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CopyTrans Review – an iTunes Match for File Transfers & Backups on iPhones

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Tata Davis

April 14, 2017 (Updated: November 28, 2017)• Filed to: Transfer iPhone Media

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Would you like to add or remove music directly from your iPod, iPad or iPhone without facing restrictions from iTunes? I guess you shouted a big yes to this question, and everybody would because Apple built iTunes to exclude features that let everyone copy music from their iOS device to computer or other devices in order to minimize unauthorized music sharing via iOS devices.

In doing this, Apple took some extreme measures by cutting off some music sharing features that are legitimate and convenient for iOS users. For instance, copying or backing up music from your iPhone to your new computer, storing your files where you want to, etc. Hence, the only way to achieve music sharing between iDevices is to find another backup strategy; iOS resource management app like CopyTrans.

Part 1: What is CopyTrans?

As we have earlier mentioned, CopyTrans is an iOS resource management app. It is a complete tool for performing full or selective backup iOS audios, videos and apps from your iOS device to your computer.

With numerous options that is available to users, CopyTrans gives you every control that you may need in moving your iOS files back and forth from your iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone to computer.

copytrans review

Part 2: Copytrans Reviews


Some of the good and recommendable features of CopyTrans include:

  1. CopyTrans offers two backup modes; manual and smart backup. Manual backup lets you choose files you will like to backup, while smart backup automatically updates changes to your files since the last backup.
  2. The app has easy to master/straight forward interface, and comes with lots of user-guilds.
  3. The smart backup feature helps you to easy identify what to backup, thereby making backup easy and stress free.
  4. It allows you to sync your files with iTunes if you want to.


CopyTrans is a useful tool for managing iOS resources, but it still has some downsides when compared with other apps like SharePod, Floola, PodTrans, AnyTrans, iTools, DiskAid, SynciOS, MediaMonkey, etc. and such Copytrans reviews include:

  1. It runs sluggishly when copying app.
  2. Its cost is quite on the high side when compared to other software.
  3. It backs up audios, videos and apps only.>

What to Expect for an iTunes Alternative?

Choosing the right iTunes alternative to transfer music to your iPhone, iPod or iPad would take you ensuring that the app your choosing has the following features:

  1. Support for Mac and Windows PC
  2. Supports transfer or syncing of music, videos, audios, and other files to iDevice.
  3. Supports export of Music and other files from iDevice to Windows or Mac PC
  4. Enables file management and offers the user greater control over iOS files.
  5. Converts music files to compatible formats.

Part 3: 3 Recommended Similar Software

Though iTunes is the default application for transferring music on iPhone, iPod and iPad on Mac and Windows PC, you can still move music and other files on iPhone without iTunes.

We have described Copytrans which can be used in moving iPhone music, videos and apps, and we would like to discuss more software in order to increase choice of choosing the right one for you.

1 iMusic

If you are in need of an all-inclusive match for iTunes that integrates music download, record and transfer, then iMusic is the iTunes alternative for you. iMusic allows you to download and record free music from 300+ music sites and unlimited radio stations directly from your built-in music library, after which you can transfer and listen to these music tracks and records offline on your iDevices.

Features of iMusic

1. Music transfer from iPhone, Android, iPod or iPad to Mac, PC or iTunes
2. Transfers music, videos, audiobooks, photos and playlist files from Mac or Windows PC to iDevices.
3. Download free music from 300+ music sites.
4. Record and save music from radio stations.

simialr to copytrans

2 AnyTrans

Just as the name implies, AnyTrans is an iTunes alternative that can be used to transfer any form of music, app, media file, videos, audiobooks, recordings, etc. This app is notable for its user-friendliness, fast speed, restorability, manageable music library, and connectivity to multiple devices. Hence, these features make AnyTrans preferable to iTunes. It is sold at the price of US$39.99, and supports macOS and Windows OS.

Features of AnyTrans

1. It is the best app for transferring iOS files from one iDevice to the other.
2. When backup is done with iTunes, AnyTrans can be used to restore such data to any iDevice from iTunes.
3. It can easily convert ant media file format as need arises.
4. With AnyTrans, you can access and play iTunes playlist from old versions of iPod.
5. You can create your own music library.


3 iTools

If you are looking for an alternative to iTunes that supports macOS and Windows, then choosing iTools won’t be a bad idea. iTools have similar interface with iTunes, and this would help those who find it difficult to master new interface to easily transfer their files on iTools. It is a free app and supports macOS and Windows OS.

Features of iTools

1. It has the same features like iTunes, and can be used to arrange, delete and restore media files and music library.
2. It can be used to transfer any type of app from one iDevice to the other.
3. You can create your own music library within iTools.


The good news is that we have shared with you several alternatives to iTunes, therefore you do not need to watch your laptops freeze or refuse to work because you wanted to launch iTunes on your PC. More so, there is no room for struggling over managing your iOS device files and data because of iTunes restrictions, you can choose CopyTrans or any of these apps to start managing, transferring and restoring your music files now.

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