There are a couple of numerous ways you can get your desired audible books on your iOS device so you can listen to them anytime you want. An excellent way to do this is to download the Audible for iOS app either using your PC or via iTunes store.

1. How to Buy Audible Books on iPhone/iPad

You can buy audible books on your iPhone/iPad from iBooks app. The following steps will guide you.


Step 1: Visit the iBooks on your iPhone/iPad.
Step 2: You can find the books from 鈥淔eatured鈥, 鈥淭op Charts鈥, or 鈥淪earch鈥 tab. Tap 鈥淎udiobooks鈥 at the top if you go to 鈥淔eatured鈥 or 鈥淭op Charts鈥.

  • Featured: The audible books that are new and featured by Apple will be displayed there.
  • Top Chart: The most popular audible books will be found there.
  • Search: You can search for the specific audible book.

Step 3: Click on the title of the audible book that you want to buy.

2. How to Redownload Purchased Audible Books on iPhone

If you want to redownload the audiobooks you have already purchased, all you have to do is follow the instructions below. The step is straightforward and easy to understand.

Step 1: Launch the iBook app.
Step 2: Click on Purchase at the bottom. Tap 鈥淎udiobooks鈥.
Step 3: Press 鈥淣ot on This [device]鈥.
Step 4: Look for the audible book you want to download and click on it the iCloud icon beside it.

audible book

The audible book will be downloaded on your device.

3. How to Get Free Audible Books on iPhone/iPad

If you have get free audible books on computer or external hard drive, you can consider transfer them to iPhone. Generally, you can use iTunes. But you need to note the limits of using iTunes:

  • Files can be lost while syncing, especially those files you didn鈥檛 buy on your iPhone from the official store.
  • Syncing of files is done blindly, and you can鈥檛 export them one at a time.
  • Not every type of audio format can be exported.
  • Audiobook syncing can only be done from one iTunes library to iPhone, but not from iPhone to iTunes.
  • iTunes does not allow syncing audiobooks to iPhone directly from PC.

However, if you want to avoid all the restrictions of iTunes, you can come to the alternate software called iMyFone Tunesmate iPhone Transfer. It is a software which does not only transfer media files but allows you to preview them before transfer so that you won鈥檛 send the wrong file. It has several key features which make it more useful compared to iTunes.

iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer Software Review >>

  • Getting audiobookes to iPhone from computer/iTunes/external HD won鈥檛 damage existing data.
  • Getting audible books to iPhone directly from computer instead of going through iTunes library.
  • Extract purchased or non-purchased audible books from iPhone to computer/iTunes.
  • All the media files are supported: audibooks, podcasts, music, movies, iTunes U, playlists, photos, albums, etc.
  • Enrich iTunes library from/share iTunes library to unlimited iDevices, even in different Apple IDs.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Steps to Get Audible Books to iPhone/iPad from Computer

Step 1: Download and install Tunesmate on laptop or desktop and plug in your iDevice.
Step 2: Tap the Music button at the top, the press Audiobooks on the left sidebar. All the audible books on your device will be shown there.
audible book
Step 3: Press Add > Add File/Add Folder to access the audible books on computer. Choose the file and press Open to start.
iMyFone audible book

4. Top 5 Free Websites to Download Audible Books for iPhone

#1: Librivox

Librivox is a non-profit initiative established to record public domain and upload them online as free audiobooks. The website has more than 10,000 projects with a different category of title which ranges from War and Peace to Leaves of Grass.


#2: Lit2Go

This website offers audiobooks, poems, plays, and short stories which are used officially in classrooms. Apart from the free audiobook, you are also entitled to get citation information, word count and play time. Some, such as Shakespeare鈥檚 Hamlet, comes with an accompanying PDF which is used to read along with the text.


#3: Loyal Books

This website offers free audiobooks from the titles in the public domain. Here you can find audiobooks like Conan Doyle鈥檚 The Return of Sherlock Holmes, John Milton鈥檚 Paradise Lost and so on.

Loyal Books

#4: Mind Webs

This website was a perfectly executed, haunting old-time radio dramatization made of more than 150 of the most exciting science fiction short stories.

Mind Webs

#5: Open Culture

Open culture is one of the best gateway websites for cultural and educational media. It contains content all over the internet and has a fantastic audiobook collection, majorly classics which one can stream over the web or download an assortment of audio formats.

Open Culture