How to Get Photos from iPhone to PC – Best 4 Ways!

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You probably take tons of pictures with your iPhone, and indeed it has a really good camera. Eventually, though, you’re going to probably want to store those pictures externally, so that you have more space on your phone or simply because it’s easier to share them on a PC. How do you get photos from iPhone to PC, though?

4 Ways to Get Photos From iPhone to PC

If you’re wonder how to get photos off iPhone to PC, then you can use one of these 4 methods:

Way 1: Using iPhone Transfer Tool

iMyFone TunesMate is a device manager that is great for getting photos from your iPhone to PC. It can not only help organize your files, but it can allow you to bulk transfer lots of photos with only a few clicks. You can also preview them individually before exporting them.

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The nice thing about TunesMate to get photos from iPhone to PC is that:

  • You have full control over your photos.
  • You can organize them and delete superfluous photos right in the program.
  • You can transfer photo all over in a single click if you don’t want to mess with individual ones.
  • You can manage your iPhone photos according to albums.

(1) How to Get All Photos off iPhone onto PC ONLY in 1-Click

Here is one way to get all photos from your iPhone to PC using TunesMate:

Step 1: Download, install, and launch iMyFone TunesMate. Plug in your iPhone.
Step 2: Click “Backup Photos to PC” from the home interface. Choose the target folder to save the photos and hit “OK” to make it.

get iphone photo to pc

This way helps you to get backup of all photos. Or you can get selected photos from iPhone to PC by following the steps below.

(2) How to Get Photos off iPhone to PC Selectively

Step 1: Launch TunesMate on PC. Plug in your iPhone.
Step 2: Click on the “Photos” tab. On the left you should see the different kinds of photo folders, such as “Camera Roll” etc. Click on one of these.
Step 3: The screen should now be populated with thumbnails of the photos. Click to select which ones you want export, then click “Export”, and then “Export to PC”, after which you can choose a destination folder.

get iphone photo to pc


You can select the photos according to added time by going into “Camera Roll”. Or you can also transfer photos according to Albums - you can transfer the whole album, or just part of photos in the albums.

With iMyFone TunesMate, you can also do a lot more than just transfer photos. You can transfer music, video, and even your contacts and other such data. You can move files around between your device and your PC or Mac, as well as between devices. This gives you a lot more freedom than using Apple’s software.

Way 2: Using USB Cable

(1) For Mac Computer

  1. Connect your iPad to your Mac computer with USB cable.
  2. Launch “Image Capture”. Note that you have already installed “Image capture” on your Mac.
  3. In “Image capture”, select your iPad from the Devices menu.
  4. Go to “Import to” at the bottom and select a location to copy the photos.
  5. Choose the photos and hit “Import” to start. Or you can hit “Important All” to transfer all photos from iPad to computer.
transfer ipad photo to computer

(2) For Windows Computer

  1. Connect your iPad to a Windows computer with USB cable.
  2. Unlock your iPad and select “Trust this PC” if it is the first time connecting to this computer.
  3. There will be a pop-up window on your computer. Select “Open device to view files” option and open it. (If there is no option related to this, then find the iPad in the Windows explorer. )
  4. Open the disk and navigate to the “DCIM” and there you will find “100APPLE”.
  5. Get in there, you will find all of your images. You can copy and paste the photos to where you want to store on your computer.
transfer ipad photo to computer

Way 3: Using iTunes

If you want, you can also just use iTunes to get your iPhone photos to PC. Here is how it’s done:

Step 1: Plug your iPhone into your PC.
Step 2: Launch iTunes or wait for it to launch itself.
Step 3: Go to the “Device” tab, then hit “Select Photos”, the tick the “Sync Photos” box, then select where you want to sync the photos by specifying a file path, then click “Apply”.

After that, your photos should be synced to your PC.
get iphone photo to pc

Way 4: Using iCloud

Step 1: Make sure iCloud for Windows is on your PC, and if not, then download it.
Step 2: Launch iCloud.
Step 3: Go to “Photos”, then click “Options”.
Step 4: Go to “Photos”, then click “Options”.
Step 5: If you go to your iPhone and turn iCloud Photo Library on, then your photos should automatically sync with your PC and they should be able to share them.
get iphone photo to pc

Final Thoughts

It really depends on what you want. If you’re fine with the usual restrictions and having to transfer photos over to your PC in bulk only, then use one of Apple’s methods. However, if you want to be able to transfer files easily and efficiently, using an application that runs much faster than iTunes or iCloud and gives you way more control over your files, then your best bet is TunesMate.

iMyFone TunesMate lets you transfer all or any of your photos, individually or all at once, and you can even preview them before you do it. It lets you transfer many other kinds of files, too. As a device manager, it can’t be beat.

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