The Complete Guide to Export Photos from iPhone X iOS 13 to PC/Mac

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Apple makes huge changes for the photos function on iPhone X. One of the great feature is that the photos taken can be saved as .heic format which saves you lots of photos space but still keeps the good quality. it means you can take much more photos without worrying about the space. However, it’s a smart action to export photos from iPhone to computer or external hard drive as to:

  • Avoid photos being lost caused by unexpected iOS issues;
  • Manage your iPhone photos in an easy way;
  • Save all your photos from different places to the same place;
  • Etc.

There are some ways to make it but not all of them works for you. Especially when you take HEIC photos on iPhone X, some ways are not compatible to export .heic photos.

How to Export Photos from iPhone X to PC/Mac

if you want to save time, you should consider iPhone data transfer tool, like iMyFone TunesMate which is your Must-Have iPhone manager and iTunes rebuilder. it can transfer music, videos, photos, playlists, ringtones, etc between iPhone and iTunes, and backuр iPhone media on computer. Exporting photos from iPhone X is a piece of cake.

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Key Features to iPhone Photos (iOS 13 Supported):

  • Export photos from iPhone to computer or external hard drive, including photos in Camera roll and Photo Stream.
  • Export photos from iPhone all at once or selectively in bulk.
  • Manage HEIC Photos: View, export or delete iPhone HEIC photos as you like.
  • Export albums (not just photos) from iPhone in an organized way.
  • Two-Way Transfer: Freely transfer files between iPhone and computer, between iPhone and iTunes library.

1 Steps to Export All Photos from iPhone X in One Click

When connecting your iPhone to TunesMate on computer, choose “Backup Photos to PC/Mac” function, which will export all the photos from iPhone to computer easily.

TunesMate screenshot

2 Steps to Export Photos/Albums from iPhone Selectively

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to TunesMate on computer, choose “Photos” tab from the top.
Step 2: All your photos will be shown at the right side while the albums are displayed at the left sidebar.

  • To Export Photos: Check the photos you want to export and hit “Export > Export to PC/Mac”. Locate a folder to store the photos.
  • To Export Albums: right click on the specific album from the left sidebar and tap “Export to PC/Mac”. Browse a folder to store the album and photos.
TunesMate screenshot

TunesMate is recommended as the ultimate alternative to iTunes by lots of technical software review websites, like,,, et.c

TunesMate review

How to Export Photos from iPhone X to PC

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to PC.
Step 2: Open a folder and go to This PC/My Computer. Your iPhone will appear under the “Devices and drives”. Tap on it.
Step 3: Then just go to Internal Storage > DCIM and it will display lots of folders there.
Step 4: To transfer all the photos, you can hit “Ctrl” and “A” key to select all the folders. Use “Ctrl + C” key to copy and “Ctrl + V” to paste the photos to your PC.
Step 5: If you want to selectively export photos, open each folder to see it has the photos you want to transfer or not. Then just copy and paste them to your PC.

How to Export Photos from iPhone X to PC


  1. All your photos are stored in different folders, it takes much time to find the photos you need as you need to open the folder to check.
  2. You can transfer photo albums to PC.
  3. It doesn’t support to preview the HEIC photos on iPhone.
  4. It doesn’t support to transfer photos in Photo Stream.

How to Export Photos from iPhone X to Mac

This method works if your are working with Mac OS X Yosemite or El Capitan. It’s to export photos using Photos app on Mac.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to уour Mac with a USB cable. Now manually open up the Photos app (if your Mac doesn’t launch it automatically).
Step 2: Tap on “Import” tab and check the photos you want to export.
Step 3: Click “Import XX Selected” or “Import All New Items” to transfer some specific photos or all the photos.
Step 4: Your photos will be copied to your Photos Library automatically. You’ll find this in the “Pictures” directory.

How to Export Photos from iPhone X to PC


  1. Just photos in Camera Roll can be imported from iPhone. Photos in Photo Stream are not available.
  2. You can transfer photos according to album. All the photos exported will be displayed in an unordered way.
  3. You can’t export albums as well.

Which Way to Export iPhone Photos is Better for You

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