Xender is a much-favored file transfer app with three million downloads from the Google Play Store alone. The phone file sharing tool lets users send data from one phone to another with no need for cellular connection, Wi-Fi, or cable. Plus, it enables not only an easy and fast file migration (50x faster than Bluetooth) but also unlimited data usage for free. Besides, it allows you to connect up to five devices simultaneously and share pictures with them at the speed of light.


However, the recently installed extra features and the overwhelming number of adverts that pop up every few seconds have made many users looking for an alternative for Xender. We hear you. This Xender alternative guide聽is for you.

4 Most Popular Xender Alternatives [Mobile Apps]

Firstly we'd like to introduce you 4 of the most popular Xender alternatives, which are all mobile apps like Xender. If you prefer PC software or want to know what's our best choice immediately, just jump to the corresponding parts.

Xender Alternative #1Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is a cross-platform fire migrating service that requires no cloud storage. It enables peer-to-peer digital file-sharing in real-time with no file type or file size limitations whatsoever. The app can help you send data across iOS, Android, and Desktop (including Mac, Windows, and Linux-powered devices). It also needs no registration or login – you simply receive a 6-digit code that you must send to the receiver device to sync the two devices.

Xender Alternative #2WeTransfer


WeTransfer allows you to send small or big files from one device to another without any restrictions or limitations in regard to file type. You can share from music and documents to videos and presentations. Now, if the files you wish to migrate between devices are up to 2 GB, the service is free of charge. Note that your data will be available for 14 days. For larger files and file size requirements, you will have to buy the premium version that will allow you to send files up to 20 GB. The paid WeTransfer app will also keep your data not only password-protected but also available for a longer time than the standard two weeks offered by the free app.

Xender Alternative #3SHAREit


SHAREit gives you the chance to send files safely, easily, and fastly (60x faster than Bluetooth). The app works across PCs, tablets, and smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) even if you do not have an internet connection. With SHAREit, you can migrate from music files and videos to apps without the need to use any cable or a Wi-Fi connection. It supports group sharing for up to five devices that can send and receive files at the same time. Plus, all the devices that have SHAREit installed can find one another automatically when they are in range, which makes file sharing even more convenient and easy.

Xender Alternative #4FileTransfer


FireTransfer gives users the chance to share up to 6GB with peers for free. The app keeps the uploaded files for 21 days before they become unavailable. With FileTransfer, you can have up to 50 downloads of your files, which means that you can share data with your friends and colleagues by sending a download link from the website directly to their emails. The paid version includes extras, such as a 60 GB maximum size of data that can be transferred, the download of expired files, 聽and zero download limit, among others.

5 Xender Alternatives to Send Files from/to A Computer or PC

For people who don't have any more stroge space on the old (source) phones or just want to finish all the complicated things through PC, here are the solutions for Xender alternatives.

Xender Alternative #5HFS (HTTP File Server)


This tiny Windows program enables you to send files from your computer to any Chromebook, Mac, tablet, smartphone, or another PC directly without having to install any software on the target device (the receiver). This free, easy-to-use, open-source file server for data transfers is a portable web server app that has been designed for swapping files (rather than web pages) between devices. You don’t need to install anything so you can move large files from your PC to another device (even a virtual machine). As for the required configurations, these are minimal as you can use the app on your local network or Wi-Fi by connecting your device to HFS (needs nearly no configuration). Without a doubt, HTS is way more compatible with today’s Internet and differs from classic file sharing and web servers.

Xender Alternative #6Portal


This Pushbullet product is a free alternative for Xender that helps you share files from your computer onto your smartphone. Everything happens fast and easy using your Wi-Fi connection. With no need to consume your mobile data, even the biggest files get migrated in an instance (even those over 1GB in size). Also, you are being provided with a feature that enables the swift transfer of several folders in one go.

Xender Alternative #7SideSync


Samsung’s SideSync is an app that makes the sharing of files between a PC and mobile device feel like a walk in the park. It enables data, windows, and screens to be transferred easily between a computer and a Samsung phone or two Samsung phones. This means that you have access to things like texts and calls from both your computer or laptop and phone, which eliminates the need to switch back and forth. 聽You simply connect your phone to your computer using SideSync, and you are free to respond to messages, make calls, transfer files from and to your Mac or PC, and more.

Xender Alternative #8Roamit


Another great alternative for Xender that brings your Android and Windows 10 devices closer. With Roamit, you can send files and photos via a local Wi-Fi network or even share a webpage you are reading to your mobile, PC, or Xbox! What is even more exciting? You don’t even have to open the app as everything you copy on your computer is mirrored to your phone! Note that the free version gives you up to 5 megabytes per file transfer. The premium version, though, comes with more extras, including a 14-day trial period before you decide whether to upgrade to premium or not.

Xender Alternative #9Sweech


The app enables users to exchange files with a smartphone, tablet, or computer fast and easy without the need for cables or other applications, such as Bluetooth. Sweech is a free app that only requires a browser and a Wi-Fi connection to work. Then, you can transfer any files from or to your Android phone or tablet, including apps, videos, images, and documents. You may even use Sweech to play any photo, video, or music file remotely (from your device on your computer). Everything happens with a QR code or Android Beam (NFC) that allows you to share the URL of your device to the target device so the file transfer can begin. It is compatible with Windows Phone, iOS, Android, PC, and Mac.

Best Xender Alternative – Editor’s Choice

iTransor Pro is probably the best alternative to Xender at this given moment, considering the numerous features and functions that make it stand out from the rest. iTtransor Pro will not only help you selectively transfer up to 18 types of data between iPhone and Samsung or from Huawei to iPhone, but also restore, back up and even export your WhatsApp data.

best Xender alternative

Thanks to its advanced technology, iTransor Pro allows users to see how much data they have in the source device, so that they can choose whatever data they want to transfer. Users can also stop the process and then restart from where they were.

windows version    mac version

Xender has, indeed, several different alternative applications that deliver the same (or even better) file-sharing results with more ease and convenience for the user. All of the apps mentioned here work clockwise and provide exceptional data-sharing experiences. If we had to pick one, though, we would probably choose iTransor Pro for the wide range of features that make users’ life easier. Plus, it makes sending files feel like a walk in the park due to the user-friendly interface and fast data migration procedures.