact).

transfer messages via ISMS2droid

As soon as the import is finished, you can go back to using the default messaging application (you will be asked to switch after you transfer messages from iPhone to Samsung).

Option 3: Transfer Messages from iPhone to Samsung via Phone Copier

Phone Copier is an app that will enable you to send your SMS and text messages from an iOS to an Android-powered device. Note that the app promises to encrypt all data that is being transferred, meaing that migrating your content is perfectly safe. The process is quite simple and straightforward:

  • Install the app on both phones.
  • On the iPhone, create an account and then you can back up your text messages on the cloud.
  • On the Android phone, you need to click Download and it will start to transfer messages from your iPhone to Samsung.

transfer messages via phone copier

  • Wait until the copy is complete. You now have all the messages of your iPhone on the Samsung phone.

Best Tip for Transferring Massive Data at One Time from iPhone to Samsung

As you've learned different ways to transfer your iPhone messages to Samsung, we provide an extra tip here for you to transfer the other iPhone data you need. iMyFone iTransor Pro is a program that supports the migration of 18 types of phone data from iPhone to Samsung device, including all the basic phone data and even WhatsApp. The app also gives you the chance to export one or more WhatsApp chats to either Excel/CSV or HTML. Here is how to get the phone-to-phone transfer done in a heartbeat:

Step #1: Connect your phones

  • Connect both devices to a computer using the USB cables (best the ones that came in their original packaging).
  • Install and open the program on your PC.

windows version    mac version

  • Select Transfer WhatsApp or Transfer Other Data. We'll take Transfer Other Data as an example in this article.


If you choose Transfer WhatsApp, the component iTransor for WhatsApp will be activated and you can follow the phone transfer guide here to complete the WhatsApp migration.

  • Allow access to phone data (allow USB debugging or trust the computer on your phone) if your device asks you to give the relevant permissions.
  • Set the iPhone as the source device and your Samsung as the target device. If the app has labeled the phones differently, you can change that by the Switch button.

choose the data you want to transfer

Step #2: Select the data you want to transfer

  • Initiate the transfer and follow the simple instructions on the screen.
  • After the program prepares your devices for phone transfer, you can select the data you wish to migrate to your Samsung phone.

choose the data you want to transfer

Step #3: Complete the transfer

If you have lots of data to migrate from your iPhone to your Samsung phone, it may take a couple of hours for the transfer to complete. Usually, though, it requires less than 30 minutes to send your basic data from your old phone to the new device.