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Encrypt iPhone Backup: Everything You Need to Know

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Tata Davis

March 7, 2018 (Updated: April 23, 2019锛

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Read this article to learn about Encrypted Backup feature of iPhone. It lists the instructions that you will need to follow in order to encrypt/unencrypt your iPhone backup.

iPhone Backup Encryption: Everything You Need to Know

#1 What Does Encrypt iPhone Backup聽Mean?

All iPhones feature Encrypt Backup option that increases the security of backups by locking and encoding your information. Your backup is protected via password and the encryption prevents unauthorized access to the contents of the backup. So, if anyone uses your computer and goes through your iPhone encrypted backups, they won't be able to view backup contents because it will require a password.

#2 Differences Between Encrypted Backup and Unencrypted Backup

One of the major differences between encrypted and unencrypted backups is that there is additional information stored in encrypted backup which is not included in other backups. That additional information includes your website history, personalized settings, and passwords.


Another difference is that you need a password to restore an encrypted backup. The password is not required when syncing or backing up, it is only required when you restore.


Keep in mind that you cannot turn off Encrypt Backup if you don't remember the password. You also won't be able to recover your information. So it is recommended that you write down the password for your encrypted backup and keep it somewhere safe and accessible.

#3 How to Encrypt iPhone Backup?

By default, iPhone backups are unencrypted. In order to encrypt your聽iPhone聽backup, you will need to turn on the password-protected Encrypt backup option in iTunes. After that, all your future backups will be automatically encrypted for that specific iDevice.

Follow these instructions聽to encrypt iPhone backup:

Step 1. Open iTunes in your computer and connect your iDevice to your computer via lightning cable.

Step 2. Once your iDevice is detected by iTunes, go to the Summary screen and click on ‘Encrypt [device] backup' option available in the Backups section.


Step 3. You will need to create a password for this. So create a password and it is highly recommended that you write it down and store it somewhere safe and accessible so that you can access it when needed.


Step 4. Once you have successfully created the password, iTunes will start backing up your connected iPhone聽and will also overwrite and encrypt your previous backups.

#4 How to Turn Off iPhone Backup Encryption?

Turning off iPhone backup encryption is just as easier as encrypting a backup. Similar to encrypting a backup, you will need to use iTunes to turn off encryption. Keep in mind that you will need iTunes backup password in order to turn off backup encryption.

Follow these instructions:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes.

Step 2. Go to Summary > Backup and uncheck the ‘Encrypt [device] backup' option.


Step 3. iTunes will ask for a backup password, enter it and the backup encryption feature will be turned off.


If you have forgotten the backup encryption password, then you will need to find it first in order to proceed. If you can't remember your password or can't find it where you stored it, then you have two options: you can either restore or erase your iDevice or use iCloud to backup.

#5 How to Unlock Encrypted iPhone Backup?

Forgetting iTunes backup password can be a hassle because without it, you cannot access the data in it. Fortunately, there are ways to resolve this. One of the best ways to do it is by using an iTunes backup password retrieval tool. It is recommended that you use iMyFone KeyGenius as it is the best tool in this regard. KeyGenius uses advanced decryption techniques and algorithms to quickly analyze the backup encryption and find the right password with high accuracy.

iMyFone KeyGenius

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Key Features:

  • Three powerful ways to retrieve iTunes encryption password successfully.
  • KeyGenius is equipped with advanced decryption technology to ensure great efficiency and powerful performance.
  • 100% safe iTunes encryption backup retrieval. KeyGenius does not damage your backup data during the password retrieval process.
  • Easy to use. Disable iTunes backup encryption with just one click.

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Steps to Retrieve iTunes Backup Password Via KeyGenius

Step 1. Launch iMyFone KeyGenius. From the home interface of the software, click on ‘Unlock iTunes Backup’.

select itunes backup unlock mode

Step 2. Next, select the iTunes backup to retrieve its password and then click on the Next button.

select itunes backup

Step 3. Now choose a password attack mode. There are three difference modes. It is recommended that you choose ‘Brute Force with Mask Attack’ mode. You will need to set these items: Password Length, Character Range, Affix, etc.

select unlocking method

Step 4. After setting the values, click on the Start to Unlock button. KeyGenius will start the iTunes backup password retrieval process.

unlocking itunes backup

unlock itunes backup successfully

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