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How to Change Ringtone on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch iOS 13

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Aaron Donald

February 18, 2018 (Updated: August 21, 2019锛

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iPhone comes with some wonderful ringtones, but most iPhone users would prefer to change their iPhone default ringtone to something they would appreciate better. Are you one of those who would love to customize their iPhones? Then, you ought to know that changing your ringtone is the fasted and easiest way to customize your iPhone.

Would you love to give a personal touch to your iPhone by making every ringtone unique? I would love to do that too, but the problem lies on how to set iPhone default ringtone with a custom ringtone. I guess that鈥檚 the challenge you are facing too.

How to Change Your Ringtone on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

Changing your iPhone default ringtone to another ringtone you like better takes but a few steps.

Step 1: Tap your iPhone鈥檚 Home button to display your apps, then find the Settings app and click it.

Step 2: In the Settings page, click Sound & Haptics > Ringtone tabs. The Ringtone menu will display, you can now go through the list of ringtones to see the one in use (this should be the ringtone with a checkmark next to it).
Note: You can also change the Text Tone, New Mail sound, Calendar Alerts and more there with your custom ringtone.

Step 3: Choose the iPhone ringtone you prefer by clicking on it. The tone will play for you to preview it.

change ringtones

This first part only describes how to change from one default iPhone ringtone to another. If you want to know how to make and upload custom ringtones to iPhone, then you鈥檒l need to study the second part of the article.

How to Make and Put Custom Ringtones to iPhone in One Place

Do you want to make your own ringtones from your favorite songs? Apple doesn't make it easy for users, but you can use iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Manager to create ringtones and save it directly to your iPhone without going through annoying iTunes.

What then is this so-called iMyFone TunesMate? We can simply say that TunesMate is the ultimate free transfer media tool for iOS users that also offers ringtone creation and upload for and to iPhone. It is proud to be recognized by 2,000,000+ people as one of the most reliable ringtone making tools of all times.

TunesMate iPhone Transfer

5,000,000+ Downloads

Key Features:

  • Customize Ringtones: Set the precise section of any song (in any format) to be your ringtone in 1 click, and preview the tone before saving it to iPhone or computer.
  • Syncing computer/iTunes files to iPhone won鈥檛 overwrite the existing files on iPhone.
  • Extract files from iPhone to computer, iTunes, external hard drive, media player, etc.
  • Restore iTunes library from unlimited iOS devices without opening iTunes.
  • Full Compatibility: It transfers ringtone, music, videos, playlists, photos, podcasts, audiobooks, and more.

Try It FreeTry It Free

TunesMate iPhone Transfer is recommended to be the ultimate alternative to iTunes for Windows and Mac. -- by,, and 20+ more media.

TunesMate review

1 Steps to Make and Put Ringtone to iPhone without iTunes

Step 1: Launch iMyFone TunesMate on your PC, and connect your iPhone using a USB cable.

Step 2: Click 鈥Music鈥 tab at the top menu and then Ringtones. Choose Ringtone Maker.


Step 3: As the song is playing, decide the point to set as start and the point to set as a finish.

Step 4: Click 鈥Ringtone Audition鈥 to preview, and choose to save the ringtone to iPhone or computer by clicking 鈥淪ave to PC鈥 or 鈥淪ave to Device鈥 respectively. In this case, you鈥檒l need to click on 鈥淪ave to Device鈥 and your newly created ringtone will be uploaded to your iPhone.

TunesMate Ringtone

2 Steps to Transfer Free Ringtones to iPhone

Step 1: Let your iPhone connect to TunesMate.
Step 2: Click Music tab on TunesMate and choose Ringtones from the left sidebar.
Step 3: Tap 鈥Add > Add File鈥 and select the ringtones from your computer. Let it sync to your iPhone.


More so, after using TunesMate to upload your newly created ringtone to iPhone, it will now reflect among the range of songs to choose from in Part 1: Step 2, but they will be separated off from iPhone default ringtones by a darker line. Click on the ringtone to set it as your iPhone ringtone.

How to Delete Ringtones from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

From all my research and knowledge of iOS and iTunes, I can conveniently say that there is no way to delete unwanted ringtones from iPhone, even using iTunes. The only means through which you can erase iPhone ringtone is through iMyFone TunesMate.

Step 1: Launch iMyFone TunesMate on computer, and connect your iPhone.
Step 2: Click 鈥Music鈥 from the top menu bar, then click 鈥Ringtones鈥 from the left sidebar.
Step 3: Select the ringtone you would like to delete and click 鈥Delete" to erase it.


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