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How to Get Free Movies on iTunes/PC?

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April 19, 2018 (Updated: April 19, 2018)• Filed to: Transfer iPhone Media

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Free things excite every one of us, and free movies are part of them. People always want to get free videos to enjoy themselves, and the internet offers many ways to do this. There are sites where one can download movies freely. Even iTunes offers free movies. However, the quality of these free movies can be poor, or one could be made to download spamming software before downloading these movies. We will examine how you can safely download free movies without any disturbance.

Part 1: How to Transfer Free Movies from iPhone to iTunes?

iMyFone TunesMate is a multi-function software that can be used for adding free movies on iTunes or PC to/from iDevices like iPhone, iPad, or iPod. You do not to go through many steps to add your movies from the source to the intended location.

iMyFone TunesMate

5,000,000+ Downloads

  • The transfer between your PC or iTunes and iPhone/iPod/iPad can be done back and forth freely.
  • Quickly transfer your iTunes library to iPhone without using a password.
  • TunesMate allows you to add, export, or delete movies on unlimited idevices and PCs.
  • All free and paid movies or music files are supported. That means you can use TunesMate for any kind of file you have.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Here is a practical guide that will help you transfer free movies from your iPhone and even your friends’ any iDevice to iTunes with iMyFone TunesMate.

  • Step 1: Launch TunesMate and connect your iPhone.
  • Step 2: Select “Transfer iDevice Media to iTunes” on the home interface.
  • Step 3: Choose movies/videos from iDevice and transfer to your iTunes.
  • Step 4: Wait a few minutes to sync and the movies are on your iTunes now.
  • Part 2: How to Download Free Movies on iTunes?

    You can begin your free movies download adventure with iTunes. There are free movies you can download, and the steps below will aid you.

    • Download and install the latest and right version of iTunes, taking into consideration your PC operating system and launch iTunes.
    • Tap the "iTunes Store." It will reveal itself as the main window of iTunes.
    • Now, locate and click the "Music" or "TV Show" icon.
    • Search for "Free on iTunes" in the right column and select it. The list of current free media will appear.
    • Select any movie you want to see its description and download it. It may take between 3-20 minutes to complete the download for about an hour long movie.
    • Connect your iPhone and any others to your system and sync the free movie on iTunes.

    That is it. But, there are still other ways to download free movies that you can use. You can download directly to your PC. Let us examine 3 ways to do that.

    Part 2: 3 Ways to Download Free Movies to PC

    1. Free Movie Sites

    This is the easiest way to watch or download free movies to your computer anytime. Sites like Crackle, Popcornflix, Youtube etc. are good choices for free movies.

    2. Torrent Movies

    You can also download movies from torrent sites freely to your PC. There are many torrent sites from you can download movies. But, you may choose just one or two to begin with. Follow the steps below to download free movies from torrents sites.

    • Go to any torrent site like BitTorrent.
    • Download the torrent client/program.
    • Search for your favorite movie on the torrent site.
    • Once you select one, download the torrent file with your torrent client.
    • Now, open the movie file and your torrent client.

    3. Use a Downloader

    Some video might be difficult to download from the source. But, you can download such movie freely by using a downloader. There are many out there. Choose one that suits your purpose and paste the link on the downloader to start the download.

    In conclusion, importing/exporting free movies on iTunes or from PC to idevices is made easier through TunesMate. Get the latest methods to download movies to your PC as well in this piece..

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