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How to Download iTunes Movies Trailers? Now Do So Seamlessly!

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August 18, 2017 (Updated: August 26, 2020锛

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"I'm stuck; I can't download iTunes movies trailers from Apple for Quicktime. Only the flash versions are available not the downloadable versions. What should I do?"

The above echoes the feeling of many iTunes users who never knew how to download movie trailers that they want because the flash version can't play on browsers. Are you presently experiencing the same thing? If so, we have got good news for you!

1. How to Download QuickTime Trailers Online for Mac

If you have got a Mac and you want to watch QuickTime trailers, follow the steps below to download that movie trailer you have always wanted.

Step 1. Log in to iTunes Movie Trailers official site.
Step 2. Look for the trailer you want to download.
Step 3. Copy the URL of the trailer.
Step 4. Go to Mac Video Downloader and run.
Step 5. Paste the URL to start downloading the trailer.

Download QuickTime Trailers

That's all. You should be able to watch the trailers after the steps above. But, you can go further by moving them to your other devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.

2. How to Convert Apple's Trailers to iPhone or Android Phone

Converting the trailers you have downloaded to other devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android phone has some good benefits such as easy access to the trailers anywhere you go. However, these trailers are mostly in MOV format. No worries! Just use the same QuickTime downloader as a converter. Follow these steps

Step 1. Open "Download" library to view all the downloaded videos.
Step 2. Locate the "Convert" button in the QuickTime downloader.
Step 3. Click on this button
Step 4. Choose from these formats: MP4, M4V, AVI, WMV, etc.
Step 5. Any that matches your device should prompt conversion immediately.

Convert Apple's Trailers

Now that you have converted and transferred some movies trailers to mobile devices, would you like to get some gist on the current most popular movie trailers? Check below some hot ones for 2017.

3. 10 Most Popular QuickTime Movie Trailers 2017

1. Thank You for Your Service
2. Crown Height
3. 9/11
4. The Teacher
5. The Dark Tower
6. Kidnap
7. Girls Trip
8. Atomic Blonde
9. City of Ghosts
10. Baby Driver

Most Popular QuickTime Movie Trailers

4. How to Effectively Manage iPhone Medias

Likely, you have had difficulty at one time or the other downloading and managing songs on iTunes. What about making everything more simpler by managing iPhone media using a reliable software? If you are not already using iMyFone TunesMate to manage iPhone media, you are missing out big time!

iMyFone TunesMate helps to organize, transfer iTunes movies quickly, transfer between devices iTunes, and PCs. Below are some of the notable features of TunesMate.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Key Feature of TuneMate

  • Rebuild iTunes Library: If you want to get back your videos, photos, and music, TunesMate is what you need. It will rebuild it to get back your medias.
  • Sync Completely with No Data Loss: TunesMate always synchronizes 100% iTunes and iOS devices with no data ever loss. You can rest assured that as you sync between devices, all data will remain intact.
  • Free 2-Way Transfer: You can transfer back and forth with TunesMate. For instance, transfer between iPhone and iTunes and vice visa. This also applies to iPhone and PC.
  • Preview and Select: TunesMate gives the option to preview all your files and select which you want to transfer.
  • Support Free and Paid Media: TunesMate supports both free and paid music, among different iOS devices and among different iTunes library. So, feel free to share your media files.

Steps of Transferring iTunes Movie Trailers

To use TunesMate for transfer iTunes movie trailers, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Install TunesMate, open it and connect your iPhone to it.

Step 2. Find "transfer iTunes media to iDevice" and click.
download itunes movie trailers
Step 3. Choose media files to transfer and click on 鈥淭ransfer鈥.
transfer itunes movie trailers

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