What to Do If You Forgot Encrypt iPhone Backup Password?

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I forgot my iPhone backup password, how can i recover it? Please help, your suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Nothing is more frustrating than forgetting encrypt iPhone backup password when you plan to restore your iPhone. iPhone users reflect in several ways to get themselves out of the messy situation, unfortunately, all the techniques used proved abortive. Perhaps you’re among them , count yourself lucky to be here.

We understand how you’ve been craving for a lasting solution to iPhone backup password recovery. While your knowledge on this issue is a bit limited, we enjoin you to spare some minutes on your journal to learn the amazing iTunes backup password recovery techniques that prosper in all situations. I’m telling you, these methods are worth checking out.

After you’ve found a solution to this challenge through our techniques, you will surely don your cap for us.

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Forgot Encrypt iPhone Backup Password? Here Are the Solutions!

Solution 1. Try Any Password You Can Remember

If you can resist a shred of doubt in your mind and allow a quiet confidence within you, it’s possible to have a distinct privilege of getting back your forgotten encrypt iPhone backup password. Sure, it seems to be counter-intuitive, but it has worked for several iPhone users. Judging from the meditative pause of several users, it’s believed that passwords are keywords commonly used by several individuals; a combination of strings means several things to people.

So relax your mind and try the likely character combination you can remember. Don’t be surprised that the right key comes unconsciously.

Solution 2. Use iCloud Backup

Here comes the second method on how to find encrypted iPhone backup password. This method works for those who have gone a bit overboard with the unlocking scenario. You can do funky stuff during this moment only if you’ve done iCloud backup that has the data you desire to restore. Through this , it’s possible to restore your iPhone from iCloud backup to replace iTunes backup.

To retrieve your data through this technique, your phone must have backup the data before the incidence. You can be sure of restoring your iPhone from iCloud backup if that framework has been implemented earlier before the scenario.

Solution 3. Erase All Settings and Create a New iTunes Backup

The more the techniques you experiment, the more likely to be successful at iPhone backup password recovery if you forgot the encrypted iPhone backup password. Unlocking can be easy if you erase all the settings on the phone and simultaneously create a new iTunes backup. The process is easy yet a bit daunting task.To reset the settings, follow the procedures below:

Step 1. Launch your iOS device, Tap the setting menu, then go to General and Click on ‘Reset’ option

Step 2. Enter the required iOS password.


Step 3. Follow the screen instructions to reset your setting. Be aware that this action doesn’t have any negative effect on your user-data or passwords. That doesn’t stop the fact that settings like wallpaper, home screen layout etc. won’t reset. Furthermore, the action will remove your encrypted backup password.

Step 4. Connect your device to iTunes again and create a new encrypted backup.


Note that previous encrypted backups will be useless. You can only back up your new data with iTunes and reset iPhone backup password.

Solution 4. Using an iTunes Backup Password Removal Tool

iTunes backup password removal tool is bliss when trying to reset iPhone backup password. Using this tool is the proven technique for retrieving forgotten iPhone backup password on iOS. The many different types of software have been profiled on many sites, but it’s important to note that they may work

Solution 5. Back up & Restore iPhone without iTunes& iCloud

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