A New Way to Add Songs to iPod without iTunes

We all know that using iTunes sync to add music to iPod will delete previous songs. Besides, if your iPod is synced with one iTunes library, iTunes doesn't allow you to download music from other computers unless erasing your iPod.

Sometimes, iTunes may remind you it will erase your iPod when syncing even on the same iTunes library. iTunes is hard to be understood. It is wise to add songs to iPod without iTunes.

add songs to iPod without iTunes

How to Add Songs to iPod without iTunes

iMyFone TunesMate is the revolutionary iOS transfer tool that allows you to manage media in iPhone or iTunes library from. It wants to help you add songs to iPod without iTunes sync from local computer/iTunes library/external hard drive. With it, you can get rid of iTunes.

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  • Add songs to iPod from different computers/iTunes libraries without losing any music.
  • Support all music formats.
  • Music formats will be automatically converted to iPod-support one when adding.
  • Edit music info, like name, artists, albums, artworks, etc.

01 Add Songs to iPod without iTunes from Computer

Step 1: Connect your iPod to your PC or Mac and launch the TunesMate.

add songs

Step 2: Click "Music" tab from the top. Tap “Add > Add Folder/File” and go to where you locate the songs. Select them and hit “Open” to add.

add songs


  • If the music you want to add is not supported by iPod, TunesMate will automatically convert them to a supported one when transferring. So the added music should be playable on iPod.
  • Or you can also directly drag and drop the music files from music folder to TunesMate's music window to add music.

02 Add Music to iPod without iTunes from iTunes Library

Of course, moving music from your computer to your iPod is a great option. However, you may also need to move your iTunes music files to iPod.

Step 1: Of course, connect your iPod to computer and launch TunesMate.
Step 2: Go to “Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice”. Make sure the “Music” is ticked. Hit “Transfer” to continue.

add songs to iPod without iTunes

This method will add all the songs in iTunes library to iPod. TunesMate will detect music in ipod and library, and only add missing music to iPod.


iMyFone TunesMate's 1-click transfer allows you to share music to different iOS devices even signed in Apple IDs.

  1. You just need to enrich your iTunes library from different iPhone/iPod/iPad by using "Transfer iDevice Media to iTunes".
  2. Then transfer the iTunes library back to 2-5 iDevice by using "Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice". So you can enjoy a large music collection on one device.

It has a free trial. You can download and give it a shot.

This program allows for you to avoid iTunes restrictions:

  • It allows you to sync iPod to different iTunes libraries/computers.
  • iPod Playlists will be added, deleted, transferred at will.
  • Not only music purchased from iTunes store, but also Google/Amazon music can be shared.
  • And never worry about the change in audio quality.

Additional Features

iMyFone TunesMate offers options beyond adding songs to iPod without iTunes from your computer. As with iTunes, you may transfer podcasts and playlists as well. You can even transfer audiobooks. Beyond transferring, you can do anything with your iPod that iTunes allows without the restrictions.

Therefore, you can manage your playlists quickly and easily. You may add or delete songs or audio files with one click. And, you never have to worry about duplicate songs again.

There is no longer a need to have five copies of "It's Not Unusual" on the same playlist or even on your iPod in general. You can even rebuild your entire iTunes library to make sure everything you want is available at your fingertips.

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