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The Best Solution for Freely Two way iPhone – USB Transfer

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Tata Davis

May 25, 2017 (Updated: March 30, 2018)• Filed to: Transfer iPhone Media

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It is not uncommon for iPhone users to transfer various files from their phones to USB. Usually, this is quite a precautionary measure to do an iPhone – USB transfer. Files in your iPhone may get corrupted or deleted. As such, it is always a good idea to create a back-up of such files in a USB.

Moreover, it might be that the storage space in your iPhone may be full and therefore transferring some large files to USB can help you save space.

Also, it is common to transfer important files from phones to USB for better security.

1: How to Transfer iPhone Files to USB?

Transferring files from iPhone to USB may seem like a cinch at first. However, when it comes to transferring large files, it may get a bit frustrating and the process may consume a lot of time.

As such, iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer is here to take care of all your data transfer issues. iMyFone TunesMate is an incredible new app that helps you transfer everything from media files to large video files in a seamless manner without any hassle.

  • It lets you freely transfer every type of media file between your iDevice and PC or iTunes.
  • It allows you to transfer both free and paid media files in a very convenient manner.
  • You can transfer files from your iTunes library to your iPhone without deleting any original data on your device.
  • You can easily add files directly from PC to iDevice using iMyFone TunesMate.
  • If you have accidentally lost your iTunes library, you can rebuild it instantly with TunesMate.
  • TunesMate lets you transfer files from your iDevice to USB in bulk and vice versa, and as such saves a considerable amount of time.

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Steps for transferring Files from iPhone to USB

Below are the steps that you can follow to easily transfer files from iPhone to USB.

Step 1: Launch iMyFone TunesMate and connect your iDevice to your PC. Also, connect your USB to the computer.

Step 2: At the top, choose the type of media file you want to transfer. For instance, you may select “Music” to transfer Music files to USB. Therefore, click “Music”.

Step 3: You can select the music files you want to transfer or select them all if you wish to transfer everything.

Step 4: Click on “Export” at the top and then select “Export to PC”.

Step 5: Select the folder in USB and click “Select Folder”. All your files will be transferred to USB.

transfer iphone to usb

2: How to Transfer Files from USB to iPhone?

Now that you know how to transfer files from USB to iPhone, it is also worth considering as to how you can transfer from USB to iPhone.

Step 1: Launch iMyFone TunesMate and connect your iDevice along with your USB to your PC.

Step 2: At the top, click on “Add” and the select “Add files”

Step 3: Locate the USB folder and select the files you want to add.

Step 4: Select “Open” and all your files will be added to your iPhone.

transfer usb to iphone

3: Transferring files using iTunes between USB and iPhone

Most iPhone users use iTunes to transfer files between their iDevices and USB. This is indeed an easy option since iPhone users are well aware of how to use iTunes to transfer media files.

In order to transfer files from iPhone to USB or vice versa, you will need to sync your data in your iDevice with iTunes. Follow the steps below to do so.

Step 1: Launch iTunes and connect your iDevice to PC.

Step 2: Select your device from the list that appears on the left.

Step 3: Click “Apps” and then scroll down to the file sharing section at the bottom.

Step 4: Select the app to see the files that can be shared. For music, you may select the music app to see which music files are sharable.

Step 5: Click “Add” to select the files you want to transfer and then click “Sync”.

Step 6: You can copy the files to your PC. Once they are on your PC, you can transfer to USB.

iphone-usb transfer

As you can see, the process is very long and time-consuming. There is no direct way of copying your files from iDevice to USB or vice versa. You can only do so by first copying the files to your PC and then transferring them to USB.

As such, iMyFone TunesMate offers a much simpler method of transferring files between your iDevice and USB.

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