There are a lot of new interesting features in iOS 13, and some of the most interesting are the enhancements that Apple made to the Photos app. What are these enhancements and what do they do? Let’s explore some of these functions in more detail below.

photos in iOS 13

What Photo Updates Does iOS 13 Bring to iPhone and iPad?

Here are a few of the updates that you can look forward to in iOS 13 for your iPhone or iPad:

1 Live Photos Get New Effects

There are some interesting new effects for Live Photos. For example, you will be able to add a long exposure effect (which lets you animate just part of a photo) as well as customize your thumbnail. Live Photos will also support a new “boomerang” effect that loops the photos forwards and backwards.

2 Built-In Filters for the Camera App

There will be three new filters that will come built-in with Camera. These will be a black and white filter, a “vivid” filter, and a “dramatic” filter. You will also be able to customize each of these filters even further.

photos in iOS 13

2 You Can Now Edit Live Photos

You will now be able to cut up your Live Photos as well as add a slew of new effects and filters. You can edit them right there on your device right after you’ve taken them.

4 HEVC and HEIF Formats

What is HEVC and HEIF? These are compression formats for videos and images that allow photos to be half their previous size, but still retain their quality. The advantages of this are obvious: you can take the same number of photos, but only take up about half the storage space on your phone (or you can just take twice as many photos).

photos in iOS 13

5 You Can Shoot Portrait Mode Pictures

This feature is only available for iPhone 7 and above, but in iOS 13 portrait mode will include better image stabilization, HDR, and flash. All of this will help you take photos in all kinds of lighting conditions.

6 Others

Besides these more exciting enhancements, there will also be other random ones that are easy to overlook. For example, the Camera app will now be able to automatically detect QR codes. Apple also improved its facial recognition technology, so you will see less duplicate folders in your People folder. Thumbnails of your People folders will also be bigger. Apple’s Memories function was improved as well and you will be able to personalize it more.

photos in iOS 13

How to Save Photo Space on iPhone / iPad in iOS 13

Now that iOS 13 has compression technology, you don’t have to worry about saving photos space, right? Wrong. Though iOS 13 can save you a lot of space, if you’re the kind of person who likes to take tons of photos, their compression efforts might still not be enough.

If you use an application like iMyFone TunesMate, though, you can transfer your iPhone photos to computer or an external drive, and then delete them on your device to save space.

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Main Features:

  • Transfer photos and albums from iPhone to your computer and vice versa.
  • Detect and remove duplicates automatically.
  • Transfer securely without fear of losing your data.
  • Delete photos from your iPhone in bulk for free.
  • Also transfer/delete iPhone music, video, playlists, audiobooks, podcasts, iTunes U, etc.
  • Strongly recommended to be a must-have iPhone device manager -- tricksworldzz, geekreply, etc.

How to delete photos in bulk from your iOS 13:

Step 1: After you have installed TunesMate, connect your iPhone iOS 13 to your computer. Open TunesMate.

Step 2: Click the Photos tab near the top. Select which photos you want to delete. (You should see clear thumbnails of the photos on your device.)

Step 3: Click Delete at the top. Click Yes to confirm.

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Note that if you want to keep these photos, you should transfer them to your computer first before you delete them from your iPhone.


If you want to compress iPhone photos, clean your photo cache, or permanently delete the photos from your iPhone or iPad in iOS 13 so that they’re unrecoverable, then you can try an iPhone data eraser called iMyFone Umate Pro. This program offers enhanced security and space-saving features.
It's strongly recommended to use it to completely wipe your old iPhone before selling or giving it away. General reset is not safe enough


With the new iOS 13, there are lots of great enhancements for the Photos app. One of the most important things that Apple changed was the photo compression, allowing you to have more space. You can make even more room on your phone, though, if you use a third-party app like iMyFone TunesMate to back up and delete your photos.