iTunes software allows you back up and sync iDevices, and also gives you access to the Apple iTunes store. You have your iTunes library on your Mac or PC but as it turns out, you might have to hit the road without your laptop, so how do you gain access to your favorite videos, playlist, etc. Accessing your iTunes library from other computers or iDevices is possible. Apple allows you share your iTunes library with up to 5 computers on a local network, giving others access to view and play your iTunes media from their own computer. If you want to log in and gain access to your account, you have the option of authorizing 5 computers. Here we show you how to access iTunes library in different ways.

Part 1: How to Access iTunes Library via Home Sharing?

The home sharing feature is an easy way to share your iTunes library between computers. That way, people connected on the same home network with you can enjoy your tasteful music playlist and other media contents in your library.


Before considering anything else, you鈥檒l have to install the latest version of the iTunes software on each computer. The next requirement is your Apple ID which will give you access to your iTunes account. With these requirements, you can connect up to 5 Mac or Windows computers.

#1: How to Access iTunes Library on Windows via Home Sharing?

Once you鈥檝e done this on one computer, you鈥檒l need to repeat the above process on all the other machines in your home network in order to see them via iTunes Home Sharing.

Step 1.Launch iTunes and click on File tab.

Step 2.Select the home sharing sub-menu and click on Turn on Home Sharing.

Step 3.Enter your Apple ID and password.

Step 4.Click Turn on Home Sharing.

Step 5.Click Done once a confirmation message pops up.

Repeat the process for all computers in your home sharing network.

#2: How to Access iTunes Library on Mac via Home Sharing?

Step 1.Launch iTunes and click on Advanced tab.

Step 2.Click Turn on Home Sharing.

Step 3.Enter your Apple ID and password.

Step 4.Tap Create Home Share button.

Step 5.Tap Done once you see the confirmation message on the screen.

Repeat the process for all computers in your home sharing network with the same Apple ID.

After successfully setting it up, you can now use home sharing to stream movies, TV shows, music, from one authorized computer to another. To view your shared libraries, simply click on the Music icon at the upper-left corner of iTunes software. Also, iTunes content on a shared library can be copied to another iTunes library by simply clicking and dragging.

#3: How to Access iTunes Library on iOS Devices via Home Sharing?

Unlike your iDevice, your PC or Mac computer has a sufficient storage space to contain lots of music, movies, podcasts, etc. What if you want your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to have access to the same songs on your computer iTunes library but your device doesn鈥檛 have enough space to contain them all? Do not fret. There is a way for you to share your entire iTunes library to your iDevices without transferring any of the contents, it鈥檚 called iTunes Home Sharing. To use iTunes Home Sharing, you have to make sure your computer and iDevice are on the same Wi-Fi network. Follow the steps below to successfully share your media files.

Step 1.Click settings, select Music or Video to enable Home Sharing for both types of media files.

Step 2.Enter your Apple ID and password. The same Apple ID should be used on all computer and iDevices on your home sharing network.

Step 3.Open videos app, click Shared and then choose a library to play from.

Step 4.Open music app, click Library. If it鈥檚 an iPad, click on Library again then select Home Sharing. If it鈥檚 not still coming up, click Edit, choose Home Sharing, select Done and then click Home Sharing.

Step 5.Choose a shared library to start enjoying your music.

#4: How to Access iTunes Library on Apple TV via Home Sharing?

Step 1.On your Apple TV select Settings >> Computers. For Apple TV 4th generation or Apple TV 4K click on Settings >> Accounts >> Home Sharing.

Step 2.Choose Turn on Home Sharing.

Step 3.Type in your Apple ID and password. Now you can share.

To share your iTunes library on your Apple TV:

Step 1.Locate Shared Libraries.

Step 2.On the main menu, tap Computers, and click on Library.

The pictures on your computer can also be viewed on your Apple TV:

Step 1.Launch iTunes on your computer.

Step 2.Locate File >> Home Sharing >> Choose Photos to Share With Apple TV.

Bonus Tips: How to Back Up/Transfer iTunes Library to iOS Device with iMyFone TunesMate?

For most of you that have countless movies, music, and podcasts in your iTunes library looking for a simple and effortless way to transfer these exciting media contents to your iOS devices, there is a fast and reliable way to do this. iMyFone TunesMate is the perfect iTunes alternative for transferring videos, music, TV shows, photos to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod efficiently.

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Key Features:

  • Free 2-way transfer between iOS device and iTunes/computer.
  • Both free and paid music/movies are supported to be transferred.
  • Rebuild damaged iTunes Library from your iPhone/iPad/iPod within a few minutes.
  • Transfer data from unlimited iDevices and unlimited iTunes libraries.
  • No data loss when transferring media files between two devices.

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Follow the steps below to transfer/back up iTunes library to iOS device:

Step 1. Connect your iOS device such as iPhone/iPad/iPod with computer, and run iMyFone TunesMate on your computer.

Step 2. Click "Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice" on the home interface to scan all iTunes library.

Step 3. By default, all iTunes media files will be checked. Select and choose what you want to back up, and click "Transfer" to transfer/back up iTunes library to iOS device connected.

Step 4. When transfer process completes, click "OK" to conclude the whole process.

The best thing about TunesMate is that even if your device doesn鈥檛 have the same Apple ID with your iTunes account, your files will still be transferred without losing any data. Also, with TunesMate, you can share your iTunes media contents with unlimited iPads, iPods, and iPhones. No network connection is required.